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And here I was having a lovely, quiet day .. :-)

Posted By: Susoni
Date: Friday, 17-October-2014 18:29:26

In Response To: Puffed up Baloon needs a needle prick (morfeus)


I appreciate your willingness to take on what you see as false.. I really do.. We're are on the same page on many different fronts. But isn't telling nem that he is false, trying to force your beliefs upon him...??

I can not post this up front. Not because I'm trying to stifle your free speech but because RMN is Rayes living room and she has asked us all to respect that.. The letter has been sent to Nem (uncensored) and also asked him to respond here.. You all can say what you want, here.. but outright attacks are against the rules..

There are loads of things posted on RMN that don't resonate with me .. Respectfully disagreeing is something that argues in my brain, on a daily basis, as it wants to express itself. 95% of the time it's suppressed.

Nems post seems to focus on man made belief systems and not spiritual ones.. IE the KING telling the peons what they should believe and then they do so.. We've seen example after example of that going on in history ..

It's forwarded. My children are taking me out to dinner for my Bday so responses will have to wait till late or tomorrow.. It's early evening here..



: In response to BELIEF SYSTEMS
: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=1926

: “Belief systems, by their very nature, should be an affront to
: every intelligence in the universe.
: The very idea that a system of beliefs can dominate an
: intelligence’s life should ring like a warning that human
: thinking is infantile and in need of maturing.“

: Such words and attitude should be an insult to every
: intelligence. In most of your posts you speak from a high
: horse as if you were the most intelligent person around
: here, belittling, despising, and ridiculing people for
: their beliefs, or convictions. You have chosen a very apt
: user name indeed. If you are a materialist and atheist,
: that is fine, suit yourself. But to insult those that don’t
: share your conviction is nasty and very arrogant. I am not
: sure if this post of mine will make it to the reading room
: or not, but if it gets censored, then your posts need to be
: censored even more. You are not insulting me in person, but
: all those who dare to think that the human consciousness
: survives death, and consequently they are not materialists.
: There are many such people, and I am defending their point
: of view.

: Most of what is taught at universities is learned based on
: pure faith and belief. The professors claim some things are
: true because they have been proven by XY, but the students
: have to believe all this, because there is no way that they
: could perform all the proofs themselves to make sure they
: are really true. They learn a “science” religion, and they
: are enthusiastic worshipers of their gods “science”, and
: matter. If any of them dares to doubt any of the presented
: “scientific” dogmas, and questions their validity, he will
: soon find himself kicked out as a heretic. Many of those
: “scientific” dogmas and proofs are incorrect, and have been
: already disproved by other researchers, but the official
: “scientific” church and its priesthood still continues to
: teach those falsehoods. So much about sticking to the facts
: and proofs of the materialist religion…

: The only thing that a human can know with certainty is that he
: exists, because if he would not exist this question would
: not arise in his mind. But all the rest is based on the
: sensory perceptions, and the functioning of mind/intellect
: which are inherently prone to illusions and malfunctions.
: If you want to be debilitatingly pedantic (as you are),
: then you supposed to stop here, and reject to believe in
: the validity and reality of your sensory perceptions,
: because there is no way to prove that they are real, and
: what you perceive through them really exist. But if you
: want to be an intelligent and functioning human, then you
: must believe in things even though you can not prove their
: existence or validity right now. In what you believe is up
: to you, it is a matter of choice. But it is a fact that no
: one can live and function without believing in many things.

: Belief is the acceptance that a statement is true or that
: something exists, which can not be proven personally right
: now. Our lives are full of things that we can not (or do
: not care to) prove personally and still accept their
: existence, or their truthfulness. We can not live without
: relying on beliefs. Believing in many related things builds
: up belief systems, and everybody has got one. Whether it is
: religious or materialistic, it makes not much difference,
: they are still systems of beliefs.

: Morfeus


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