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NJ Judge Weighs Cruz's Qualifications

Posted By: StormyOne
Date: Monday, 11-April-2016 23:52:57


Law professor, Victor Williams, says that Senator Ted Cruz has fraudulently claimed to be eligible to be President of the United States, when he is not.

New Jersey Judge Jeff Masin heard oral arguments this morning on whether Cruz should be returned to the June 7 New Jersey Republican Primary ballot or not after having his name pulled from the ballot last week by New Jersey Secretary of State, Kim Guadagno.

Williams, who teaches at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., says that Cruz must prove that he is a natural-born U.S. citizen, but Cruz has had his birth records sealed. Professor Williams says the burden of proof is on Cruz to show that he is a natural-born citizen, not on the state to prove that he is not .

Although ignored by over half of the mainstream media, the hearing is a very serious matter. Should Cruz lose this battle, he would likely have to drop out of the remaining primary races, and ultimately quit the race entirely. This would throw the Republican presidential contest up into the air for a thorough reshuffling, leaving Donald Trump the likely victor.

“Cruz committed ballot access fraud in each state when he falsely swore that he was a ‘natural born’ American citizen.”
Cruz has pushed aside all calls for him to prove that he was a natural-born citizen in the past, saying only that the issue is "settled law".

Professor Williams is a write-in Presidential candidate in at least 8 states. This gives him standing to haul Cruz before a judge to determine whether Cruz is a natural-born citizen – the Constitutional requirement to become either President or Vice-President of the United States of America.

Rather than accepting Cruz’s ballot petition when filed last week, Secretary of State Guadagno scheduled the Administrative Law hearing to make the Canadian-born Cruz finally answer the charges that have swirled around his candidacy since day one.

Professor Williams says he will also challenge Cruz’s ballot eligibility in Maryland, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, and South Dakota.

According to Williams, “Cruz has fraudulently represented himself as constitutionally qualified for the office of president.” He argues that Cruz did not even become a naturalized citizen until 2014.

So the question is, if Senator Cruz was a natural-born U.S. citizen, then he certainly would not have needed to go through the process of naturalization.

According to NBC News, Professor Williams’ arguments were dismissed last week in a Pennsylvania Court:
“… because the court said the challenger in that case did not have standing to sue.”

However, in New Jersey and the other seven states professor Williams has now filed in to run for President, he does have legitimate standing because write-in candidates are considered as "genuine opposition". According to Williams, that gives him the strongest standing possible to challenge Cruz.

Williams says that he will carry his battle to the Republican National Convention in July in Cleveland if need be, by challenging the seating of all Ted Cruz delegates on the basis of his ineligibility to pursue the highest office in the land.
New Jersey Judge Jeff Masin said that he will announce his decision on Cruz's eligibility tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12.

Prof. Williams website:



Victor Williams has lodged Ballot Disqualification Charges against Ted Cruz in multiple states. New Jersey has now scheduled a disqualification hearing.

These Ballot Disqualification Charges were filed in each of the states in which Williams is a formally-registered and officially-declared "write-in" candidate for the GOP presidential nomination.

The states are California, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin.

Having formally registered/declared as a GOP candidate in the sates, Williams now has "competitor candidate" legal standing to challenge Mr. Cruz -- in and out of court.

Williams thus gave litigation notice to each of the states. Failure to disqualify Mr. Cruz from the primary ballots, will lead to certain litigation. The lawsuits may be initiated ex ante or ex post the primary election dates.

Ted Cruz is Not a "Natural Born" American Citizen and He Obtained Ballot Access Fraudulently.

Ted Cruz (a/k/a Rafael Edward Cruz) acknowledges the fact that he was born in Calgary Canada and even concedes that he was a Canadian citizen all his life -- until May 2014. Cruz is thus not eligible to serve as either President or Vice-President.

The U.S. Constitution's Article II, Section 1 is explicit in listing three absolute tests required for any Candidate to qualify for the presidency:

No person except a natural born Citizen...shall be eligible to the Office of President, neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen years a Resident within the United States.

