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Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Posted By: KarinLLightworker
Date: Wednesday, 2-August-2017 15:30:55

Open Letter to President Donald Trump
by KarinLLightworker

Homage to the Whistleblowers

Dear President Trump;
Hi, my name is Karin Lacy. I am a German immigrant. Twenty-five years ago I was guided from within to go to California to serve there as a Lightworker for America. Soon after I began writing Open Letters in which I documented my experience as a Lightworker.
Mr. President, please may you now assume and hold your overview-perspective in order to read this letter, otherwise it will come across as nonsense.
As a foreigner I have the advantage that I experienced three different political systems of power and control throughout my life:
I was born right after World War II in East Germany and conditioned and educated in the totalitarian German Democratic Republic.
At age 27 I risked my life by escaping over the border to West Germany, the most dominating imperialistic nation in Europe. If the East Germans had caught me I would have been prosecuted as a case of high treason. But since the escape succeeded they congratulated and rewarded me on the other side, in West Germany, with a welcome check of 150 Deutsche Mark. (smile)

In 1991 I came as an immigrant to America, which is globally seen as the superpower and bully of the world.
All political systems have in common that the people are programmed to fear their government and its authorities, down to the micro-managing level.

I live outside of society, as much as is possible. From the 3D point of view I do much of my work at home on my pillow, when I go to the “night shift” in my Light Body. We are millions of gridworkers in service of creating the New Earth in the frequency range of the fifth dimension.
As Lightworkers we came as volunteers from many different places in the Universe. We serve as anchors or satellite dishes for the higher cosmic energies now flooding the planet and than reverberate these energies into the collective. We are raising the vibration of the planet through ourselves. In other words, we are living the change that we want to see in the world. Our intent is to serve as wayshowers and mapmakers for our brothers and sisters. We practice living in the moment and Joy – not Money as in the old world – is our measurement of how we are doing. Our work is our play.

Homage to the Whistleblowers
Dear President Trump, in my role as a Lightworker for America I would like to start my Open Letter with a homage to the whistleblowers.
Allow me to give you a brief rundown and summary of what the whistleblowers from all areas of life brought to light, especially over the last ten years, thanks to the global Internet community. In the past I called them “enlightened experts”, however, the term Whistleblower has become common. They are among the best a people can wish to bring forth. They deeply care about their fellow humans. They strive to live from the heart, that is why they are truth lovers. They openly share the hidden and forbidden knowledge that they gained in their field of expertise in order to open our eyes to the wrongdoings that are happening in the world.
I admire all these courageous truth seekers who blow the whistle to inform and awaken the public about the crimes happening in banking, politics, religion, military, etc. They are highly evolved beings who carry an innate knowing that they are here by contract. They are on a mission to assist humanity in transitioning through the Shift of the Ages, from the Dark Age to the Golden Age.
All whistleblowers know that life as a “truther” equals living dangerous in society. They are feared by 'the powers that be', for they are awakeners of humanity. Many have been killed by the supersoldier-assassins of the cabal/global elite/illuminati. Many are incarcerated and kept silent. The cabal-owned media call them “conspiracy theorists” as a clever way of dismissing their messages.
The whistleblowers of the world, and especially in the U.S.A. where the concentration of the dark force players is the greatest, are opening our eyes, individually and collectively, by forcing us to look at our proverbial “skeletons in our collective closet”. As the human family we cannot move onward and upward in our ascension journey without looking at, cleaning, cleansing, and purging that which must be left behind, for we are now creating the New Earth of fifth dimensional frequency.

Creating a new paradigm of existence
Dear Mr. President; I don't know whether or to which degree you are aware that we are living through monumental change. We, the human race, are presently transitioning into a higher level of existence, known as Heaven on Earth and Golden Age, prophesied as the thousand years of peace.
Many people are completely oblivious to what is going on in the world. Others are perceiving our present time as a living nightmare. In the years ahead we could see even more upheaval, disaster, and chaos for the necessary breakdown of the old structures. This shifting process requires us to let go of the old that does not serve us any longer and instead embrace a higher perception of reality.

