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Date: Tuesday, 18-April-2017 18:12:48


If you doubt there is a genocide socialist depopulation agenda, read the proofs #one to #ten below.
TWO Chemical warfare agents banned by the whole world is made from ingredients in the foods you eat! Dare to find out? Want to protect your kids?
Here is just one proof to interest you to read it all.

The natural cures for Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Liver Cancer, Herpes and many other illnesses have been hidden from you. First, understand that Mother Nature can kill all 1000 types of Microscopic blood parasites and all large worm parasites.
Hepatitis C and B, and Herpes and many other illnesses are caused by blood parasites. All parasites die in your blood and body and leave their dead cells even in your eyes and brain, and they in turn produce viruses and infections everywhere that cause other illnesses -- that is the real cause of HERPES.
In the outbreak of genital herpes and within the lesions or blisters and in the fluid filled sac or cyst, there are millions of microscopic blood parasites ready to be spread to another person.
Hepatitis C is caused by a microscopic blood parasite; it lays up to 4000 eggs every day and it is cured by killing the Liver Fluke parasite. All other parasites can be killed this way.
All plagues in the world were caused by microscopic blood parasites.
The Black Death bubonic plague; 1918 Spanish Flu; 2009 swine flu pandemic; HIV/AIDS; The Plague of Justinian; The Antonine Plague; Cholera; Influenza; Typhus; Smallpox; Measles; Tuberculosis Leprosy; Malaria; Yellow fever; Zika virus; Ebola; Flesh Eating Bacteria; Typhus etc., and many other illnesses.

FACT-- In the USA and/or in the world, one out of four people have large worm parasites such as hook worms, tape worms, round worms, etc., and every person in the world has at least one of the 1000 types of Protozoa and/or microscopic blood parasite.
That is why the Collectivists want to cover this up. When you add poisons, GMOs, fluorides, heavy metal poisons, toxic vaccines, coal tar based vitamins and deadly chemicals to all our foods, water, plants, food animals, it is no wonder that millions are sick and/or dying because of these evil sub-humans.

BLACK WALNUT HULLS - kills the adult stages of the parasites.
WORMWOOD - Capsules kills the larval stages of the parasites
COMMON CLOVES - Capsules kills the parasite eggs.

However, Dr. Clark does not tell you that just one parasite lays many thousands of eggs in just one day. He also does not help teach or explain that these dead cells from parasites must be removed, in order to cleanse all parts of your body, if you are going to do a complete parasite detoxification cleansing. The drugs that are still letting hundreds of thousands of Americans die only treat the symptoms caused by the viruses from the extremely toxic waste matter caused by millions or billions of dead parasites and eggs.

FACT: All sick people have heavy metal poisons and/or toxic chemicals in their blood. That can be proven by taking a Hair Analysis test. In addition, their ratio of minerals and vitamins is unbalanced, which creates a NON-ABSORPTION of nutrients.
The proof is easy to find, take the test and discover the lies of the medical profession and the deadly symptom drug industry.

In the beginning of your treatment, you must maintain an "Alkaline Acid Balance Diet" above 7.4 to 9.0. All Microscopic blood, Protozoa and large worm parasites love acidic (junk) food and GMO foods based diets and a low blood acid level below 6.0.
This method will also kill cancer cells. By increasing the pH of cancer cells to a range above 7.5 TO 9.0, they will revert to a normal cellular apoptosis cycle (programmed cell death). Cancer cells will die if they can be pushed into a high alkaline, oxygenated state.
Also know that all parasites, all toxins, poisons, GMO foods, and chemicals have a positive charge [low oxygen]. When you raise your blood and/or diet PH to a negative charge [high oxygen], you will kill, and detox all the harmful things the collectivists put into you.

Then eat garlic, lemons, onions, all citrus fruits, and always use a pinch of ground cloves when you cook, and take 3 to 5 drops of Natural Iodine a day. Do not use IODIDE, which is toxic and chemical based. To remove the virus causing waste matter, take minimum 1/2 teaspoon to one tablespoon of Bentonite Clay, and 1000 MG to no more than 5000 mg, of Chlorella a day.
This way you are killing the TRUE AND REAL CAUSE of Hepatitis C, B, and Herpes.