Like the 14 years residency requirement, the “natural born Citizen” requirement is a test of American soil. This natural-born soil test is required only for the nation’s highest federal office – the presidency.

Ted Cruz fails this "Jus Soli" (law of the soil) test. The basic requirement of “Jus Soli” citizenship was, and is, antithetical to any statutory conferring of citizenship on children born abroad of American parents.

Mr. Cruz, whose legal career has been based on a strict construction of, and textual faithfulness to, the U.S. Constitution, knows the truth about his ballot ineligibility.

Ted Cruz has thus fraudulently obtained ballot access in each of the states where he ran (and continues to run) for the Republican nomination.

The Republican Party must reject any possibility that Ted Cruz could be the GOP nominee for either President or Vice-President.

Cruz must be disqualified from the ballot in the remaining primary sates and his pledged-delegates must either be released or not be seated at the 2016 Cleveland Nominating Convention.

This is a central -- but not the only -- focus of Williams' campaign for the GOP nomination.

Victor Williams Enters the Republican Contest As a Write-In Candidate for Later Primaries

Victor Williams has filed (formally required by filing deadlines) pre-election “write-in” declaration/oaths for the presidential primary ballots with the election officials in the states of California, Montana, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Washington.

Williams has also filed formal informational statements of “write-in” candidacy with those states that do not require filing of such formal pre-election declarations/oaths to include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Oregon.

Additionally Candidate Williams timely applied for actual primary ballot placement in South Dakota’s June 7, 2016 primary. South Dakota does not allow “write-in” candidacies for presidential primary contests but the state does have a relatively late ballot access deadline, and a low threshold for such access.

Will South Dakota deny Williams ballot access while granting ballot placement to Ted Cruz who is by his own admission a natural born Canadian? A Disqualification Charge has been filed against Mr. Cruz in South Dakota.

Candidate Victor Williams Now Has Legal Standing to Challenge Cruz -- In and Out of Court

As a declared Candidate, formally registered to receive "write-in" votes in many of the later primary states, Victor Williams has legal standing ("competitor candidate standing") to challenge Mr. Cruz’s ballot placement with those states and standing to sue to have Mr. Cruz disqualified and removed.

This "competitor candidate standing" is much superior to the "voter standing" that has been thusfar rejected in recent challenges to Ted Cruz's ballot placement fraud.

Numerous courts have affirmed that “a candidate or his political party has standing to challenge the inclusion of an allegedly ineligible rival on the ballot, on the theory that doing so hurts the candidate’s or party’s own chances of prevailing in the election.” Hollander v. McCain, 566 F.Supp.2d 63, 68 (D.N.H.2008). '

In February 2016, a state Supreme Court ruled, quoting a federal district court, that a "write-in" candidate is judged to be a genuine opposition candidate and thus a “real” candidate regardless of any pre-election predictions as to his victory, or even any significant registry of support for the “real” candidate. Brinkmann v. Francois (Florida Supreme Court No. SC14-1899, Feb. 4, 2016).

Williams Acts Alone with No Support from, or Connection to, Any Other Campaign.

It bears emphasis that Victor Williams launches this campaign and his related effort to disqualify Ted Cruz -- alone -- with no support or connection to any other campaign.

In each of the states in which Williams is a declared candidate, Williams is now a formal opponent of Donald Trump, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz.

That is the nature of the state-by-state nomination contest.

The Williams campaign has lodged Challenges in the nine states in which Williams is a declared candidate -- California, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin -- demanding that Mr. Cruz be disqualified from the ballots.

Williams has warned the Secretary of State in each of the nine states that he is prepared to file lawsuits to effect such remedy -- based on his "competitor candidate" legal standing.

And Victor Williams is, alternatively, prepared to challenge the seating of Cruz-pledged delegates at the Cleveland Republican Convention in July.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.


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