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"Smarten up, Godlings!"

Posted By: KarinLLightworker
Date: Monday, 13-February-2017 21:04:49

“Smarten Up, Godlings!”
Karin's Open Letter #17
February 2017

I've been writing my annual letter for those people I meet along my journey who are interested in learning about my path as a Lightworker for America. I am a self-made person, a maverick, I don't follow any religion or other outer guidance. For over ten years I've been living openly as a Lightworker and basically sum up and share my previous year. I also write this letter for my own self-reflection, instead of journaling. I don't expect approval, however, a few people appreciate my perspectives and viewpoints as a Lightworker.
May you all be blessed, Karin Lacy

Dear Readers;
Recently a new friend offered me to join him to go to Nicaragua where he owns a 30 acre farm with tropical fruit and animals. His vision is to establish there an Ubuntu-Contributionism community. I said no, because I cannot just leave, I am here on assignment. 25 years ago I was guided by spirit to leave my home country Germany and immigrate to the U.S. to serve as a Lightworker for America during the time of the Shift of the Ages. This time is now. I always knew it would be hard in every way for the human family to live through these monumental changes. We are now going through the birth pangs of a new era, foreseen as the Thousand Years of Peace.

Looking back to the year 2016
I lived for 1 1/2 years in the town of Yreka. The town is dominated by what they call “rednecks.” I call them polluters, for that is what they are with their horrendous noise and air pollution from their vehicles. “The louder the better” is their motto. It’s an area of male domination and control, determined by generations of cattle ranchers. There’s a striking imbalance of male/female energies, causing lots of dysfunction. 54% of the population are on welfare. The majority of people seem to exist in a daze at a low level of awareness. I received much rejection in this town. I didn't fit in.
So since February of 2016 I had been looking to move to the Ashland area. I learned that there are no vacancies of reasonable rentals in the Ashland area. They are rented “word of mouth”; they don't reach Craigslist.

Learning from archon intervention
My last year was dominated by a seven-months love story with a man that was arranged and directed by interdimensional entities, known as archons. “My Alien Love Bite Story, A Treatise” is on my blog,

In October I moved from Yreka, CA, to Ashland, OR, where I stayed for two months in a woman's rental cottage while she was out of town. My love story continued in Ashland. Five weeks later my lover suddenly broke our relationship up.
To write my love story down as a treatise helped me in overcoming the trauma. I am grieving the loss of my beloved Shiva. My heart is broken. It feels like living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One thing I gained from the relationship is that I have come to fully believe that true love is out there for me, somewhere. So I've been issuing my desire to the Universe to send me my ideal mate and Tantric consort. I became Shakti, I loved as Shakti, I am worthy to be united with my true Shiva counterpart.

I still do not see the full picture of my alien love bite story. I'm aware it sounds crazy, and yet my lover suddenly got switched off emotionally and psychically unplugged from me. He has been altered by non-physical parasitic entities; his memory of our love story may even have been erased. He blocks my email address and took me off his facebook page and himself off from mine. From his last letter after the breakup I do not recognize him as the same man I got to know for seven months.

I gained much greater awareness of how we all are being affected by these galactic parasites and predators, known as archons. They are experts in distracting, distorting, laying out traps, especially for people who are consciously awakening and thus vibrating at a higher frequency.
These negatively oriented consciousnesses need to consume energy as sustenance to survive. But they can't use the energy that is flowing through us from our Creator; adjusting to their lower 3D level is needed.
They have myriads of ways of intervening. They can affect us directly through our own minds, or as entity attachments, or use others as portals to distract us from our path. This applies not just to love bite stories, but happens within most human interactions. On one hand, knowing about the interdimensional manipulation of mankind that is going on can make one paranoid. On the other hand, knowledge and knowing about archons increases our Light Quotient, and thus makes us less vulnerable to their interference and attacks, when we are vibrating outside their reach.

