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"Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension"

Posted By: KarinLLightworker
Date: Saturday, 5-September-2015 13:44:39

“Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension” by KarinLLightworker
September 5, 2015

Dear ground crew;
I wrote my below pamphlet “Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension” three months after 9/11, fourteen years ago. It documents my experience of the event and demonstrates where I stood in my process of awakening. My husband and I watched the second airplane hitting the second tower; it was between 8 and 9 am. I believed everything that I saw on TV.
Ten years earlier I had come as a German immigrant to America. Having grown up in East Germany I was very familiar with Propaganda. Therefore, to me the most shocking part about the 9/11 event was the war cry of the American people for retaliation, punishment, and revenge that followed. I found the brainwashing of the people was blatantly obvious.

At this time I was an avid student of the non-physical teacher Abraham-Hicks. Abraham kept emphasizing that in the overall scheme the events of 9/11 are nothing but a little pimple that popped. Merely a glitch on the screen of our evolution. We should not go mentally back and dwell on it, for what you focus upon you'll get more of. When people wanted to learn more about 9/11 Abraham said they/he perceive that the workshop participants are more interested in how to improve their personal life, mostly in relation to the big three: health, money, relationships.
However, I needed to come to terms for myself and formulate what I thought was the solution.

Fourteen years ago I truly believed that the politicians as the decision makers at the highest level have our best interest in mind. I thought these spiritually bereft people just don't know any better. In their thinking the solution for our increasing problems is to return to where it was before. To restore the old order by applying “tough love” strategies.

While my pamphlet has many valid points I basically had no clue about the bigger picture reality. Surely, the balancing of the male/female energies would bring peace and harmony in our dimension. I did not know that the male domination/female suppression is created by design by our off-world rulers who use a breakaway civilization to perform as the global elite, disguised as our leaders and controllers.
But when one whistleblower after the other announced their research and conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job, I became aware of the greater reality that dominates and programs our reality.

When Homeland Security took over where we lived in Southern California, close to the Mexican border, within a couple years the fear factor of life was much worse than in the East German police state in which I grew up.

Dear Reader, may you reflect for yourself what your position was fourteen years ago, in regards to 9/11 and where you stand today. We all have come far in our awakening. We must now reach out and assist all who are behind us. Everything we learned in the past fourteen years we now need to pass on to our brothers and sisters, in crash course manner.
Below is the first half of the pamphlet, the second half I'm going to post tomorrow.
Blessings, Karin Lacy, September 5, 2015
"Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension"
Pamphlet about the War on Terrorism

January 2002

Dear Fellow Travelers;
My name is Karin Lacy; I am a Lightworker for America.
I would like to share my viewpoint about the present world situation from the perspective of our male dominator civilization, meaning the artificially created inequality of male and female humans. Throughout recorded history this has been the central theme of the human family, underlying all relationships.
And yet to this day our #1 topic still remains largely unarticulated, because it is still hidden from most people's awareness. I perceive the terrorist attacks of 9-11 as the beginning of the era of termination of this male override in the world.
For emphasis and greater clarity of this subject matter I will choose the words 'male' and 'female' throughout my pamphlet.

Ever since I read Riane Eisler's eye-opener "The Chalice and the Blade" I have been receiving blocks of thought regarding the male dominion on planet Earth. Like Riane I too experienced three different variations of male dominator societies: I was born and grew up in the totalitarian German Democratic Republic. At age 27 I escaped to West Germany, the most dominating imperialistic nation in Europe, and at age 44 I came to America, which is globally seen as the superpower and bully of the world.

What is the bigger picture?
I perceive the terrorist attacks against America as a collective act on our Game Board or World Stage. Intended as a wakeup call they will stir up mass consciousness and open our hearts to the greater reality of our lives and move us all forward in our process of awakening.
I see a terrorist as a male human who has suppressed his divine feminine aspects to the degree of shutting down his heart chakra. Remember, the heart serves as the gateway to our divine source. A terrorist usually has gotten himself in the mindset of a religious fanatic. He is functioning mainly within the lower frequency range of emotions of hate, anger, fear, revenge, etc., until he becomes an embodiment of a short-circuited, self-destruct thinking human. He is like a living time bomb; believing in God's heavenly reward for his heinous acts of terror and death glorification.

I learned on TV that the worst thing imaginable for one of the 9-11 terrorists is the presence of a pregnant woman at his funeral, meaning a female carrying new life within her. To me this clearly indicates that his heart connection has run dry. A terrorist obviously has no more reference points to life-sustaining female qualities expressed in caring, nurturing, love, appreciation, gratitude, etc. Extensive studies have been done, especially by Carl Gustav Jung, about Anima and Animus, the female and male components within the psyche of a human being. To me the hijacker's last will speaks in volumes that his fear of the Anima or the feminine principle within him was the central theme of his life.