PLEASE -- Go to the other proofs supplied.




INDIVIDUALISTS: (Patriots, Conservatives, Republicans) believe that an individual’s life belongs to the person, and that the person has an inalienable right to act according to his own judgment; the individual is sovereign, calls himself a FREEMAN or even an AMERICAN STATE NATIONAL and is the basic unit of moral concern. He is an end in himself, not the means to the ends of others. He is the "I AM"

COLLECTIVISTS: (Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, and Communists) is the "mental attitude" and/or racial drive or hive attitude that life and LIBERTY, and their assets belongs not to the person, but to the group or society of which he/she is only a part. The individual has no rights of her/his own and he/she must sacrifice her/his beliefs and goals for the “greater good” of the group. For collectivists, the group, not the individual, is the basic unit of moral concern.
Collectivists hate Christ and/or God and always secretly practice Pedophilia and Satanism. I need not supply proof, as you will see it in our schools and in our government.
Mentally they are BORGS ("Star Trek" race of hive mind beings) or just another hive BUG in the collective. He/She is the "WE ARE"

When you hear a Borg talk his BS or narrative on any subject, always remember what he is and you will see the collectivism show itself. Remember all HIVE minds are alike.

The mind of a collectivist is as foreign to us, as is the mind of a SOCIOPATH. To us, each individual life is valuable and sacred, but to a HIVE MIND, it is not. One or more lives are disposable at any time for whatever reason for the greater good of the hive. If you see a bug surrounded by INDIVIDUALISTS, he will suffer an agony in his mind, because their strength is weakened away from his fellow bugs.


When an illegal alien and/or psychopath kills an American "individualist", the hive protects and defends the illegal alien because the OPEN BORDERS AGENDA is for their greater good; in order to increase their numbers to create a GLOBAL HIVE or "New World Order". The Hive protects and defends the psychopath and blames (object) "THE GUN" for all crimes and yells for more GUN CONTROL!!!
The life of an innocent child and/or woman and/or decapitated adult or child etc., is meaningless to the HIVE MIND, his Bleeding Heart Liberal agenda and duty is to the criminal, illegal alien or psychopath only. The collectivist agenda is his only concern! In a courtroom you will always see the criminal, rapist, murderer, etc., get a very light sentence. (see YouTube video below for proof)

FACT: It is my belief that God created sub-races in "mental states" within the greater race called HUMAN BEINGS. He created five sub-races - 1. Individualists 2. Psychopaths 3. Sociopaths 4. Homosexuals (of all types) and last are the 5. Collectivists - who have been part of the human race since time began. These sub-races of humankind come in all colors, races, religions, nationalities, and genders. Their minds have been foreign to each other and have been the cause of all man's inhumanity to each other because they are indeed sub-races of the human race.

All the "liberals" or "Progressives" in the Democratic Party and many in the Republican Party (R.I.N.O.s) are Collectivists. Being a common Democrat or homosexual is not the same as being a real Collectivist. These non-collectivists are socialist sympathizers because they knowingly, intentionally agree with the sociopathic socialist slow-kill genocidal depopulation agenda and are against the self-protection rights that we have.
The socialist sympathizers who call or think of themselves as liberals/progressives, commit suicide in the legal field or in government jobs in large numbers, because they run against the "Conscience Barrier" which will cause them to regret their crimes, frauds, disloyalty, treason etc., to such an extent that they are unable to live with themselves.

1. Please take notice - . WE ARE NOW AT WAR! Today the power has been in the socialists' side because of the Rothschilds and the other 13-collectivist bloodlines. (Research Rothschild Banking Dynasty and the 13 bloodlines) The Astor Bloodline The Bundy Bloodline The Collins Bloodline The DuPont Bloodline The Freeman Bloodline The Kennedy Bloodline The Li Bloodline The Onassis Bloodline The Rockefeller Bloodline The Rothschild Bloodline The Russell Bloodline The Van Duyn Bloodline The Merovingian Bloodline

However, you cannot defeat them or their depopulation agenda, unless you know about their HIVE MINDS. To take back control of the world and/or our country, we need to remember who and what we are dealing with. Continue to study and research the Hive Mind and their sociopathic socialist depopulation agenda.

