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"Hitting the ceiling of the 3rd dimension" - ...continued

Posted By: KarinLLightworker
Date: Sunday, 6-September-2015 11:41:27


The 9-1-1 Wakeup Call
From a higher vantage point there are no victims, only co-creators. All participants in these acts of terror can be viewed as the most courageous beings who from their God Selves' perspective co-created the tragedy in order to bring about a Shift in Awareness for the entire human family.

Many humans recognized the events as a wakeup call, meaning a jolt from the sleep state into the wake state. What a monumental act of co-creation to transition into the non-physical as such a huge cluster of 3000 human beings, all in one big swoop leaving their physical vessels behind and ascending as ONE into the non-physical realm of existence! And the 25.000 other ones who did not intent to leave the planet got escorted and ushered out of these towers by their non-physical and physical friends!
What a gigantic funeral this resurrection event must have been for the crowd of cosmic onlookers! They have come to adore us and follow with interest in whatever manner we the masters in these six billion human bodies begin to birth the New World on Earth! Those who died will assist their family members as guardian angels from the other side. Many of the deceased will try to communicate messages to their loved ones and tell the story from their now-perspective as a Multidimensional Overview Self. Especially they might want to speak about &"death", the greatest myth of all, and that nobody ever gets lost.

I also watched amazing outpourings of energies of Love amd Compassion when I saw human creators rushing in to help in numbers of millions, wanting to be of value to those who were hurting so terribly. Spontaneous heart openings happened as outbursts of tears in the limelight, even with hard-nosed President Bush. I read in an email message from a Lightworker in Australia, that he sensed the worldwide outpouring of Love amd Compassion towards the people of the U.S.A. as ten times greater than on the day of Princess Diana's funeral.

It comes to my mind that if we as the collective consciousness of 280 million Americans would have been able to open our hearts to this immeasurable influx of Love energy from let's say 1 billion human creators from around the globe, we possibly could have overcome critical mass state and shifted as the entire human family like a helium-filled balloon into the higher, lighter energies of the 5th dimensional state of existence.
Individually and collectively we would have experienced something like a big sigh of relief or maybe just a little memory glitch during the shifting. All those participating would have been lifted into a bliss state, known in Lightworker terms as "the vibration of home".
This option of a single moment of quantum awakening or mass ascension is being discussed as a possibility of our time by many teachers. For example, Ken Carey calls it in his book "Starseed, the Third Millennium", "an event that is central to all of human history, when the Creator's luminous field comes into perfect alignment with the Earth Mother. We will be swept with an intensified energy that will take the form of heightened perception and deepened emotional connection, rejoining the individual and God. It is nothing to be feared, it is a positive and joyous moment."

Exercising Your Power of Discernment

Dear reader, please consider the following suggestion for your very own future: Since we all seem to need these "crutches of orientation", instead of right-wrong thinking, let us deliberately create a new way of thinking in terms of Old World versus New World. This would help us to shift our harsh habit of judgment towards an attitude of discernment and thus provide us with an opportunity to exercise our ability to consciously choose preference.

For example, for most people the ingrained and trained reaction to the events of September 11 was that of immediately taking a stance of defense and responding with anger, hate, revenge, fear, blame, etc. These lower frequency feelings culminated in a desire for retaliation, expecting the government to act as the protector and to respond to an attack of violence with even greater violence. All those people who were not able to step outside their habit of judging got being sucked in or swept away by those "rivers of thought" within Earth' gravity field that make up mass consciousness thinking. They remain within the frequency range of the third dimension, locked in victim consciousness and bound to repeat the old ways for another round.

I remember watching countless interviews of people who stood there in front of the twin tower rubble, with the picture and data of their missing loved ones. There was this one elderly couple holding the picture of their missing son. When asked if they support the war against terrorism to get the evildoers who killed their son, they said, "If war means that over there in Afghanistan parents like we have to go through the pain that we are experiencing now, no, then we don't want America to go to war." Obviously, the couple already had stepped through the ceiling of the third dimension; they already lived rooted in the higher vibration of Love and Compassion. I wouldn't be surprised if this couple already considers honoring their beloved son by adapting an orphan from Afghanistan and giving their Love to a young human life in hunger for it. Of course the media decision makers did not declare this couple as the role model for the nation; instead they brought those to the microphones as the voice of the people who called the loudest for revenge and war.

Dear reader, imagine that we all are standing in front of a road fork, with a signpost "Old World Road" on one side and a signpost "New World Road" on the other side. It would serve each one of us tremendously well to become aware of the opportunity to make a conscious choice of where to turn.
Please take on your Overview Perspective and cast your personal vote of what you want to give your focus and attention to: Do you want to remain and participate in the disintegrating Old World of three-dimensional frequency? Or do you want to become an active player in the creative expanding of the New World of 5th dimensional frequency, also called "Bringing Heaven Down to Earth".

