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The Purpose of The Union of The States - What Are We The United States For?

Posted By: Parisse
Date: Friday, 31-March-2017 19:57:43


I would like to share an article of mine of radical, re-directive thinking and information which was published on Ascension With Mother Earth and Operation Disclosure recently.

The Purpose of The Union of The States - What Are We The United States For?

Parisse Deza

We now stand in an unparalleled, all-American storm of contention, a creative chaos comparable to the setting of the early American Revolution. Exactly the same kinds of actions and reactions are present today, but on a much, much larger scale. A process has been catalyzed, but to what end? Let’s turn away from the commotion of external events and enter the quiet center of our situation. Let’s revisit the ideas held in mind at our beginnings so we can reestablish our direction and fulfill our destiny.

How We Began It

We live in a union of sovereign nation-states, born when thirteen new colonies gathered to create a sanctuary of freedom, based on respect for divinely bestowed free will, not to be tampered with nor infringed on, safe from the oppression of tyranny, where the people could be happy and thrive. A sanctuary of freedom. A happy people. This is what they wanted.

Why don’t we have this yet and what would make it possible? A few historical and philosophical essentials will clarify and, by the power of our willingness, facilitate the delivery of our destiny which has been on hold for a very long time. America has been stuck in the birth canal.

The first thing to do is to define who and what we are talking about.

The original name of this gathering of colonies, as per the Declaration of Independence, is: “the States of America”. The word “united” appears on the document before the name in lower case letters as an adjective, and is not part of the proper name: “the united States of America”. The colonies saw themselves, correctly, as individual, sovereign states of being comprised of sovereign individuals.

Those thirteen were separate nation-states, a term still used to mean country, that joined together for mutual benefit as a confederation. Now, we have fifty individual, sovereign countries which are still banded together in a confederation. So, the united States are not actually a country. This is the basis of an understanding of sovereignty: each of us natives was born an American state-national (the correct legal term) in the nation-state of our birth. If you were born in Connecticut, that is the nation of your birth. It is like being part of a tribe, say, the Sioux Nation. The reason for this clarification is simple: in order to have our free will respected we must remember that we, the people, are in charge as sovereign individuals over sovereign states over a sovereign confederacy, not a government-as-a-country over states, over the people, as we have now. What we have now is an upside-down pyramid.

This confederation chose to use a Republic form of government, not a democracy. One of our biggest misconceptions is that we insist on believing we have a democracy. Somehow, that word has become a synonym for equality and an enlightened, free state. The founders did not want a democracy. As Judge Anna von Reitz succinctly expressed:

“Democracy is in fact another word for Mob Rule… if 51 out of a 100 of your neighbors want to eat you for breakfast, they can”. (1)

The city-state Washington, District of Columbia, is a democracy, but it is not part of the confederation. It is a foreign entity, with its own constitution and laws, like the City of London, or Vatican City. Its original purpose was never to act as the determining body for what went on in the States, but simply to be a hub of communication thru which the States could function. Because of the stupendous fraud committed by a small group of very powerful business people, we are totally confused about the details of this and do not remember our natural place in the order. And as Thomas Paine said:

“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.”

For clarification of this scam and everything else in American history go to: http://annavonreitz.com/

Many are clamoring for the return of the Republic. We cannot have both a republic and a democracy. This is why the founders wanted the various groups of inhabitants to (s)elect the wisest to represent them. The wisest were to make decisions in the highest good of the people because the founders understood that the people sometimes do not know what is good for themselves. (Not knowing what’s good for us is more true now than then!) So, in effect, our Republic is a “parent-ocracy”.

And what rule of law were those people disposed to use?

The original guiding document for the States, which has never been repealed, came together in 1781 and was called The Articles of Confederation, “The Articles” for short. (The famous “Constitution”, around which there is MUCH heated discussion, was not what the members of Congress had gathered to create in 1789. Their specific intention was to comb out The Articles, to fine tune and finish it. But this plan went awry. This is a neglected fact in American history; the creation of the Constitution seems to have been an event born of devious machinations. According to Nathan Griffith, an associate professor of political science at Belmont University: “They were supposed to meet to make amendments to the Articles of Confederation but ended up with a whole new form of government. Not just a new constitution, but a whole new form of government.“ (2)

For a detailed examination of this most important topic, see the article by Alan J. Painter: http://www.taroscopes.com/miscellanous-pages/artconfed.pdf ).

The Articles was the pure vision for the governing of the confederacy and outlined its premises. It is from that document that comes the true law of the land: Common Law.