DO NOT FIGHT Against the Jews, Blacks, Common Unsuspecting Democrats, Foreigners, Homosexuals, Muslims, or Mexicans, because they are just innocent pawns in the collectivist game. The fight must be against the COLLECTIVISTS ONLY. They are THE REAL ENEMIES. Expose them, remove them from office and jobs, sue them, and learn how they think and we will be free of their hive mind agenda.
Peace can be brought to the world again, if you learn to expose the true enemy that has been hidden right in front of your eyes.
Few people know that real collectivists - as a group, are not more populous than Gays, Psychopaths and sociopaths; because any one these - greatly outnumber all the collectivists in the world. That is why they need their blacks, Mexicans, radical Muslims and deceived democrats to help get the amount of votes to control the world.

The collectivists are born in MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL vibration within their group, as if all were brothers and feel as they are a family. They instinctively know their brothers when they meet and that is their only strength. Separated they are the weakest emotionally and mentally of all human beings and the most dishonest bugs in the world. "Individualists" are like TIGERS and can survive and thrive alone; the collectivist can't prosper without his "HIVE".
However, they have a mental and emotional flaw, researched by staff members of the Church (cult) of Scientology, on how to do "BLACK DIANECTICS", and use the illegal "FAIR GAME" TACTIC on any collectivist or opponent, to cause them to become "foreign" to his own people and/or cause their own downfall. They have discovered that using their dangerous and unethical Black Dianectics, Fair Game attack policy and "communication cycle" and/or training routine in a session will "internalize an unsuspecting collectivist so completely that they will RUN away from you in total fear and maybe commit suicide, and/or forever fear any further communication from you. However, Black Dianectics and Fair Game was/is still used by the evil cult while a person was only in "SESSION"; but in a public conversation in front of many people, with any Collectivist, you can do the same (but with no lasting harm), Want to learn more?
The Cult of $cientology claims that all illnesses in the world comes from opponents of Scientology and/or very bad people. They deny ALL other causes of illnesses.
The collectivists accuse every opponent to their New World Order Global Hive as being racist and xenophobic, reckless and dangerous. However, it is a fact that as a sub-race, they are haters of the majority of the world, that is why they always blame the woman or child for being raped, the innocent homeowner for the home invasion, etc., and it is proven by their sociopathic socialist depopulation agenda.



Proof # One
As proof of just one example of the socialists' depopulation agenda is in the Vaccine Industry. Today, our children receive 60 mandatory vaccinations. Our children have the highest rates of: Autism, Asthma, ADHD, Depression, Suicides and many other illnesses in the world. Many vaccines cause blood clots in the heart and lungs, blindness, paralysis, brain damage, death anaphylactic shock, loss of muscle use and seizures, heart disease, obesity, dementia, diabetes, cancer, liver failure, severe headaches, constipation, nausea, brain fog and extreme abdominal pains.
The collectivists call the vaccines, GMO foods, fluorides, formaldehyde, heavy metal poisons in all our foods and water etc., as their "SLOW-KILL GENOCIDE" method.

Nonessential heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and aluminum are poisonous to cardiovascular, nervous, hematopoietic, immunological, and gastrointestinal systems. Additionally, they can cause kidney dysfunction, anemia, liver toxicity, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Because of chemical similarities, these heavy metals (such as Cadmium) also act as effective competitors for (such as Zinc) essential metals and/or minerals and interact with several (displacement) metal transporters causing disruption of various physiological functions. Therefore, it is imperative to develop a potential and safe detoxifying agent for the treatment of poisonous metal intoxication.
All of the vaccines made in the USA, contain high amounts of aluminum salts, Aluminum hydroxide, mercury and mercury preservatives and formaldehyde.
Aluminum hydroxide is a known neurotoxin that has been linked to brain neuron death in animals; Ethyl-mercury (just 25 mcg of Thimerosal) has been linked to brain damage in animal studies. Vaccines for dogs and cats will make them unpredictable, vicious and dangerous to leave around infants. Dogs that have been adopted from shelters have been in the news for killing too many children.
Fact that most people miss is that pets can't tell you how they feel and if you don't know anything about a hair analysis test, to expose if they are poisoned, they will die faster and/or become sick, when poisoned with heavy metal poisons -- see attachment called "Toxic Sheet".
Give the dogs or any animal chlorella to remove the vaccine poisons or all other poisons or toxins. There are other substances you can use for Chelation therapy, but Chlorella is the safest preferred medical treatment for metal poisoning, including acute mercury, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, lead, uranium, plutonium and other forms of toxic metal poisoning.
Vaccines for babies, kids and adults have up to 200 mcg of Thimerosal and all vaccines have Inorganic aluminum hydroxide; which is a deadly heavy metal poison - such as: Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium. All infant formulas have high amounts of inorganic aluminum, enough to combine with mercury, lead and fluorides to damage the brains of our children. When in a hair analysis chart you find two or more heavy metal poisons, it is a guarantee to cause many brain related illnesses and thousands of deaths each year.


