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The Incredible Power of Following Your Intuition

Posted By: ChristineHoeflich
Date: Thursday, 28-April-2016 14:40:30

Have you ever had a strong intuition and followed through with it even though it put you in an uncomfortable situation? Did anything crazy or amazing happen when you did? The following story illustrates the power of following your intuition.

At an event I attended last month (March 2016) in San Jose, California, I heard Dr. Sean Stephenson share an incredible story about what happened when he followed an intuitive urge he thought wasóto say the leastóstrange.

You might have heard of Sean before. Heís the three-foot tall motivational speaker / psychotherapist whoís been on TED talks and TV and who gets around in a wheel chair.

Born with a rare brittle bone disorder, doctors didnít expect him to live more than 24 hours. His leg bones are so fragile they donít support his weight. Just sneezing can fracture his ribs.

But Sean not only proved the doctors wrong, he became a motivational speaker at the age of 17. He even got his PhD so that he could better help those people who, after his talks, approached him for advice on personal issues. These days, he also coaches public speakers. And this is where Seanís amazing story begins Ö

Itís near the end of January (2016) and Sean is staying at a hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. He and his group of five or six mastermind clients (who are working together for one year, paying Sean a handsome fee for the privilege) are meeting the next morning for an intense workshop on public speaking. One of the members of the group canít be present as heís having open-heart surgery near his home in Long Beach, California.

At four in the morning at the hotel, Sean awakens to the voice of his intuition telling him to change the dayís agenda. Instead of working in a hotel room as usual, he is to gather the group together and drive the seven hours to visit with the one member whoís about to have heart surgery.

Yes, he heard that right. Drive to Long Beach, visit with their friend for a few minutes, hug him, wish him well. Then drive seven hours back to Scottsdale.

Seanís thinking, what? No way! Thatís just wonky! (His words.)

But the inner voice persists and wonít let him sleep. In the morning, Sean decides to enroll his group in the new plan. But how will he enroll them?

By asking a loaded question, of course. ďFriends, how much do you trust me?Ē he asks the group. Then he informs them about the new plan: theyíll drive to Long Beach, give their friend a hug, and then drive back to Scottsdale.

Because they trust Sean, everyoneís on Ö that is, except for one lady. But she goes up to her hotel room, has a bitch fit and cries. And then she comes down a half hour later, ready to go.

Van service is ordered and things get more wonky: the vanís driver is a paraplegic.

But no worries. The paraplegic has all the safety features and controls and heís an awesome driver. Itís just that at the age of 17, a terrible car accident left him paralyzed. Anyway, with not a moment to waste, they all pile into the van.

But wait Ö thereís another little problem: there are more passengers than car seats. Which means Sean canít sit in his child-sized car seat. Heíll just have to sit in someoneís lap, itís decided.

One of Seanís female clients happily volunteers. A former prostitute, meth-addict, and alcoholic, they met nine years ago. He helped transform her life, and ever since then sheís been telling the world that Sean had saved her life.

After the seven hour road trip, the group arrives in Long Beach and visits with their friend. Heís astonished to see them, of course. They hug him, wish him well, and his heart gets filled. (And what better way to go into heart surgery than with a full heart?)

Itís time to return to Scottsdale. They pile into the van Ö with Sean sitting in the former prostitute / meth-addict / alcoholicís lap again.

Partway back, Sean unbuckles himself and turns around to talk to the three people in the back, one of whom is a soft-spoken, quiet Asian lady from Canada. He wants to make sure she and the other two people in the back are okay. (After all, they flew in for Seanís coaching, not a road trip to California.) And as heís facing the back of the van, a terrible, screechy noise assaults his senses. Did they just hit a metal garbage can in the middle of the highway?

But it sure as heck wasnít a garbage can. Swerving into their lane out of the blue came a tractor trailer. Everyone saw it except for Sean, who happened to be facing the back in that moment.

I donít have the exact details on the collision, but the tractor trailer struck the van, the van got lodged underneath it somehow and got dragged along. At the moment of impact one of the guys in the back flew forward and struck the window; the other passengers got jerked around.

So they were being dragged by this tractor trailer and it took f o r e v e r for it to finally stop, explained Sean.

As you can imagine, Seanís mind was spinning. Is this what his intuition guided him into? Him and his mastermind speaking group? What in the world? Ö

But wait. Theyíre all alive, waiting for first response to arrive. And when the first police officer arriving at the scene recognizes Sean, things get really wonky.

ďHey, I know you!Ē the first response officer says. ďYouíre Sean Stephenson! Dude! I canít believe itís you! Iím a big fan of yours and I follow you on Facebook.Ē (He goes on and on about being a fan of Seanís Ö)

But then later, after evaluating the situation, the police officer explains that if Sean were in his child seat, he would have broken his ribs Ö and things could have been much worse. (Now, thatís not to say car seats donít save many lives. Absolutely they do. Itís just that this situation was you might say unique.)

Plus, if Sean had been facing forward at the time of the collision, he would have seen what was coming and tensed up, which would have made him more prone to injury. Since he was facing backward and unaware of the impending crash, his body was totally relaxed.

And because the former prostitute / meth addict / alcoholic was facing forward and was aware of what was happening, she held onto Sean and absorbed all the energy of the impact. And Sean was left with not even a bruise.

And Ö after all these years of telling the world that Sean had saved her life, she now knows that she had saved his.

So she has karmic closure.

And the paraplegic Ö well, he just happened to save all of their lives. He had experienced a terrible accident in his youth so he knew what to do. He did not panic, and he kept the van steady during the collision and dragging. Because of him, they got away with minor injuries.

Which means the paraplegic has karmic closure, too.

And the mastermind speakers who went along with Seanís new plan? What about them? Well, Sean explained to them, ďHey guys, you all just doubled your speaking fees!Ē

Which means the dayís work got done after all Ö

So Ö

Have you ever followed your intuition and had something amazing happen? Or have you ignored it and then regretted that you did (because you got into trouble somehow)?

Connecting within and following the inner voice that comes from your higher self (which means you put your higher self in the driverís seat of your life) is THE KEY to transforming your life. And when you ignore it, you give up your power.

Itís obvious Seanís higher self is in the driverís seat of his life. (And by the way, the same is true for Sir Richard Branson, I found out earlier this week. Richard Branson makes business deals without accountants or lawyers, but with his intuition.)

This story, I have to admit, is extreme. But it illustrates the power of following your intuition for bringing resolution, blessings and karmic closure to your life.

Not sure how to get started with following your intuition? Get my free Quick Start Guide at Your Spiritual Awakening blog: http://ChristineHoeflich.com. Thanks for reading!

Your Spiritual Awakening Blog


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