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Re: Just Chillin on History

Posted By: Gryphon
Date: Wednesday, 8-July-2015 02:06:39

In Response To: Just Chillin on History (HotCoffee)

As much as I agree with the thoughts and sentiments expressed in this essay, my only thought is that it is time for all of us to get beyond prognostication, doom and gloom,and fight in a different way, you know what it is, defiance at every level,beyond contemplation, let loose not only the ghost in the machine, but the spirit within us all....
Let it fly to the stars.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


: Good day all, as the country settles in for what used to be
: one of my favorite holidays growing up, I cannot help but
: shake my head at what our "independence" from
: tyranny has become.Granted this is not something that has
: just occurred over night,but these first 6 months of 2015
: have been off the charts. I have grave doubts as to whether

: we as a people can turn this course around, as the
: politicians have sold us out to corporate interests, who in
: turn have sold out the country to global interests, in the
: name of phony so called money that is backed by nothing
: except our sweat and blood. As long as we Americans keep
: going along with the plan, we are going to be continued to
: be ground into a third world country,with no identity.

: If we needed anymore evidence that the Family unit is under
: attack in this country and subsequently the Creator, we
: need look no further then this latest ruling out of the
: cesspool called the Supreme Court over same sex
: marriage.The bottom line on this issue is we have the State
: making themselves out to be God, and for me personally,that
: is it stepping over the line drawn in the sand. The Creator
: puts Woman and Man together for the natural order of
: procreation found throughout the animal kingdom.Two men
: together, or two women together will NEVER produce
: offspring naturally, only through further intervention by
: the State can children be brought into these homes.More
: troubling then the ruling, has been the exhibition put on
: by the community benefitting from this ruling. I have seen
: a constant stream of vulgarity directed by the media(of
: course) at the nuclear family and society in general.

: The bottom line on this issue like several others I am going
: to touch on here today is to divide us as a people. I could
: write deeper on the above subject, but that is not the
: purpose of this essay, as it is just one of the concerns
: raising it's ugly face here in America right now. At my
: core I have always been one to say "live and
: learn" which means short of murder,you are still
: trying. Not everyone's circumstances are the same,given the
: geopolitical events ongoing today, someone with their eyes
: open can look at a physically blind person, and see a
: blessing for that person, because he or she does not have
: to gaze upon this madness. On the same line of thought, it
: is not up to me or any of you to decide how or why people
: perceive or do not perceive the world.Nothing wrong with
: being a sheep if it means truly being one! It is a VERY
: HONORABLE way of living, and I for one am tired of so
: called awake people mocking those who walk the Earth. I
: will remind you folks once again, you were warned about
: getting caught up in the world and its events. There is a
: reason I keep the majority of the content in this blog to
: history past as it is perceived currently so that Wisdom
: will validate it in the end.Why you folks want to pick a
: fight with what you call "sheeple" is beyond me.I
: can only see 2 possible reasons for this, either you are
: being manipulated by the press to further their divide and
: conquer agenda, or you are caught up in the world trying to
: serve 2 masters. Either way will end in strife and finger
: pointing.

: Continuing with the State mouthpiece, again we see character
: assassination in play, this time directed at Donald
: Trump.It does not matter if you agree or disagree with what
: he says, you better be on the side of letting him say it!!!
: The irony of him being called out for something he SAID,
: and the last time I checked, we still have that freedom in
: theory, however the actions coming forth deny it, from
: corporate sponsors dropping him, to special interests
: shouting him down, you would think he killed someone,
: instead of voicing an opinion, which by the way is shared
: by a great many in this country.Again this immigration
: issue is one of those internal issues that have been
: allowed to fester through many years and MANY
: ADMINISTRATIONS. The problem is not with the man Trump, the
: problem is with The State, which is now using the State
: media to assassinate a man that wishes to attempt to show
: the State the errors of SOME of its ways. There is a right
: way and a wrong people and you cannot have it both ways. I
: stand with Donald Trump on this 100% on the principle of
: free speech; either we have it or we don't, and it is
: because of this arbitrary use of suppression by this
: abomination of a State that it will fall.

: Now let us get to the "event" in S.Carolina and the
: aftermath. If ever there was an event designed to cause
: division, chaos, and strife on multiple levels it is this
: one. I am not even going to address the incident itself, it
: is a done deal, no turning back, no matter the amount of
: speculation.All the speculation does is cause further
: mistrust among the races, and does nothing to address the
: fallout of the incident. I see there has been an uptick at
: certain churches in the South in multiple states of fires
: within, and the State mouthpieces of the wall st journal
: and Time running damage control calling 2 of the fires of
: 'natural events', a 3rd, of faulty wiring,with the further
: assurance that The State is on the job
: "investigating". Well of course they are, they
: never stop that. My advice to those affected by these
: fires,if I was preaching now, and things are like they are,
: I would hire my own investigation, and decide on the
: results of that investigation, not what the State wants to
: tell me.For those who by the grace of God, it could have
: been you, and who still feel more like this is possible,
: you people need to practice real intelligence, this can be
: achieved by watching the building until the threat comes to
: an end. Announcing that you are doing it can help raise
: awareness in the community to a problem.We need real time
: eyes watching, catching one in the act,becomes a real
: possibility when intelligence is practiced in this
: way.Therefore each pair of eyes must be prepared to handle
: the situation AS the Creator would have YOU do, because
: NEVER EVER will 2 wrongs make it Right. This is something
: you Jewish people should get through your thick skulls at
: least once in your life, doing the right thing is the only
: way to get this journey back on its correct and natural
: path.Until man learns to forget about the past,once
: removed, we are going to keep doing this dance of useless
: revenge, and this only benefits this sick small minority
: who have made a mockery of this gift we call the flesh here
: on Earth.

: more here
: http://netteandme.blogspot.com/


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    HotCoffee -- Saturday, 4-July-2015 18:38:23
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      Gryphon -- Wednesday, 8-July-2015 02:06:39

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