How We Lost It

Before 1938, when “color of law”, meaning the present, fraudulent, statutory regulation, commercial law system was instituted, we still used Common Law and were still considered sovereigns. Without a large discourse on how we got lost from the time of the so-called Civil War, for which I refer you again to Anna von Reitz, suffice it to say that we progressively fell out of the use of Common Law, from the time of Abe Lincoln (not what he appeared to be)(3) to 1938 and Franklin Roosevelt (who bankrupted the country and stole all the gold in 1933, also not what he appeared to be), when the Supreme Court said, in effect, through its judgments: “Because there is no real money, there is no real law.” (4)

After ’38, Common Law was ignored in favor of statutory regulations, and real people became corporate fictions, ghosts on paper, the property of the state, the chattel of a commercial law -based court system which found it inconvenient to remember what sovereignty is, and we had to start buying “privileges” from a government corporation, instead of being respected for having automatic, natural, unalienable rights. It was at this point that our society fully shifted from being responsibility-oriented to being blame-oriented.

And that’s how, and why, we got to where we are now. It was a psycho-spiritual shift in which we had progressively relinquished our free will, with the help of a few psychopaths who wanted to take over the world. The country was financially bankrupt because we were spiritually bankrupt. No integrity = no self-worth = no value = no gold.

Common law, in short, means this: If there is no harm, there is no crime.


That’s our real law because it emulates divine law.

We are free to do anything we want as long as what we are doing is not actually, in reality, causing harm. Not made-up harm, not potential harm. In fact harm. This is organic, spiritual law, not open to interpretation. Not, “free to do what you want, as long as you don’t upset me”. Not, “free to do what you want, as long as you don’t, under certain circumstances I can’t even think of right now, harm me”. It is unstipulated, uninfringed upon freedom. If I take my shirt off in public and someone freaks out, I have not committed a crime. If they force me to put my shirt back on because they don’t like the feelings they are having, they have committed a crime.

Today, we have almost totally conditioned out of ourselves the understanding that we are free, by nature. We now have, as the rule, exactly the opposite of what the founders of our confederation had in mind when they created it. What we have is, in fact, exactly what The States was created to prevent happening: a policed state, rule by force, oppression. We have “law enforcement officers” to stop us from breaking laws designed almost exclusively to preempt imagined harm, instead of peacekeepers whose job is to protect sovereigns from infringement.

The difference in systems is that the first is the state of a victim, based on paranoia, irresponsibility, and lack of trust in the divine plan, and as such is actually a delusional state in which one imagines harm that is not really happening. The second is the state of a creator, based on confidence, self-responsibility and trust in the innate goodness of human nature, which was the foundational thinking of those who created The States. (It is interesting to note here that “the U.S.A. inc.” has more laws than anyplace else on Earth, while simultaneously having a larger percentage of its population in jail than anyplace else. Our belief in crimeless, “victimless”, crimes has victimized our society.)

Here is the one, true, overarching, fundamental, guiding principle, the spiritual law:

Thou shalt not infringe on the free will of another.

“Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you” covers all possible, actual crimes.

Free will is total freedom as a spiritual truth, unalienable. And it is an awareness of oneself in relationship with other selves, and the Universe, and it supersedes any human laws. If you are considering doing something and it violates the guiding principle, then you are about to commit a transgression. We shouldn’t need a government to make sure this is respected; it is our responsibility to be true to our nature, and as long as we are willing to pay attention, everyone knows the difference between right and wrong. It is for this reason that we must ultimately conclude that, when in our right minds, operating from our true nature, we need no government at all.

The guiding principle reflects the purpose the divine has for us: a peaceful, healthy society with flexible guidelines, based on open communication, which makes “good faith” agreements (not contracts which bind, and therefore are a form of slavery and an expression, literally, of black magic). A healthy society is a culture that does not have an artificial, coercive, “retributive justice” -based legal structure generated from fear that tries to control behavior through the use of pre-emptive strikes.

Allowing each other complete freedom presents the greatest challenge for the ego, because then we are forced to take responsibility for our lives rather than blame others for what we are experiencing. If we really intend to call ourselves sovereign beings creating our own reality, we will have to let go entirely of scapegoating. This is the whole point of our new age: we come back into unity and peace-full coexistence by forsaking duality and separation in which we attack each other. Peace outside comes from peace inside.

And this is why America has yet to escape the womb: the colonists were not spiritually mature enough to match the visionary level of the founders, so they couldn’t act as true sovereigns; sovereignty has to be maintained. From that time, self-rule, and thus, Common Law, freedom, and with them the economy, had eroded to such a point that by the early 1900s Americans were screaming to the government to be saved. This is what caused the rapacious Federal Reserve Bank to come to power. Americans actually called for it. (5)

How We Get It Back

So, for those who say they want to return to the Republic, but want laws to stop others from smoking cannabis because they might drive crazy and hit them, (or any other made-up, paranoid nonsense) I say: Do the inner work and get over it, because we have no right to control the behavior of anyone but ourselves! Trying to control others’ behavior is cowardly, war-like and irresponsible, and is not the behavior of a sovereign creator who trusts them-self or their divine Source. It’s just plain not loving.

If we think there can be a lasting Global Currency Reset and a return to the freedom of the original Republic without a spiritual awakening that would return us to Common Law and the total respect (and enjoyment!) of everyone’s sovereignty, we are deluding ourselves. It is impossible to have an external reset without having an internal one first because it would have no foundation, no root to secure its growth. And that takes the willingness to be completely honest and responsible for one’s creations.

