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Open Letter to President Obama

Posted By: KarinLLightworker
Date: Wednesday, 8-June-2016 15:32:37

Dear Reader; please note that this letter was written four years ago. May you reflect for yourself where you stood back then in Summer of 2012 and what your beliefs are today in regards to the topics of this letter. Blessings, Karin Lacy, June 2016

Karin Lacy

June 2012

Open Letter to President Barack Obama

- Proposal for a “Lightworker for America” Fund -

Dear President Obama;

My name is Karin Lacy; I am a German immigrant. Twenty years ago I was guided from within to come to California. Soon after I received from spirit to call myself a Lightworker for America. I begun writing Open Letters in which I documented my experience as a Lightworker. I addressed my first letter to President Clinton. I sent him the book “Starseed – the Third Millennium” by Ken Carey. My intent was to inform the President about the existence and work of the Lightworkers, and I concluded, “we the Lightworkers are feeding you with our enthusiasm for life”. To my surprise and delight President Bill Clinton sent me a kind thank you letter. (smile)

Now, twenty years later I feel again inspired to write a presidential letter.

I am presently living in Mount Shasta, California. I live without television and car. To speak in terms of energy awareness, I live outside the Matrix System. I network with other Lightworkers over the Internet. From the 3D point of view I do much of my work at home on my pillow, when I go to the “night shift” in my Light Body. We are millions in service of creating the New Earth in the frequency range of the fifth dimension.

As Lightworkers we are raising the vibration of the planet through ourselves. In other words, we are living the change that we want to experience in the world.

Dear President Obama, some people say that you are of the Light. They call you the black JFK of our time. Some claim that your election was the result of hyper-dimensional intervention and that you are destined to lead the world into the new Golden Age.

They say at these present end times you have no choice – since the government has been hijacked by the dark forces – but to play the double agent game, otherwise you would be assassinated. But behind the scene you work tirelessly for the liberation of humanity.

Others say you are a puppet of the Illuminati whose goal is to establish the New World Order for the reduction of the population and the total enslavement of the rest as the servants for the elite.

And others see you as the Antichrist. Of course each and every one is perceiving you through the filters of their individual belief system.

In my long journey of awakening I have been serving as the ‘lone servant’ by playing the role of the child that tells that the emperor wears no clothes. In other words, once awake, the game is over, you cannot participate anymore for you see the world for what it is: a holographic illusion.

I am a sovereign. I follow the paradigm of what a brilliant “Indigo Child” summed up in a poem on one of the discussion boards:

-The government is a reflector of those it governs.

-Those who can govern themselves have no need for government.

-Those who deny their self-sovereignty have a government of tyranny.

-Those who do not want to hear the truth have a government that lies.

-Those who imprison their own wills have a government that reflects the denial of their freedom.

-Those who don’t want to think for themselves have a government that does the thinking for them.

-Those who have no inner unity have a government enforcing separation.

Get it?

il divino

Dear President Obama, if you are of the Light then you agree with me that awakened humans have outgrown the need for government laws. The laws of governments are made by the Leaders & Controllers of the people in order to serve them, not us the people.

Once awakened, people are guided from within. We awakened ones follow our innate guidance system that tells us at every moment whether we are connected to Source or disconnected from Source, namely through our emotions. The new world that we are now creating on Earth is a world of self-guided human beings. A connected human is incapable of harming another, for he/she lives with the inner knowing of the interconnection of all things. He/she is rooted in the feeling of Oneness.

This is where humanity is heading for. We are going to leave the world of duality behind. We learned everything there was to learn about limitation and separation. We all yearn for home.

We who are awake can’t wait for the Great Shift at the end of this year to happen. It will be a joyous event of monumental proportion. It may come as a gigantic ripple of relief washing over and through Earth and all her inhabitants and holding us in a state of pure bliss. Ahhh – so be it!

What has been hidden must be revealed
Dear President Obama, if you are of the Light, then you know that humanity has been kept in darkness for a very long time. Planet Earth has been involved in cosmic wars throughout our galaxy for millions of years. Many times civilizations have been seeded on Earth by those galactics who won the wars.

By now the awakened people already know the higher truth that we as the human civilization are an experiment. We are genetically engineered, our DNA blueprint has been altered by our creator gods. These cosmic beings are at the root of our mental and physical enslavement.

We – the human race on Earth – have been partially disconnected from Source, we function with less than five percent of our capacity, we run on one double strand of DNA, with the rest laid dormant, the so-called junk DNA. Our third eye, the pineal gland, has been partially deactivated. As our creator gods’ heritage we got the Reptilian portion in our brains. It is the Reptilian portion of our brain that makes us only think in terms of the struggle of survival of the fittest. The struggle-for-survival part overrides the creative human portion of the brain that conceives beyond daily life and guides us to our capabilities of feeling, creative expression, compassion, cooperation with others, all those traits of Love that connect us with Source.

We were designed to forget how to nurture ourselves through our connection with Source or Father/Mother/God. As a result our matrix system developed into a parasitic civilization. A dog-eats-dog world. We learned to prey and feed of each others' energy in myriads of ways.

