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Hi Cath,... Too right.. but it's not just US corporations that do this.. London is the corporate center

Posted By: Susoni
Date: Monday, 16-May-2016 11:52:25

In Response To: Re: Trump Just Raked In Another Huge Endorsement – Hillary Is In Trouble! (Cathy)

The voting system is a fraud and it sucks. We all know that.

Wall street is often touted as the world banking regime. It is evil to it's core but the real world banking rulers live in 'The City of London' (not London city) a separate country within London that has it's own rules. Much like Vatican city is not part of Italy... Or D.C. is not part of Virginia. They pay no taxes to the UK and even the Queen has to ask permission to be allowed into it. Then you have the Swiss, the Vatican and D.C.

The flag in Washington's District of Columbia has 3 red stars, each symbolizing a city state within the three city empire. The three city empire consists of Washington D.C., London, and Vatican City. London is the corporate center of the three city states and controls the world economically.

Corporations are, for the most part evil entities but let's not forget some of the world wide ones from other countries like

Bayer (Germany)

hey’re one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. In 1984, they discovered that one of the products they were selling—a medicine to induce blood clotting—was infecting people with H.I.V. So like any responsible company, they stopped marketing it and developed a safer medicine—right before exporting all of the contaminated medicine to Asia and Latin America, where it continued to be sold. They even continued making the H.I.V. infected medicine for another few months, because it was cheaper to produce than the new version—this was again sold straight to developing countries.

Six thousand people in the US were known to have contracted H.I.V. and AIDS from the medicine—but how many died from the tainted medicine overseas? At least 100,000 units of the medication made their way to Asia and Argentina after Bayer stopped selling it in America....


Rio Tinto Mining in Africa:

Rio Tinto is a mining company that operates mostly out of Africa, and you can probably already see where this is going. As the biggest private mining company in the world, they provide much of the world’s raw aluminum and copper—along with uranium, gold, and diamonds—and might have the worst track record for human rights violations ever (which, on this list, is kind of a big deal).

It started in the 1970s, when Rio Tinto was discovered to have been running illegal uranium mines in Nambia, and using the profits to support the apartheid government in South Africa—in return, the government allowed Rio Tinto to keep operating in the area. Additionally, Rio Tinto maintained its own private mercenary army to keep blacks from rising up against them and the government. Oh and also, the uranium mines used “brutal slave labor,” in the words of the United Nations Council that dealt with the matter.

But far from getting shut down, Rio Tinto went on to bludgeon humanity and the environment further at every turn. In 1981, it turned out that one of their Canadian uranium mines had been exposing workers for years to radiation levels more than seven times the legal limit. In Indonesia, they have tortured and killed opponents of their gold mines. And in 2000, an ex-security guard at their gold mine in Brazil revealed that security workers were urged to use violence to keep the miners complacent. It’s basically modern-day slavery.



Siemens funded the Nazi Party during the 1930’s and actively supported Hitler’s regime once the war broke out. They had more than 400 factories operating throughout Germany by late 1944, many of which used Jewish labor.

But that’s old news; these days, they’ve moved on to more modern endeavors like spearheading a worldwide electronics cartel, bribing world government officials, and bribing the entire country of Greece.


James Hardie

James Hardie, an Australian manufacturing company, continuing to operate asbestos factories across Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia.

James Hardie was the largest Australian producer of building materials around the time, and after thousands of cases of asbestos poisoning surfaced among its workers, an investigation was launched which found out that James Hardie was well aware of the dangers of asbestos, but continued to manufacture it anyway.

But James Hardie was prepared for the virtual avalanche of lawsuits that followed in the early 2000’s. Here’s how it worked: Their business structure was set up so that only subsidiaries of the James Hardie parent corporation were connected to the asbestos work. When the pressure got too heavy, James Hardie began cutting off ties to these subsidiaries, leaving them to take the brunt of the lawsuits even though they didn’t have enough money to compensate all the victims. James Hardie then moved to the Netherlands, and is now denying the responsibility because “those other companies aren’t part of James Hardie.”



In 1928, the United Fruit Company had a strike on its hands. The workers at their Colombian plantation wanted better working conditions, which United Fruit didn’t want to give them. This resulted in the Colombian army setting up mounted machine guns around the strikers, and systematically mowing them down. Later, they changed their name to Chiquita, which is a word you can see on nearly every banana in the grocery store today. But wait, there’s more.

In 1954, the Guatemalan president Jacobo Arbenz Guzman was implementing a revised labor code that would effectively take 40 percent of United Fruit Company’s land away. At that time, Guatemala was basically United Fruit’s playground, so rather than take the losses, they responded by initiating a coup d’etat that overthrew the entire government, dissolving the country into 36 years of civil war that had an estimated death toll of up to 550,000.

So by this time United Fruit had become Chiquita, and washed their hands of Latin politics for good. Except, they didn’t. In 2004, Chiquita was accused by the Justice Department of paying money to a right-wing terrorist group in Colombia to protect their plantations. And then they turned around and provided funding to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, a leftist terrorist group that has in the past been involved in a plot to assassinate Hugo Chavez. Why can’t banana companies just grow bananas anymore?

: I'm an outsider as in not a US citizen
: looking in
: so my comment on US politics will be
: limited

: who is bringing in new voters and the
: voice of disgruntled people
: why that would be Trump and Sanders

: so,
: Hillary Clinton will ultimately be the

: what happens if Sanders takes California
: which is more than the population of Canada
: one state more than the pop. of Canada
: and those super delegates going to tell the
: world that the voter does not count?
: they are going to give the majority to her
: the 8th largest economy in the world
: maybe I'm out to lunch
: but, is not Clinton banking on millions
: from so called corporate funding and
: of course Hollywood

: I bet George Cluny is going to go silent
: after his new movie "money whatever"
: gets less than 1 1/2 star rating is
: struggling to even get that star rating

: If corporate America has to release its taxes
: for the world to see ? ummmm
: Clinton is a politician and Trump is a corporation

: these two things are not the same

: just an observation
: what to do?

: how to digest that?

: and Mitt Romney buys corporations
: and keeps them running or sells the
: assets off? so says many articles
: and he only released his 2010 taxes?
: so says many articles

: everyone around the world is watching
: and many have many questions
: just like me

: sometimes something could be like
: shooting yourself in your foot
: by releasing how corporate America
: operates

: Cmanynames


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