One final sacred cow to slaughter: The States of America are not only not a country, they are not a Christian country. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are a non-denominational, neutral entity, meant to be a haven for the expression of free thought and the practice of any religious or spiritual system. We used to be fond of saying that we have a separation of church and state here, didn’t we?

Remember, those who started this place were not Christians. In fact, some, like Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, were quite outspoken about how destructive Christian thinking can be. They were, in fact, mostly Freemasons. So get over it. (6)

Paine summed up his excellent philosophy in one terse, beautiful, loving statement:

“The world is my country, and my religion is to do good.”

We were designed to be, and are about to become, a free, humanitarian-based, Aquarian society, (7) and we will be done with the strange, outrageous, disempowering situation of some people having to get the approval and permission of other people before they can do what they want to do.

When Donald Trump took office one of the first things he did was to have the portrait of Andrew Jackson rehung there. Jackson, a Freemason leader, disintegrated the criminal central bank of his time that was fleecing the people, and he settled the national debt that had accrued from their conniving.

Donald also hung gold curtains in the office in place of the red ones. I think he is exchanging blood for value, and that he symbolizes us making the choice to renew our spiritual sovereignty and to “gold-back” ourselves.

How We Can Live It

Our purpose can be fulfilled only if we become willing to give up fearing and trying to control each other and what will come next, unify, and take responsibility by trusting the good in ourselves and the divine plan the founders believed in when they affirmed that freedom was self-evident.

Can we imagine living where we feel safe knowing no delusional person in a uniform with a hard-on for control is going to stop us in the act of driving because we are going five miles an hour faster than they think we should? Can we imagine feeling secure knowing that no misguided fellow human somewhere is going to take our money from our bank account and give it to a criminal organization, and then tell us that we are the criminals?

Can we suspend our normal thinking now to imagine what it would feel like to be safe in this world?

Take a moment to imagine the peace that would give us. It is peace that is the foundation of happiness, freedom, and prosperity.

We need to imagine that, for that is our purpose and destiny.

Are we up to it?

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

(1) Judge Anna von Reitz, http://annavonreitz.com/beingstupidpart20.pdf:

… generations of Americans have been taught (wrongly) that they live in a "democracy" and fed the impression that "democracy is good" and that we should be committed to "spreading democracy" throughout the world. Democracy is in fact another word for Mob Rule, which fundamentally disrespects the value of individual lives and unalienable rights and the existence of private assets. It is the antithesis of the republican government we are owed and equally the enemy of any true monarchy. In a democracy, if 51 out of a 100 of your neighbors want to eat you for breakfast, they can. It is, again, a nasty, brutal, pagan, retrograde form of government that cannot be logically defended in modern times and is in fact yet another excuse that the perpetrators offer for their crimes----the false claim that we ever knowingly offered to live in a "democracy" when we are owed a republican form of government.

(2) http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-22/how-tennessee-could-be-about-start-constitutional-crisis

(3) Dr. Steve Pieczenik: http://stevepieczenik.com/the-truth-about-the-civil-war/

(4) https://johnhenryhill.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/everything-you-know-about-the-united-states-and-its-laws-is-wrong-the-united-states-is-not-the-united-states-of-america/

1938 – The U.S. Supreme Court’s Erie Railroad Company v Tompkins, 304 U.S. 64 (1938), decision made contracts the rule in the courts. This ruling voided the long-standing . Swift v. Tyson, 16 Pet. 1, 41 U. S. 18 (1842) No other law or court decisions prior to 1938 could be cited in future court cases. In effect, Erie Railroad Company v Tompkins made contracts [contract law or UCC-Admiralty Law; NOT the Common Law and the Constitution] the rule in the courts under the Commercial (Negotiable Instruments) Act. The Supreme Court ruled that all federal cases will be judged under the Negotiable Instruments Law. There would be no more decisions based on the Common Law at the federal level. Prior to 1938, the Supreme Court was dealing with Public Law, that is, the Common Law codified as statutes. Since 1938, the Supreme Court has dealt with Public Policy, that is private commercial law created through contracts.

(5) “The Panic of 1907” was a financial coup of huge proportions orchestrated by the robber barons of the time, led by J.P. Morgan, for the purpose of scaring Americans into allowing the creation of a central, privately-owned bank, The Federal Reserve, to take control of the money. They promised they would be able to keep the economy balanced, but their real plan was to do just what has happened since: totally destroy the American economy and defeat the people. Morgan’s primary bankroller was the Rothschild family in Europe.

(6) On The Origin of Freemasonry by Thomas Paine: https://archive.org/details/ThomasPaineOnTheOriginOfFreeMasonry

And also: http://www.rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/Psychology/mashist.htm

(7) It is important to understand that the term “new age” has been skewed to mean an “ism”, a religion, or set of beliefs and practices. This is misleading. The New Age is a time on Earth, an era or cycle. Therefore, everyone alive right now is, technically, a “new-ager”, including all the modern Christians.


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