I have come to believe that every ongoing war, whether the war against crime, drugs, cancer, poverty, hunger, etc. can be traced back to the existing imbalance of males and females in our civilization.
It is my belief that today's marriages fall apart because male and female humans innately know that they are equals in a close relationship. They don't want to play the old gender roles anymore where "she" has to agree to rank herself of lesser value, to play "History" not "Herstory", as the feminists say.
I also think that at this crucial time of transformation many humans are (unconsciously) choosing to be homosexual in order to break the old cycle or behavior pattern as determined thousands of years ago by male dominators who ruled under the guise of religion. From their God-Self's perspective gays and lesbians intended as one of their main goals for this lifetime to participate as co-creators in the re-balancing of the female and male energies on Earth.

The male short-circuit obviously can happen within females too, as in the recent case of the mother who drowned her five children. The story of the congressman with the missing intern showed the classic male dominator pattern of a power player or career politician "drinking wine and preaching water".
And not to forget the teenage killers in the school shootings, those highly sensitive beings who rage out of powerlessness over the existing bully-way of power and control in our school institutions. In pushing against the system they get eaten up by hatred until they turn into a male dominator themselves, causing a bloodbath with their parents' guns.

Terrorism truly can be seen as humankind's cancer, attacking and eating its own organism from within. It is no coincidence that terrorism breeding cells flourish especially in Afghanistan, where the female half of the population has been forced by the males to live shadow lives behind walls as the total victim experience of a veiled female, with each male owning several of them.

I remember this TV documentation scene in the football stadium in Kabul with the male forcing the veiled female on the ground and executing her with his machine gun against her head. To me that is the ultimate act of mental aberration of a dominating male, for the faceless Female could be his own mother or his own daughter.

I have been following on TV the lesson that Afghanistan is teaching the world, the show piece of the pattern that has been going on for thousands of years on the planet as described in "The Chalice and the Blade": Warlord-ruled tribes invading a country, pillage-rape-and-burn, slaying the males and older females, enslaving the young females, overlaying the religion with their rules of male supremacy, where killing is declared religious duty.

The Great Divide Unfolding
I also watched dumbfounded the unfolding of the whole tragedy and how easy Americans are to manipulate and that it took the power figures of government and media only ten days of non-stop fear conditioning until the President's announcement of war.
To me it was the epitome of the Old World theme of "The many giving their power to the male leader". I was amazed to watch an extraordinary woman like Hillary Clinton, absorbed in her position designed for a male power player, clapping to President Bush's proclamation of war and advising America to follow his lead.

I've never seen an open amalgamation of state and church as in the United States where presidents finish their speeches with "God bless America", meaning the male Christian God of the Bible. I heard the President as well as celebrity preachers during election campaign reminding the people "that we are all sinners". With the President declaring the "War of Good against Evil" from a church pulpit he deliberately led us all deeply into religious waters.

Since the Bible is primarily concerned with moral rules of what is right and wrong, we are now the perfect counter part for the Islamic world with their Koran, which as well is about right and wrong, but seemingly vice versa. Both books are about religious laws that were made by male dominators who forced the female half of humanity — under the pretense of divine command — in a subservient role. This is the imbalance that has led us into the present "world problematique"!

Dear Reader, please reflect with me for a moment on the assumption that what we see globally unfolding now is an intensified scenario of how the Old World Game of segregation works. There is only "right and wrong", only two choices are allowed: if you are not for us then you are against us. It comes down to: our right God against their wrong Allah; and vice versa. We call it the War of Good against Evil; they call it the Holy War. I see it as a bloody tug of war that could go on for another decade if neither side allows itself the question about what do the terror attacks mirror back to each culture involved? What is the message of the conflict?
In the male domain of warfare and militarism the males operate with "intelligence", that is they deliberately respond as left-brain people determined by male logic, while discarding and excluding the right-brain qualities related to female intuition.

I watched in amazement the American people collectively handing over their personal power to the military leaders as the male protectors, which literally means an invitation for the police state. Being a foreigner I wonder whether the displaying of the American flag everywhere means "Yes" to the war?
Common sense tells us that war implies the continuation of attacks of terror and that the 3000 death of 9-11 and the destruction of 16 acres will be paid with probably millions more lives and the devastation of Afghanistan, the size of Texas. Watch out, America! It is a fine line between patriotism and nationalism! I think one doesn't have to be a psychic to foresee that if America puts itself under military rule, it will lead to more violent acts of terror in maintaining our position of male dominion, while simultaneously it will lead to the suppression of the female life-giving qualities of caring, nurturing, appreciation, celebration, etc., abroad and at home.

Well, I am wondering what the youth is thinking about the sudden upside-down world of their parents and grand parents. To these precocious and wise youngsters our adult world may seem like kindergarten puppet games of "good & bad", if it were not too serious. It must be irritating to them to watch their "parent Gods", scared to death in front of the television sets, asking their leaders for protection in exchange for the price of the world's most cherished treasure: Freedom.
Probably in about a decade the youngsters will have to take on their roles as the "systems busters" and reclaim the soul and heart of America.