I will be so bold as to sum up within only seven pages what the whistleblowers taught us, especially over the last ten years, about the history of planet Earth and humanity - up to the present.
My 7-page report/briefing with ten categories will be without any names, quotes or proof. I am not the source of the information; I merely compose it here as a “Document for Change.”
Mr. President, you may view it as a special briefing that you would not get from any adviser in your administration. (smile)

“Document for Change” (with 10 categories)
:::Galactic History:::
Planet Earth has been involved in cosmic wars throughout our galaxy for billions of years. Many times human civilizations have been seeded on Earth by those galactics who won the wars.
Humanity has been kept in darkness for a very long time. Our world is based on deception, lies, and manipulation. We are not on top of the food chain.
The galactic parasites known as archons, claim that they have been in existence before the human race; they see themselves as superior to humans which entitles them to interfere with us. These parasitic off-wolders come under many other names, such as annunaki, reptilians, demons, djinn, satan, malevolent ET races, etc. In legend and religion they are known as our gods.
Their intent is to keep the human race existing down at the low third density level, for that energy is their sustenance, their food. These galactic parasites see themselves as our overlords; they are at the root of our mental and physical enslavement.
We are an experiment. We are genetically engineered; our DNA blueprint has been altered by our creator gods. It is said that our genetic makeup is of 12 different ET races.
We exist in a holographic illusion, or simulation, or Matrix system for the harvesting of our energy. Planet Earth is a farm. We are programmed into victim-consciousness of a slave race.
Like prison inmates we maintain our own imprisonment. The parasitic off-worlders keep us down at the low 3D level of existence in order to feed off of the slave emotions that we emanate, such as fear, anger, hate, unworthiness, etc.
We are wearing the Veil of Amnesia, which is alien technology, to keep us asleep. The galactics call Earth a prison planet, they refer to life on Earth as “Hell”. The energy fence around our planet is to keep us in quarantine, separated from the star nations. We are programmed to believe that we on Earth are the only life in the cosmos.
We have been partially disconnected from Source; we function with less than five percent of our capacity; we run on one double strand of DNA, with the rest laid dormant, the so-called junk DNA. Our all-seeing third eye, the pineal gland, has been in part deactivated, and our ability of Telepathy laid dormant. As our creator gods’ heritage we got the Reptilian portion in our brains. It is the Reptilian portion of our brain that makes us only think in terms of the struggle for survival of the fittest. The struggle-for-survival part overrides the creative human portion of the brain that conceives beyond daily life and guides us to our capabilities of feeling, creative expression, compassion, cooperation with others, all those traits of Love that connect us with Source.
We were implanted with etheric microchips when we entered the Earth incarnation cycle. Our paradigm of existence is founded on a small set of self-perpetuating thought-forms within the framework of birth and death; it keeps us humans locked in the density of the third dimension, bound to the wheel of karma, lifetime after lifetime.
We were designed to forget how to nurture ourselves through our connection with Source or Father/Mother/God. As a result we developed into a parasitic civilization. A dog-eats-dog world. We learned to prey and feed of each others' energy in myriads of ways.

The galactic overlords mingled with the human race. Their human descendants call themselves a “breakaway civilization” and claim that they are of royal bloodline, thus they are entitled to rule over humanity.
Our global ruling elite – those in the limelight and those behind the curtain - are being controlled as well by the inter-dimensional beings who think they own planet Earth. These off-worlders control all of humanity's endeavors. They are the handlers for the global elite, cabal, illuminati, or shadow government, all meaning the same. They direct our worldly rulers toward where wars be waged, what diseases are being spread, what inventions are being allowed, which governments, religions and ideologies dominate the world, which currencies are used, and where the money goes.
The global elite are the prototypes of “service to self” in contrary to “service to others”. From the psychological viewpoint they are considered “Psychopaths”. Their hunger for personal power dominates their personality traits, yet theirs is about power without responsibility. They lack the ability of empathy and compassion for their fellow man. They are tyrants by nature. They are the ones in the history books.
Our world is based on authoritarian control through domination and fear conditioning. The global elite control us through their instruments of banking, governments, religions, corporations, and the “Military Industrial Complex”. This so-called 1% ruling elite has millions of executives enforcing our system of predatory control over billions. We, the 99%, are the billions of human prey. We are their sheeple.
In truth our leaders and controllers act as mis-leaders. The misdirection, dis-information, distortions are spread through implanted and reinforced memes. Their methods are manipulation, fear programming, deception, lying, violence, etc., while making the sheeple believe that their leaders are the noblest of all human beings in their service to all.

Our world is dominated by the following three pillars of power and control:
-The City of London - that runs the money of the world.
-The Vatican - who created all major religions and is in charge of human mass “spirituality”.
-Washington DC with its Pentagon headquarters - is in charge of the global military.
The three pillars are interconnected and have been operating behind the scenes for centuries.

There are two well-known main factions within the global elite or cabal.
-The Rothschild money clan created and controls all global central banks.
-The Rockefeller clan overshadows the governments, mass media, education system, entertainment industry, medical system, military, etc.

