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Over 30,000 Ancient Docs Speak of Ancient 'gods' imprisoning us on Earth..

Posted By: Susoni
Date: Saturday, 25-October-2014 13:26:45

In Response To: More Brain Farts (Gryphon)

Of course that sounds very like 'Quarantined,' also..

You bring up some great questions, Gryph... More then can be answered in one post..

There is a book called.. "Past Shock" by Jack Barranger .. He tells of all kinds of ancient documents that speak of 'Those who came down' and manipulated, tinkered with, enslaved or lorded it over humans.. He goes on to say that we were not made by a loving creator, but rather designed as a slave race by a dysfunctional family of humanoid space travelers who told us they were our Gods.... He tells just how these so-called Lords chained us to religion, dogma, and creed..... Loads of examples..

There is an ancient Sanskrit (India) book and I completely have forgotten which one.. It is related to the many books of the Bhagavad Gita... In it it tells of a demon (alien) race which invaded our planet. Shiva was one of the only ones who opposed these parasites.. (supposedly).. It goes on to tell of hos Shiva fought airship to airship with these beings..

So, so many of these ancient scripts have been suppressed and if only one of them was speaking of this it would be phenomenal.. but you get stories from all over the planet. From tribes that had no contact with others. Time after time it speaks of space traveling beings who were pursued and chased out of their own system... (Orion)

Are we in prison here or are we imprisoned for being evil..??? Good questions and one that I am still searching on.. Although I'm leaning towards the first one..

What do you all think??


: A few years ago, I donít know when, Don Quixote, he who puts
: the wind into the philosophical sails of the mind asked a

: question about the origin of our planet and peoples.

: I answered with a tale that we were the garbage dump of many
: species, that all we are was a series of failed
: experiments, a DNA dump, never expected to form life.

: There were civilizations of the others, taking what minerals
: they needed, giving guidance as necessary, playing with the
: minds of the incipient breeds as they came and went.

: We are all bastards trapped in the cosmic quarantine not
: because we were necessarily evil, but because we didnít
: fit. Iíve wondered for years if Iím insane because of the
: voices in my head. Bottom line, weíre the proving ground.
: Ascension, descension,
: Weíre the fucking rats in the maze of the universe.

: I donít agree with all the channeled crap, ďOur souls choose
: this life.Ē I firmly believe I am dealing with my karma
: from lifetimes ago. And yes, I am what I am that I am here
: and now, but karma doesnít have shit to do with it. Itís my
: own guilt. It ainít the world fucking with me, itís me.

: All We aRe
: Lord knows this is the beginning, have no idea how or where it
: will end, but at least the thought has begun.
: What we've forgotten is that culture has nothing to do with
: survival. I met a man today and from his first look I could
: see,
: he was trying to decide how I could be deceived.
: Will we continue to accept manipulation as a reasonable
: conveyance of human thought?
: Culture and community exists by trust. There are many whom I
: have met and trusted implicitly. There are just as many
: whom I have not.
: Regardless of how our world transcends or ends in these next
: few years, our thoughts, feelings, every trial and
: tribulation, are our responsibility.
: Every one of us, is ultimately, that which we want this world
: to be. I cannot create or manifest the greater society,I
: can only do my part.
: To finish the thought, All we are is a doughnut.

: Announcing the formation of the WWA

: The World Without Assholes is a new project commissioned by
: the advanced practitioners of organized government funding
: by and for people who are so intelligent, learned and have
: so many degrees that they have subordinates who tell them
: so.

: This intelligence allows them to write incomprehensible
: studies for ludicrous reasons which they convince gullible
: people to fund because they have duped congress into
: assuming their studies have merit.

: This projectís goal is to define sociological assholes by
: every body type, race, nationality and every other category
: that can be quantified.

: Quantifying assholes can be difficult, because every human is
: equipped with said equipment.

: Therefore, quantification must start on a societal level.
: Everyone knows an asshole.
: But what truly makes an asshole?

: An asshole is defined by an abject disconcern for feeling,
: caring and all basic human emotions other than those
: emanating from self.

: Therefore the World Without Assholes project has reached itís
: completion. It has been determined by this commission that
: a World without assholes is completely without merit and
: the suggestion by anyone that the world contains assholes
: is a violation of the Asshole rights as assigned by all
: entities deemed assholes by common knowledge.

: Therefore, every asshole has an opinion.

: Which leads us back to the old saying,

: ďOpinions are like assholes, everybody has one.Ē

: As much as I would like, I don't think I can claim the rights
: to the WWA project. I am going through the things I have
: saved and I am guessing this was a parody written by
: another.


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