The world we live in is based on authoritarian control through power and fear conditioning. We are governed by a selected global elite – some call them the Illuminati – through their instruments of governments, religions, corporations, and the “Military Industrial Complex”. This so-called 1% ruling elite has millions of executives enforcing our system of predatory control over billions. We, the 99%, are the billions of human prey. We are their sheeple.

The global elite is being controlled as well, by those beings who think they own planet Earth. These non-physical “upper management guys” decide where wars be waged, what diseases are being spread, what inventions are being allowed, which governments and ideologies dominate the world, which currencies are used, and where the money goes.

The matrix system in which we exist has been created to be self-maintaining, just like the inmates are being trained to maintain their imprisonment. Our paradigm is founded on a small set of self-perpetuating thought-forms, within the framework of birth and death, that kept us humans locked in the density of the third dimension, bound to the wheel of karma, lifetime after lifetime.

The most powerful of our Leaders & Controllers of government, religion, corporations, media, etc. act as mis-leaders. The misdirection, dis-information, distortions are spread through implanted and reinforced memes, starting when we enter this world. Their tools are domination through manipulation, fear programming, deception, lying, violence, etc., while making the sheeple believe that their leaders are the noblest of all human beings in their service to all.

Our Leaders & Controllers need many millions of henchmen who do the dirty work for them. However, this class of enforcers first needs to be brainwashed and programmed into zombie-like humans until they are willing to do for a living whatever they are asked to do. Their conditioning happens through lifestyle-manipulation, eating lifeless processed food, drinking medicated water, being mentally programmed and fear-conditioned while watching television.

However, this is the time where that which has been hidden must be revealed.
There are many non-physical teachers who assist us the human family in unseen ways in getting through these most difficult end times. They tell us that life on Earth was supposed to be a joyous experience for all. They say it was never intended for humanity to struggle through life, feeling unworthy and lost, unable to remember Source and who we truly are.

Our ascension has been assured. The time is now for all humans to awaken from the lower third dimensional frequency. Ahead is a galactic event of tremendous proportion leading us to ascending to the 5th dimensional frequency of existence. God or All That Is wants us to experience the Great Shift in seven billion individual ways.

Aliens Exist
A friend who watches television told me that recently a young person ('the son of Will Smith') asked you whether aliens exist and that you replied, “I can neither confirm nor deny whether aliens exist…”. Wow! You denied your divinity. You denied your star family. You acted like an Illuminati puppet. You were disconnected from the Light when you spoke those words.

The majority of the American people know better and are waiting for the government’s disclosure.

The next time this question arises you could tell your audience this enlightening parable of two lice who were having a philosophical conversation when one louse asked the other: “Do you believe there is life on other dogs?” (smile)

The mass arrests of the dark cabal
Dear President Obama, I want to talk about the upcoming mass arrests. The Resistance Movement for the liberation of humanity talks about the “Plan” for the “Event” that has been laid out decades ago by positive people in military, government, and other institutions of power and control. The event is about liberating our world by taking our power back from our Leaders & Controllers, by unraveling them as criminals and forcing them to surrender.

By now many awakened people know the truth about our human history and the role of the governments and religions for the enslavement of the population. We know about the global elite who are in charge of what has been happening to humanity on Earth. They are responsible for the atrocities, wars, famine, diseases, etc. with its endless suffering in our world, even though in a modern day setting.

Our parasitic matrix system is maintained to a large degree through money as a means of energy harvesting. Through scarcity and interest-charge the business model of profiting at the expense of others has long ago been established globally as the norm. This parasitic system of money created the separation of humans into the class of the Haves and the class of the Have-nots. In this game the neediness for each others' money got us where we are today.

Awakened experts, who call themselves Whistleblowers, are now stepping forward who take on the role of the child that tells the crowd that “the emperor wears no clothes”. With brutal honesty they lay open how our Leaders & Controllers have been using the media and especially television as a tool of social control to distort and limit the public’s perception of reality. Meanwhile, the upper class bankers have been looting the people’s money en mass, in front of all eyes.

The awakened experts demand change of this predatory system of money. They unravel how we all got manipulated to participate in the conversion of life into money and how broken we have become as a society to the enslavement of money.

The financial crisis is now seen as a global crime scene that has brought us to the brink of global financial disaster. The awakened experts tell us that it is a deliberately planned scheme of economic destruction designed to allow the global banking elite to confiscate enormous resources from targeted nations. There are already increasing calls for the criminal banksters to be executed for engaging in these crimes and stealing trillions of dollars from the peoples of our world.

In this letter I only briefly want to mention some of our Leaders & Controllers’ other crimes done to humanity. The parasitic and predatory medical system has turned into the mining of the human body for profit. All crimes of victimizing the population in the name of the healthcare system will come to light.

The global elite own the fuel resources and utilities that run our highly technical societies. Who owns the power is in control of the people. The global elite control our very lives, they enslave us in a modern world setting. They intentionally prohibited hundreds of inventions for free energy and the betterment of mankind in all areas of life.