Bookmark/Copy and save this link: http://www.pipingrock.com/?rwcode=AAHK46

Type in "Chlorella 1000 mg"; Chlorella is the most natural and safest form of detoxification protocol to remove all heavy metal poisons. It will also remove Fluorides that come from the wastes of manufacturing of aluminum! In addition, it will remove GMO toxins, and toxins from irradiated foods, and the other thousands of chemicals in all our foods, plants and water. Example: Chocolates and all cigarettes now come with the poisons called cadmium and lead! Beers and wines, and all chicken meats have arsenic in them! All infant formulas made in the USA have aluminum as a common ingredient.

To remove specific heavy metal poisons you can combine chlorella with: Modified Citrus Pectin, Magnesium Malate, Zinc, and natural Kelp in pill form. The methods to save your kids are on the internet and on Patriot websites. Look up "Nutritional Balancing" and Dr. Lawrence Wilson to improve every part of your life.

Chlorella will remove all illegal and legal drugs and medications from your system. Do not use it if your medications are vital for your health. If your kids are taking illegal drugs, to save their lives, give it to them and say that it is a vitamin. It won't be a lie, because Chlorella is also a SUPER FOOD. Take Chlorella slowly, as it can constipate you; increase the amount watching to keep from being constipated. Or take some SENNA seed pills that will prevent being clogged.


Proof # TWO - FDA banned Canola Oil for human consumption in 1956; Canola Oil with more than 3% erucic acid is banned in many countries today. It was previously called "Rapeseed" oil, the infamous chemical warfare agent "MUSTARD GAS" was made with high levels of Erucic Acid Rapeseed. Canola oil was used as an industrial oil and has been used in candles, soaps, lipsticks, lubricants, insecticides, inks, bio-fuels, rubber, ink and varnish. In fact, you can use it in place of Diesel fuel even today.
The slow-kill genocidal depopulation agenda of using Canola has been verified to cause kidney, liver, heart damage - fibrotic lesions of the heart (Keshan disease).
In addition, consumption of industrial, polyunsaturated oils—particularly corn oil and soybean oil, which contain the deadly poison Glyphosate —was strongly associated with numerous inflammatory health problems, including heart disease and cancer.

Canola oil is a poisonous substance, industrial oil that does not belong in the body. It contains Hemagglutinins and toxic cyanide-containing glycocides; that causes mad cow disease, blindness, nervous disorders, clumping of blood cells and depression of the immune system. It is the most deadly insecticide in the world, allergies to canola have a variety of symptoms–tremors, shaking, palsy, vitamin E deficiency which causes ED, lung cancer, lack of coordination, slurred speech, memory problems, blurred vision, problems with urination, numbness and tingling in the extremities, and heart arrhythmias–that cleared up on discontinuance of canola.

As further proof, if you want to kill any insect, just use my formula: Mix two parts oil, to one part white vinegar and one cup dish-washing liquid to break up the oil. Spray any bug and they will die.

Proof # two: Put/rub the oil on your legs and walk into any FLEA infested house, and within one minute that the flea lands on you, they will fall off dead. It will also kill bed bugs and ticks.
Proof # three: Put one cup of oil on a fire-ant infested ground, the workers will remove the sand, continue to add oil until all the workers are dead and the Queen will die.
Proof # Four - Glyphosate (N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine) -- Seven Ways GMOs Poison Animals, Plants, and Soil. This is proof that our pets are targeted for an early death, when if not poisoned they would live to grow much older.
Proof # Five - The true potential life span of dogs is NOT 10 to 15 years, but up to 20 to 25 years. Our pets are dying faster ONLY because of the GMO pet foods and toxic heavy metal poisons we feed them. See attached file to learn more about Heavy metal poisons.