When the Lightworkers first became aware that we are the creators of our own reality, it became a popular practice-exercise to create parking lots. However, in today's world we have this great gadget, named "remote control". Declare your TV remote control as your power tool to select which reality you want to participate in and tune into. Become aware that whatever you give your attention to and focus upon is what you include in your reality. Become aware of how many attention hours you give to America's war on terrorism. How many hours or minutes a day do you focus on the war on germs? Do a reality check every day and start living your life towards your highest ideals on the New World Road!

What Is Afghanistan Teaching The World?
Throughout recorded history it has been the males who laid cities and countries in ruins, while the females, after loosing their husbands and sons, cleared away the rubble. In Germany after World War II they became known as "the rubble women". They did the next best thing: to start all over again. But in Taliban-conditioned Afghanistan this next logical step is not even possible, since the females there are excluded from public life.

When the war in Afghanistan began, my assumption was that superpower America would not move his big war machinery into a country that already had been laid in ruins by the Russians. It's probably not worth conquering a country where the number of land mines equals the number of the population. Very likely America's titans of power, money, and control already calculated how to let the Afghan people pay for the terrorist acts by erecting sweatshops and factories there. Why wasting human resources by letting these females stay idly at home? Let's put them in front of sewing machines or assembly lines and pay them 25 cents a day, while making the males their overseers, paying them 50 cents a day.
Is this not one of the common American methods of exploiting the world through economic slavery? As the superpower we are acting out the theme of male domination over the world and we practice the same within our own land. Only that at home we are behaving in a more cultured manner. America is feared by the majority of the world's population as a threat to their way of life! The terror attacks of 9-1-1 were the acts of retaliation for the crimes of America. Fortunately, all nations are now economically intertwined; otherwise many more people would anxiously watch the world's police officer under the justification of national defense writing himself a blank check to reinforce male dominance and male violence throughout the world and at home.

In early November 2001 I learned that the United States started dropping the world's largest size bombs on Afghanistan. Each one destroys within 300 yards all life forms, that's why its makers named it "the daisy cutter". For the male human creators to direct their full attention towards the human ability of self- destruction, they first have to allow themselves to be conditioned into the mindset of a soldier, meaning they have to fully suppress their divine feminine aspect. If they allowed their Overview Selves to inspire and guide them, they would gain awareness of our Earth Mother Gaia as a sentient being and intelligent consciousness; they would experience a feeling of Oneness with all life forms and they would naturally choose to be human creators instead of human destroyers.

In order to regain her equilibrium from such attacks upon her physical body our Earth Mother may have to release the impact of this fiery war energy through a volcano or an earthquake ripple somewhere else, for all is interconnected. We all are the crew of Spaceship Earth, we and our Mother Earth are One!
Yet, so subtle is the technology of modern mass brainwashing that even females voluntarily choose to become professional killers, called service women.

Also back in November of 2001 I heard on the news that 1 day of war in Afghanistan for the hunt of the villain costs the U.S. government $1 billion.
Meanwhile, as of January of 2002, this has been adding up to at least $100 billion. Who gets these $100 billion? Well, the money goes to all those who contribute and participate in the war. And this is just the beginning, for the next villain, Saddam Hussein, is already on the list.

On the other hand, though, in observing the crumbling Old World I realize that the Holy War cannot be stopped anymore. There are too many people, on both sides, who want to have their war, and they do have the right on this planet of free will to fight and kill each other. I for myself simply have to watch myself to remain on the New World Road.

Changing from a Dominator Model to a Partnership Model of Society
My suggestion for the ending of the war against terrorism is to assist our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan in establishing a government that declares as the #1 goal to re-balance the inequality of male and female humans in their country. For the Afghans there is a possibility laying dormant at this time of a new beginning to create a model government composed equally of male and female leaders that could quickly change their culture from the "male dominator model" to a "partnership model" of society. The men and women of Afghanistan could be the first to bring to humanity's awareness the male/female imbalance as the central theme of every family, village, city, and nation a fact which has remained largely unarticulated throughout the old historical world.

From a broader perspective the collective consciousness of humankind in having all eyes on Afghanistan " is witnessing the intensified tumbling-down of the Old World, the males fighting against other males, creating a short-circuit of self-destructive male energy by responding to violence with even greater violence. Afghanistan is demonstrating to all of us that if the balancing female energy is being rejected by the males, it leads to the absence of Love and Compassion, for the men's heart connection has run dry.

I see as the reason for all war-waging groups on Earth that they exist under self-imposed rigid male dominator rules, locked into a defensive-thinking pattern of mind and struggling through life in survival mode. They are individually and collectively suppressing their divine feminine selves, and thus predominantly operating within the frequency range of emotions of hate, fear, revenge, blame, guilt, etc. No wonder their lives are poverty-and-disease-ridden! People cannot thrive and prosper while rejecting the live-giving and life-enhancing qualities embodied by the female half of its population.