And yet, it was our plan! We humans are vast multidimensional beings. We come from many galaxies and multiverses. Only a portion of each of us is being projected down in this 3D density to play the human game of Hide & Seek. From the perspective of our Higher Self or I AM Presence we all agreed to participate in the experiment of a civilization wearing the Veil of Amnesia. We wanted to experience separation and limitation in a world of duality. We played the good and the bad guys. In truth we are all ONE. On purpose we have forgotten that we are extension rays of God or All-That-Is, that we are divine creators on Earth.

As I said, our star families and galactic friends and the Ascended Masters tell us that our ascension is assured. They say these arrests to remove the dark cabal must take place, for they are the obstacles to humanity’s ascension. Each of these individuals presents a roadblock to our new world.

If we the enslaved are not able to overthrow our masters then the galactics may have to step in. After all, they have the total overview of what is happening while the majority of mankind is still locked in the state of amnesia, wearing blindfolds so to speak. This is why more and more intergalactic beings are in contact with us as their Earth Allies, for together we will not fail. Earth is one of the last planets in this universe under the occupation of the dark forces. The outcome of the event of the mass arrests will effect the entire cosmos.

The reintegration of the members of the dark cabal into society
Most of what was once considered right in the dense 3D world will be viewed as a fallacy in the new world of fifth density level. We must keep in mind that Darkness and Fear are simply the lowest polarities of Light and Love. In truth punishment is evildoing in the name of goodness.

The global elite who run our world are the prototypes of “service to self” in contrary to “service to others”. From the psychological aspect they are considered “Psychopaths/Sociopaths”. Their hunger for personal power dominates their personality traits, yet it is about power without responsibility. They lack the ability of empathy and compassion for their fellow men. They are the ones in the history books.

It is their separation from Source that allowed them to commit atrocities. In their inner emptiness the psychopaths are truly lonely people, no matter whether they live like kings in mansions.

After the mass arrests, when it comes to their immediate trials, these criminals will have to confess openly all that they wish to be forgiven for by the people. The whole world will have to face who the villains are that are responsible for humanity’s suffering from atrocities, war, famine, diseases, enslavement to money, destruction of Nature, and so on.

As a mass consciousness we will have to take a look at the skeletons in our collective closet. The most famous of the mass murderers must be locked up for their own sake and the calming of the masses. What is going to come to light might create chaos amongst the masses. People’s mob mentality may rise to the surface calling for revenge and punishment.

To punish these criminals would only cause us to continue to tap into those rivers of thoughts of low vibrations.

We must now move onward and upward.

We must accept these dark souls and show them the path back home. They too are victims of this world of duality that has enslaved us all and disconnected us from Creator.

A Lightworker’s Personal Assistant
Dear President Obama, I think the Lightworkers are the most qualified to guide the overthrown members of the dark cabal back into the Light. In my service as a Lightworker for America I am hereby offering assistance to members of the arrested global elite in their healing process.

My long-term dream has been the building of a model of a small self-sufficient dome village, together with a group of co-founders. We will be living in a new way on Earth as the wayshowers and mapmakers for our brothers and sisters. These small domes are easy, fast, and inexpensive to build. They are meant to snowball far and wide. Everybody who wishes should be given the opportunity to build for themselves a dwelling place. The dome model is called “Moon Cocoon”, see at calearth.org.

I am offering to accept a member from among the arrested criminals as my personal assistant. He or she will be living as an equal with our group and will get a chance to contribute his/her gifts and talents to this community project. Many of these criminals will recognize that we are now entering a new era and they will be seeking their own redemption by helping build a world of higher consciousness.

However, I have no experience in dealing with a psychopath. Our group would need to hire a coach/counselor in dealing with arising conflict situations.

This new service position as a “Lightworker’s Personal Assistant” would provide the dark cabal with a great opportunity of giving back to society. In other words, a criminal of the old 3D world would be given the opportunity to choose between prison time or serving in a Lightworker/Indigo community.

I would expect to receive funds to enable my village community project either from the Saint Germain World Trust Fund, Prosperity Fund, Bridge Fund, NESARA, or others.

Dear President Obama, hereby I am asking you to establish a “Lightworker for America” Fund for the integration, rehabilitation and healing of the arrested members of the dark cabal. As an Internet networker I know of many fellow Lightworkers who are ready to manifest the new world with projects of self-empowerment and empowering others. Many would be willing to take in a member of the dark cabal in exchange for funding their projects.

Like in the tale of the emperor who wears no clothes now is the time for a child to appear in every crowd and to stir up mass consciousness and to ignite a wake up jolt for the slumbering minds. The child simply tells what everybody knew all along. For once we articulate the problem, the game is over, we are no longer a match, and our mind is no longer conditioned for a slave society. Once the quantum leap shock is over, all relax into a new way of looking at the world; a new paradigm of existence is born. No violence is necessary for a changeover! This is the magical power of the child as the systems buster!

Dear President Obama, thank you for reading this message.

We are all in this together. Occupy Wall Street is now turning into a global awakening movement. The expansion of human consciousness is an unstoppable force. It is time to roll up our sleeves and start manifesting the new Golden Age on Earth.

We the people are ready. Are you ready, too?

Karin Lacy, Lightworker for America


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