Proof # Six - All vaccines have heavy metal poisons, and many have DNA FROM ABORTED FETUS TISSUE! -- Fetal tissues are not destroyed, buried or cremated by "Planned Parenthood", the best body parts are separated and the best corpses of aborted babies are sold to Vaccine companies and even to secret societies by "Planned Parenthood".

This Collectivist owned, monster baby killer even sells body parts and baby blood for Satanist Rituals. In these rituals, the collectivists eat YOUR aborted babies in the name of SATAN.

Proof # Seven - The collectivists have banned natural Iodine in the past from being used or sold, and have even labeled it as a poison. Why? Because it saves LIVES! My friend who is a nurse asked me to help her in the hospital where she worked, to stop the infections that were rampant in her ward. Here is a simple formula I gave her.
Mix one drop of NATURAL IODINE to one ounce of WHITE VINEGAR. Let it stand for one hour and clean your owns hands and clean the open wounds and sores of the patient. She told me she could not use this because she was told, she would be fired if #1 -- it worked, #2 -- the other nurses found out about, and #3, the families found out that it was banned from use. Because thousands have died from hospital infections -- because of the agenda of the collectivists.

ALL GMOs made, sold, planted, produced in the USA, contain the deadly poison Glyphosate: Corn, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Wheat, Soy Oil, Soy Beans, Canola Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Sugar Beet, Papayas, Squash, and Alfalfa, are slow-kill poisons, and each has their own associated illnesses.

Proof # Eight -- 90 percent of nutrients are UNNATURAL and harmful. The collectivists have out-lawed and totally banned you from walking into a store and buying 100% plant-derived food based nutrients such as these brands: Standard Process Labs, Youngevity, Metagenics.

You can ONLY buy or order them online, no matter the company that sells them.
All artificial, synthetic or chemically produced "NUTRIENTS" are made from derivatives of petroleum oils and coal tar in chemical plants, while the minerals come from mining companies. Synthetic minerals are derived from rocks such as limestone, coral, oyster shell, sand, and chalk.

The collectivist manufacturers can claim "natural" on their nutritional products if at least 10 percent of the product comes from natural food sources.
Every Pregnant mother is intentionally denied the chance to be born with a totally healthy baby. If a mother ever knew that the pre-natal nutrients were a scam, fraud and swindle intentionally designed based upon the collectivists' SLOW-KILL GENOCIDE depopulation agenda; they would revolt and take action now, as you need to do.

All pre-natal nutrients are prescribed by allopathic MDs who only treat the symptoms of any illness and fail to address the real cause of the illness or underlying disease.
The Organic Consumers Organization recommends looking for products that contain "100 percent plant-based" or "100 percent animal-based" on the product's label.



Proof # Nine -- The collectivists in our government has banned Natural doctors (homeopathy and naturopathy), from ordering any kind of blood work or any kind of intensive medical tests from Labs; or from being able to prescribe from a pharmacy, any natural drug, herb, product etc., that actually cures the true cause of any illness, and will prosecute any Naturalist if they dare to claim that there other god-given remedies that can cure us. Allopathic doctors kill more than five (5) to six (6) hundred thousand people a year. Natural doctors have never killed one person!
Proof # Ten (10) -- Chemical warfare agent, banned in all countries called Sarin gas, is made from Hydrogen fluoride; it is a gas form of the fluoride in our water and foods we eat. Also, remember that Fluoride [aka Sodium Fluoride] is made from the wastes products from Aluminum manufacturing. Complete ingredients are these -- Dimethyl Methylphosphonate, Phosphorus Trichloride, Sodium [salt] Fluoride, And Alcohol. Remember the Mustard gas made from Canola Oil?
Can you see the truth now?
The link will save your life -- copy and save it!

Ignore the racist title -- the Clues of the history of how the collectivism agenda was formed and/or how the Hive Mind people were hidden from us.
This will prove to you that the collectivists are truly the enemies of the Human Race.


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