Dear Reader, please consider the data about Osama Bin Laden: He is a lonely, unhappy person like any male supremacist among those alive or those who filled the history books as usurpers, tyrants, and autocrats. In playing the role of the Warlord of the Holy War he is lacking the whole range of feelings of Love and Compassion expressed as joy, gratitude, adoration, appreciation, benevolence, etc. His connection to his divine feminine self has run dry.
Since his relationships are based only on ranking and obedience he cannot trust anybody. He has no friends. He definitely lives the stress-filled life of a paranoid and I bet he goes to sleep with a pistol under his pillow. (grin)
And his dreams are more likely nightmarish rather than sweet. Since he cannot expect quality in a fear-based relationship with a female, he focuses on quantity. The same is true for his children, he reproduces his own soldiers. The journalists now bring to light details of how he overlaid in good old warlord manner the religious laws of the Koran with his own rules of restriction and punishment for maintaining his power base.

When I learned that the 29-member interim government for a new Afghanistan admitted 2 females I wondered whether these are females thinking like males in adopting the role of a male dominator, or dragged in for pretense of female rights, or just for garnish? I am afraid that if the #1 topic of the male/female imbalance is not being brought to public discussion and addressed as the cause for all wars on Earth, then these male leaders will continue their old way of defense-thinking. They will establish as their first step a strongman military army. Out of the male/female imbalance of 27 to 2 a new dictator a la Georgescu or Milosevic will emerge and the old ways will continue for another round...

In pondering how to go about a new beginning I would as the first step ask the Afghans to let go of their fear-based, defensive-thinking mind through the act of surrendering their tools for killing, for a gun is a frozen symbol of fear.
In exchange for their weapons I would give each family a piece of land, with equal rights of ownership and stewardship for each family member. The age-old human desire to settle on a piece of the Earth immediately activates the feminine energies within all members, males and females, because community building is a life-sustaining and nurturing experience that fosters goodwill, cooperation, affiliation, unity, appreciation, etc.

Instead of a military defense army I would recruit the mercenaries for an army for the removal of the land mines and the rubble. I learned that Afghanistan has many millions of these aggressive males, who seem to be barely sentient beings, who kill for whoever hires them. And if there is no tribal war going on they live in hordes of highway bandits all over the land. Such is the condition of a nation with the complete suppression of the female half of its population!

Of course education is the main tool to start a dialog with the women of Afghanistan in order to help them to become aware of their inherent power. We have to encourage our sisters worldwide to take off those veils that deprive them of oxygen and thus block their spiritual awakening.
In any land on Earth with the females wearing the veil it symbolizes the suppression of the female energy.
The Veil stands for the "Veil of Amnesia". Beneath each veil lives a female hiding from herself and the world her inherent power as a divine creator on Earth! And yet, these female human creators cannot reclaim their mastery until they believe they can, for such is the nature of the game we are playing, devised by ourselves.

Not long ago I watched a report about India where it is widespread custom that pregnant women undergo an ultrasound check in order to abort the female fetuses, because the birthing of sons elevates their status as secondary humans. But in barbaric Afghanistan such an act of female self-denial is not even an issue. There they just die in horrendous numbers in child-bed.

When I watched the second documentary about Afghanistan by Saira Shah I was thrilled to learn that she went back to Afghanistan again in order to get these three girls out of their misery. When she finally found them, she had a devastating experience: The three girls said that they want to stay there and suffer their lot in silence. So she tried to convince their father to move them to the next town with a school for girls and offered to rent a house. In his role as the head of the family the father decides the fate of each member. He obviously saw no benefit for himself in letting the British journalist lady take away his three daughters to learn writing and reading.

To me this demonstrates that if blessed female beings are locked in rigid rules of fear conditioning from birth on, they become paralyzed by the fear of change that says things could get worse. To cower in the corner and await the worst is preferred over the chance of stepping into the unknown with the helping hand of the journalist lady. Can there be a greater human expression of worthlessness of Self than the life experience of these three female teenagers in Afghanistan in the year 2002?

Journalist Saira Shah also talked to two women who both were mourning the death of their sons who had died as fighters. Both females articulated that their own life doesn't mean anything to them. One of them said that she herself is worth nothing, and that only her male child made her life worth living, she had lived only for her son.

It seems that the lack of Love and Compassion that we see in the men's world of Afghanistan is the same behind the dark windows and doors where the females live. In submitting themselves to the rules of male dominion, they exist in that same low frequency range of vibration. Very likely their lives are determined by "blame and guilt" and flourishing superstition. I don't doubt that these females are rigid in forcing their daughters in their designated roles as secondary humans. In other words, nobody is to blame, both males and females have been co-creating the situation in Afghanistan.