I got sucked into the lower 3D frequencies of cheating-deceiving-lying/blame-shame-guilt where those off-world beings can attack and manipulate us. They can also be viewed as mind viruses that are able to enter our blind spots, traumas and fears to feed off our low, dense emotions.
That is why spiritual discipline and spiritual hygiene are now ever more important to me.
I do not mean to say that we are victims who should blame the archons for what they do to us. As humans we learn through trial and error. From where I stand now I see that those “alien love bite specialists” that arranged and manipulated the triangle affair taught me much about them. I've become more aware and conscious, my perspective has broadened considerably. Ultimately, these archonic forces are our teachers in our world of polarity; they provide the contrast for us to bounce off and evolve. They teach us where our attention and work is required as awakening humans. I do not fear archons, but it is important to know that they exist as parasites, throughout the galaxy.
We can look at these non-physical parasites just like physical parasites that surround us everywhere, either visible or on the micro level. For example, fleas can jump on us and attach themselves to our skin to suck blood, or even transmit diseases. We learned to live with parasites, to discern which are harmless and which ones are dangerous and how to keep them in balance. Our DNA skin suit developed its immune system.

Moving to Medford
My time at the rental cottage in Ashland was limited. All I could find was a small room in an old, dilapidated house in Medford. My housemate who rents it runs a veggie farm behind the house. I told him that I'm interested in participating in his food growing as a volunteer.
January 1st was my 70th birthday. It was a tough day. No firewood during the long cold spell with one foot of snow. For my housemate as an outdoors person the temperature is not a problem, but it is for me. I stayed in my little room with my electric heater, yet the heat goes right through the walls. I've been wearing five layers of clothing since I've been here. It's too cold for me to cook a meal in the kitchen, I only heat up a can of soup and eat it in my room. I thought I'd be able to adapt to the conditions. But it turned out I cannot handle the harshness of living in a hundred year old house without any insulation. I suffer and get depressed. I got sick with a cold. I realized that at my age I need some physical comfort.
My last two winters in Yreka were cozy and enjoyable. I lived in a studio house that I called “my little cathedral”, for it's high ceiling and stained-glass window. It had a heat pump that was very energy efficient, and the house was clean. However, the drug runner neighborhood was bad and loud.

With my move to Southern Oregon I intended to make a new attempt at attracting like-minded people to co-found a community project. For years I've been envisioning my long-term goal of creating an Ubuntu-Contributionism community with others. Even though I met many people interested in community building, so far I haven't found any of my tribe.
People laughed at my optimism and told me that the local power players do not wish to see any such community projects of self-sufficiency and sharing. And I thought the Ashland area is considered progressive! There is no doubt, the future of “We the People” is about self-sufficiency and sharing. It seems to me the progressive Ashlanders are not empowered by their local politicians, but instead over-powered.

So I concluded the only option left is to try to find two or three special people to rent a larger house together and start practicing living as a small support group. A larger house would have a garden for growing food. As a mini support group we would be practicing self-sustainability and living in balance with Nature. In the past I've tried several times to attract two or three people who too desire to live outside the Matrix system and build a mutual support group, while at the same time honoring our individual need for privacy.

About twelve people responded to my ads, all were interested in sharing a house. However, once they checked out my blog and website I didn't hear from them again. Obviously they could not find resonance with me. Now I am focusing on finding a humble rental place just for myself, continuing my path as the hermit with the lantern.

Living outside the Matrix
It takes much effort, awareness, and sincere self-work to live outside the Matrix.
For over ten years I've been living under the radar, or in the cracks of the Matrix. I still need money for food and shelter, etc., yet I cannot thrive and prosper with nobody on my side and no support group. And yet, de-coupling or exit-ing is the way to beat the system and become a sovereign human creator.

The old is not a vibrational match to where we as humanity are going. Now is the time where forerunners and wayshowers must step forward. Those of us who endured great hardship living outside the system are able and ready to hold space for the rest of humanity as we reach critical mass towards the shifting into the New Earth.
The more we forerunners expand into new and higher realities and have this experience on behalf of the collective, the easier the transition period on Earth will be for all. By anchoring these new experiences in our consciousness we make them available to the collective. In other words, by living the changes we want to see in the world we create pathways to allow others to experience these end times with more ease and grace. This is part of the lightwork we do in serving as conduits on Earth. We are the ground crew for our galactic brothers and sisters, those benevolent alien races, who are on a mission of liberating humanity and Earth from all negatively oriented entities that have hijacked our planet.

