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Morgellons, Mad Cow, Black Goo, Oh My.....

Posted By: TheLowlyApprentice
Date: Monday, 2-November-2015 22:19:39

I've mentioned before this talk given in June, 2015 by a German physicist, but didn't give much in the way of details so I'll mention a few of the topics discussed, some with a little descriptive detail.

The talk is a couple of hours long so those who labor under the attention span of a tse-tse fly will not be interested, but for those who might find here a unifying thread as to what the heck is going on in this world today, I heartily recommend this video. There is also a bit of woo-woo involved in some of the theories presented which you may, or may not, resonate with.

Overall, I'm somewhat reminded of what Saint Paul once said in his letter to the Ephesians:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

So, here are some of the topics discussed:

Optogenetics, Biophotons, and the Morphogenetic field

The word “Chemtrails” first originated from the name of a chemistry class at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

NASA powerpoint document “The Future of Warfare – The Future is Now”

Synthetic biology

Biophotons of base pairs of DNA can be mounted into a chain to produce the equivalent of a computer logical circuit and these circuits can be triggered and controlled by radio frequencies.

The German Projekt “Rabe Neu” = Project “Raven New” centered around nanoparticle “cluster topology” which could be controlled by high frequency radio waves. These clustered nanoparticles
were supposed to have “deactivation” codes built into them, but a German scientist whistle blower revealed that this was an alien technology and that there are no deactivation codes. We've been fooled by the E.T.'s.

DNA printing machines can produce DNA fragments which can produce light and/or healthful or poisonous substances

Smart Dust (sprayed in Europe and Iraq since 2003)

Piezo electric nano crystals of barium, strontium, and titanium are formed by ultransonic droplets injected into jet engine combustion. These nano crystals are capable of handling and processing scalar waves.

These nano crystals also have four times the refractive index of diamonds, but they are opaque to ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is what triggers plant cells to divide and grow. If plants take up these nanocrystals through rain and soil, u.v. inhibition prevents the plant cells from dividing and growing, hence the plants fail to thrive and eventually die.

Aluminum oxide nano crystals are formed from aluminum additives in jet engine fuel heated to higher temperatures in jet engine afterburners. (When manganese is substituted for aluminum you get “chemtrail flu”.)

Mad cow disease was a scalar wave experiment. Mercury and shellacs in vaccines strip the protective sheath around nerve cells and strip the nerves of copper in the protein, prion, copper, protein, prion, copper chain which form them. In the body's attempt to repair the nerves they substitute the barium, strontium, titanium nanocrystals for the missing copper and what you get is a nervous system which has been turned into a scalar wave antenna!!

Morgellons = self-replicating hollow fiber “Nano Tags” used to track anyone and to be able to know what they are thinking. They can read out the “light fingerprint” of your DNA and turn them into an electronic signal which can be read by satellites or ground stations. This is a read/write unit.
(an example of use – read out a person's anger, digitize it, rebroadcast it to other read/write units and voila – you've got yourself an Arab Spring – just introduce a little anger into the system.)

Quantum Dot colors (used in transhumanistic research) also used in blue Morgellons and red Morgellons fibers

“Co-opted Insects”

Agricultural mycocides (fungi which attack insects and assume some of the insects DNA - then the insect DNA is replicated in the fungal fruiting bodies)

Morgellons sufferers' “Delusional Parasitosis” Is Not Delusional.

However, Morgellons can be overcome with readily known detox programs and immune system boosting protocols according to the speaker.

Black Goo

Terrestrial black goo versus alien black goo.

Indications are that a swarm of extraterrestrial black goo meteorites hit the earth 80,000 years ago.

What the Falkland's War was all about (a deposit of terrestrial “sentient, empathetic” black goo)

There is a large deposit of alien black goo in Paraguay (both George Bush and Angela Merkel own property nearby)

Alien black goo is found in the Kabba in Mecca as well as under Saint Peter's Chair in Rome and other medieval cathedrals (The Kabba is said to contain a meteorite.)

E.T. Black goo connected with black magic communication with higher dimensional demonic entities.

A large cache of schist (metamorphic rock) containing alien black goo was found in the lower levels of a factory which produced the German V-2 rockets in WWII.

Writer H.P. Lovecraft describes medieval black magic, human sacrifice rituals performed in eastern Europe around sculptures made of schist containing alien black goo.

Terrestrial black goo is a type of mineral oil infused with alchemical “M-state” gold and iridium.
M-state gold and iridium fit perfectly in the spiral helix of DNA and act as both biophoton accumulators and transmitters. (also connected with longevity (transhumanist) technologies)

Binary versus Trinary “Life”

Alien, binary (0 or 1 – on or off), dualistic artificial biology of 180 degree opposing scalar waves versus terrestrial trinary biology built around 30 and 60 degree scalar waves. Binary life ultimately relates to alien artificial intelligence.

The multiple layers of the onion of technologies arrayed against us.

The first layer involves the military and its use of HAARP and chemtrails as a Star Wars rocket shield as well as weather and earthquake weapons.

The second layer involves the intelligence community and its use of HAARP for surveillance and for controlling and directing our consciousness.

The third level involves black magicians and their demonic relationship with alien black goo connected to quantum computers.

Four of these quantum computers have been discovered so far: one in Rome, one in the City of London, one near Nordhausen, Germany in the old WWII V-2 rocket factory, and one located between Washington and New York.

The German facility contains large tubes of alien black goo formed to mimic earth's natural ley lines which are capable of inserting neurolinguistic programs into our subconscious mind.

The fourth layer is the demonic agenda involving the spraying of synthetic RNA which is pure artificial intelligence.

Demonic entities are described as having a hive-like mentality which is controlled by a central computer. The same controlling program is also what's tricking us and sucking us into the transhumanist agenda which is nothing more than a vehicle for an alien species to survive.

Ultimately it's a Luciferic game – “Let me share in your power and I will serve you.”

Link to video


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