My suggestion for all countries with terrorist problems is to empower the females to start creating for every terrorist cell a "Heaven-on-Earth community". This is what the foretold Great Grassroots Movement is all about: to create new communities where people choose to live in the higher vibration of the fifth dimension, expressed through the live-giving qualities of Love and Compassion.

Take Off Your Blindfolds And See!
It is my belief that articulating and acknowledging the need to balance the male/female energies will lead the human family to the unifying world-view that is so urgently needed in order to overcome and shift the present world situation. When I watch on TV all the faces of the power players of politics and media I see mostly goodwill and good intentions in their attempt to lead the people in a responsible way. With their blindfolds on they just don't know any better. (smile)
While humanity is going through the birth pangs of the emerging New World, our leaders think something is broken and their job is to restore the old ways.

As a Lightworker I am a catalyst for change and here to make a difference. I am now predominantly living in the higher energies under the "Laws of Love". From where I stand now nothing is the same anymore as it appears to be in the Old World reality. From my overview vantage point I feel inspired to step into the role of the spell-breaker like the child in "The Emperor's New Clothes" who enlightens the crowd that the emperor is parading naked.
This classic tale tells the story of our present time like no other. It is about how we all honor each other's illusions. We all agreed to the theme of "the many following the male leader" by playing the game according to the male dominator rules.

Like in this tale now is the time for a child to appear in every crowd and to stir up mass consciousness and to ignite a wakeup jolt for the slumbering minds. The child simply tells what everybody knew all along. For once we articulate the problem, the game is over, we are no longer a match, and our mind is no longer conditioned for a dominator society. Once the quantum leap shock is over, all will relax into a new way of looking at the world; a new paradigm of existence is born. No war is necessary for a changeover! This is the magical power of the child as the systems buster!

My highest aspiration as a spiritual elder is to support and foster the youth in every way possible. To all those youngsters who make up the first generation of the New Millennium labeled by Lightworkers as the Indigo Children I am offering a cyber signpost with some suggestions for living in the New World:
Consider as your life's motto what Buckminster Fuller summed up as: "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
Deliberately withdraw your attention from the new war on terrorism and the war on germs, for those are your parents' and grandparents' creations. Start consciously creating your own future now!
The message of the New Millennium is that of a New Beginning on Earth! Take off your blindfolds and see! From your Overview Perspective you now know analog to the child in the crowd that males and females are of equal value and that it is high time to end the Old World Game of male domination. Become a living example of the truth that males and females are equals. Play the role of the child who tells the crowd as it is!
Start living in the higher energy now by turning on within your own heart the fountain of Love and Compassion that is your connection to your divine feminine self, no matter whether you live in a male or female body. Step into your own self-empowerment and simultaneously empower others!
Set as your goal to become an entrepreneur and start your own business. Step outside the Old World paradigm of living as an economic slave; become a self-governing and self-sustaining human creator. Whenever you notice the 1-hour-unit clock, become aware that it represents the time-is-money symbol of the Old World.
Practice the power of linking with others of like mind. Open your psychic eyes and recognize the Indigo Children all around you. Stop seeing yourself through the eyes of the adult world. It is time for you youngsters to discover who you really are!
Who could shift the world situation better than you of the youth generation! What better place than a high school or college to start the dialog with the youth of Afghanistan. The youngsters in Afghanistan are not so different from you; like you they lack the 20+ years of fear conditioning that their parents are locked in. Ask your parents, teachers, and political leaders to assist you in acquiring the telecommunication tools and funds for your interactions with the youth of Afghanistan.
Begin to live as an influencer who is spreading the Kindness Revolution on Earth. It is the next generation who will lay the foundation for the foretold Thousand Years of Peace. There will be a time when your parents and grandparents will feel blessed for being in the presence of a Mighty One. Still with their blindfolds on they just don't know yet. It is your generation who will induce a new cycle of life! You are the Gentle Giants who have come to teach the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Your time has come!

I too have been brought up right after World War II under the ideology that as a female I am of lesser value than my male siblings. What was right for a boy was wrong for a girl. I was not allowed access to a higher education, because my parents decided "that it would be a waste for a girl, since she will get married and have children".
It took me all my adult life to free myself from this early ingrained childhood conditioning and to reacquaint myself with my own core energy on my path to self-mastery.

My next Lightworker assignment is the manifestation of Dome Village Katrina, a small self-sustaining model community meant to snowball in rural areas during the coming years of transition.

A glorious future is laying ahead for all of us!

Greetings from the 5th dimension,
Your fellow traveler,

PS: Dear reader, please accept from my pamphlet only what resonates with you and leave the rest without judgment. This chapter is from my book "Who Wants To Be A Lightworker".


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