The Machinations of the system
Many people believe we are now close to alien disclosure. Some say there will be a staged alien intrusion, orchestrated by the ruling elite or Cabal. Others say that some alien races want to withhold disclosure for another hundred years to keep us furthermore in amnesia.

Yet, at the collective unconscious level we all know that there is more to our reality than our five senses can perceive. We know we have been playing a deception game, with blindfolds on. We have been lied to forever, and our perception has been reduced and distorted through DNA manipulation. We are not the only life form in the Universe, and neither are we at the top of the food chain. The truth is that we belong to a system of myriads of invisible realities.
We are being controlled by otherworldly forces, called archons, that are not all benevolent. For millennia there have been galactic wars going on for the takeover of planet Earth. Some alien races see Earth as a farm of cosmic parasites who feed off of our emotions and energy.

We live imprisoned in a holographic Matrix system to prevent our awakening to our Divinity through our individual connection to Source. These archonic artificial intelligences have completely infiltrated our civilization. They interfere in many ways: They use veil technology to keep us in amnesia. They shut down our DNA from any perception outside our five physical senses. They quarantined planet Earth from the rest of the star nations. They installed a system of etherically implanting humanity for control and monitoring.
Archons have been using their mind control programs to steer us away from our greatness as beings of photonic light. Instead they manipulated us to behave in ways that are destructive to ourselves and to our planet. As a result we developed those character traits of hate, greed, domination, jealousy, aggression, deception, abuse, selfishness, etc. These traits cause us to vibrate and function at the lower third dimensional level, and thus emit sustenance for these parasites.

The world population is totally unaware of how conditioned and programmed they are. The people have no clue that their thinking is being manipulated by alien technology. They don't know that their beliefs, behaviors and impulses are the result of their indoctrination and conditioning, starting at birth. They never once realize throughout their lifetime that they are imprisoned and enslaved and used as life stock by interdimensional parasites and predators.

The people who are going with the mainstream are caught up in the struggle for survival, meaning they are just out for themselves and their loved ones. To them the symptoms are normal. They are not looking out to help and include others. They do not know that love and compassion can expand our human awareness.

The masses of “sheeple” never question why the world's problems don't improve. Why are there still every minute thousands of children dying of hunger and lack of clean water? Why is the majority of the world population still kept in illiteracy? Why are there now more diseases than in the past? Why keep wars being waged across the planet? Well, the reason is because everything is engineered and designed by our off-world rulers. They direct humanity towards lower states of being to emit negative emotions for their food source.

And yet this knowledge of the Matrix Control System is known throughout ancient secret societies. It is accessible and basically in the open for those who see. Once people start to awaken from the dream their perspective broadens and they begin to sense the control system.

My alien love bite story opened my senses further to the greater reality surrounding us. I learned profoundly about archon intervention and experienced directly that archonic forces need complete secrecy in order to enter our energetic fields and bodies.

I know, to people inside the Matrix system my entire Open Letter sounds like gibberish. They drop it in the category of “Conspiracy Theory”, for they have no reference points to what is said here. However, the way the words in these five pages are strung together creates codes to cause their inner being to read with them.

Once we awaken and become aware of archon interference, we can thwart them by cleansing and clearing our energy field. Again, spiritual discipline and spiritual hygiene are the keys to raising our vibration out of their reach. Now that we as the human race awaken from the dream and reclaim our sovereignty as divine creators on Earth the old adage of “Know Yourself” gains new meaning.

As a headline of the 'Heaven Letters' once said: “Smarten up, Godlings!”
Let there be Light in 2017!
Namaste, Karin Lacy


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    KarinLLightworker -- Monday, 13-February-2017 21:04:49

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