It all reminds me of my upbringing in the German Democratic Republic in the fifties and sixties. The government of the GDR hammered the enemy image in our minds with war movies and war documentary scenes. Everybody had to watch Adolf Hitler heating up the Germans into war fever towards his culminating question: "Wollt Ihr den totalen Krieg?! — Do you want the total war?!" And they shouted "Yeees!" — with no idea of what they had gotten themselves into.

Frankly, I have never heard any political leader in Germany or Europe use the "God-bless-only-our-country"-phrase, for it would be understood as open chauvinism, which is conducive to conflict. It asserts that the President is invoking only the male Christian God of his personal belief, but sweeps under the rug all the others, such as Mother-Earth-Father-Sky, Allah, Yahweh, Shiva, All That Is, and all other faiths that make up the diversity of our country; including the belief system of the atheists, those citizens who choose not to put their life experience into a religious framework.

Modern-day Europeans understand politics more as a science with the most sharp-minded male PhDs as the leaders. To involve God and Devil into politics would be considered medieval. But they surely all agree on "Living like God in France” (a German saying — grin). Separation of church and state first and foremost means to let the preachers in the churches deal with God and the Devil.

From my perspective as a planetary citizen I think the German people learned a lot from their two World Wars; they cannot be fooled and manipulated that easy anymore like sheep in the den. They had to pay with the experience of "Hell on Earth" for following blindly a male supremacist the downward path of human self-destruction.

However, we here in America may soon get bored watching from our sofas these war pictures against the Taliban over there in inhospitable Afghanistan. The media and the politicians will continue capturing our focus and attention with what is happening here in the "homeland": the war against an even greater enemy: deadly germs.
As an observer I must say that it has amused me since my first day in America, eleven years ago, how obsessed Americans are with germs. To put it bluntly, the constant fear conditioning with such blatant commercials like the gigantic jungle of germs that we all supposedly have living in our mouth and that only those who buy this product will be rescued from would be booed as all too primitive manipulation in modern-day Germany.

The subatomic war against germs will ensure that the masses are being kept in fear and vulnerability. Since this enemy is of the invisible kind, we can easily get sucked into the "collective mass thought form" which in essence says: "It could be one among the millions of microorganisms that are living under my fingernails that could kill me."

Dear reader, please consider that this war in our heads can turn us into a nation of paranoids, if too many choose to participate. I remember from the totalitarian German Democratic Republic that the entire population of 17 million people was forced by law to get vaccinated against all major epidemic diseases and had to get in line for lung x-ray testing annually. Rebels against the law were treated as class enemies.

Solving the Problem by Taking on the Perspective of Your Overview Self
All great masters who walked the Earth came to the conclusion that no problem is solved on the level on which it presently exists, but on the next higher level of consciousness.
How did they know? They consciously blended with the energy of their non-physical Overview Self, which is composed of both their divine male and divine feminine aspects, which enabled them to see the bigger picture of reality.
Today everybody is capable to imagine having an Overview Self, or Guardian Angel, Ball of Light, or whatever symbol you like to see as your connection to your Source. The only requirement for a human creator who wishes to be in charge of his or her own life, is the "deliberate asking for the gift of the Overview-Self-perspective". However, the blending takes practice since it all depends on how much Light a physical human vessel can hold.

In taking on my Overview Perspective I gain an inner knowing that we all are co-creating our future right now! Everything that is globally happening right now is about the completion of the Old World cycle and the simultaneous emergence of the New World cycle. In my opinion the expression "Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension", as coined by HeartMath Institute, is the best description or "string of words" for the status quo on planet Earth, expressed in a new language of energy awareness.

We as the human civilization are now living in the dawning hour of a new cycle of life on planet Earth. We have crossed the threshold to the New Millennium, foretold as the Thousand Years of Peace and the Golden Age. America's war is not the first war of the 21st century; rather it is the completion of the old historical world of male dominion with violence as their ingrained and trained choice of response to conflict.

Each human on the planet is participating in a shift of vibration. We are in a transmutation period - like from chrysalis to butterfly - where the Old World and the New World coexist for some time. The energies that support the Old World will cease to exist, while the new energies will fully establish on Earth.

I believe that from the bigger-picture-perspective of our God-Selves we all wanted to know what the experience of separation is like. We artificially over-emphasized the male energy and suppressed the female energy in order to create and maintain the imbalance that is necessary for the experience of separation. By wearing blindfolds, known as the Veil of Amnesia, we all have been hiding from ourselves our own magnificence as divine creators on Earth. Additionally, the "guilt-and-blame factor" as brought in by the male overlaid religions served to keep us confined to the lower third dimensional level of physical existence. The cause of terrorism is our human belief that says, "for a male to be masculine he must dominate". It is this core belief that has brought us, the human family, to the current state of existence in our human evolution. It is high time to re-balance the system! ...continued


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