Throughout the world secret societies have been influencing our human history. The whistleblowers enlightened us in particular about the Jesuits who have been manipulating humanity over the last 2,000 years through their tool of deception. They are described, by themselves and others, as the Masters of Deception. They are overshadowed by archons. The present pope is a Jesuit. As the representative of the Vatican he is working towards the implementing of the New World Order of global tyranny, under one global religion.
The goal of the globalist secret societies is to reduce the human population down to 500 million, to restore the balance of Nature. Since they plan creating Artificial Intelligence beings as slaves, the rest of seven billion are seen as “useless eaters”.

:::The Government System:::
Most governments have been hijacked by negative aliens. The government officials have been altered and compromised with mind-control technology and now run the shadow governments under alien control. They fight an open war against the people on Earth, without the sheeple suspecting anything.
We are now living in Orwell's horror world reality of “1984”. Some call the new government laws “Orwellian Laws”. Privacy, as we have known it, is no more. By now the masses are fully controlled with high-tech thought-police through the implementing of alien Artificial Intelligence in all areas of life. The physical micro-chipping of humans has begun. The rulers of humanity strive to design robotic humans that are easy to herd into hive-mind mentality.
Our leaders and controllers need many millions of henchmen who do the dirty work for them. However, this class of enforcers first needs to be brainwashed and programmed into zombie-like humans until they are willing to do for a living whatever they are asked to do. Their conditioning happens through lifestyle-manipulation, eating lifeless processed food, drinking medicated water, being drugged with medications, mentally programmed and fear-conditioned while watching television. If they work for secret government organizations they are “compartmentalized” into which level of security clearance they are allowed. If these people try to get out of their role as minions they are being blackmailed and/or killed.
Of course our leaders and controllers also infiltrate and control the opposition. They initiate wars and sell weapons to both sides. They seeded the many terror organizations and supply them with weapons and money.
Career politicians as well as aspirants in other areas of high ranking positions in banking, religion, corporations, military, etc. are watched by the global elite and selected for promotion in climbing up the pyramid of power and control.
The most common method is to trap those aspiring power players into sexual actions with children. The government spy organizations secretly film the criminal actions with children, involving also hard drugs. The footage is than being used as a blackmailing tool by their higher ups to force them into compliance. This is how corruption is being established and satanism spread. The whistleblowers now unravel how the secret pedophile rings have been expanded into huge global undertakings, especially for the global elite and their minions.
From the overview perspective the reptilians are especially active in planting sexual perversions into human minds; the entire pornography industry is their creation and feeding ground; they also infiltrate the military and the church institutions.
The development of MKUltra (MindKontrolUltra) started before World War II in Germany. The German government was selected by negative ETs and manipulated to create a holocaust; their Fuehrer Adolf Hitler was overshadowed and handled by a malevolent reptilian entity. The entire Nazi elite was infested with inter-dimensional predators who directed their actions of genocide.
The whistleblowers revealed how the cabal bankers engineered and created World War I and II. When Germany lost the war, a look-alike was used to spread the news that Hitler committed suicide, while Hitler and his elite were secretly brought to Argentina. “Operation paperclip” brought thousands of Nazi scientists to the U.S where they were given positions within the CIA and other organizations. Under their malevolent ET guidance these Nazis began infiltrating all major sectors of power and control in the U.S. and abroad with the purpose to conduct mind control experiments on the people. These psychopaths consider mind control to be the ultimate weapon – that of mass obedience.
The present War on the American People is being fought on many fronts, with bullets and tasers, with surveillance cameras and license readers, with intimidation and propaganda, with court rulings and legislation, and a corrupt police force to intimidate and keep the people in fear.
The majority of the American people have been changed from people into sheeple, they are acclimated to a world in which government corruption is the norm. Life is not fair, they are being told.
The citizens' votes and tax dollars can be seen as the masses' energetic approval of who the rulers and money collectors are and what they do. Most people are so entrenched in the system, that they would fight and die to uphold the very prison in which they exist.

The American gun culture serves many purposes; it keeps the paradigm of Separation in place. It determines much of the American way of life. The gun culture implies a belief in enemy thinking, under male domination. The leaders and controllers of the people determine who the enemy is. The barbaric gun culture keeps the people asleep in their amnesia. Also, they have no awareness of how much the gun culture permeates their language. However, once a person adapts the overview perspective it becomes clear that we create our own reality, and that all enemies are self-made projections. We have no right to take another human's life. For both, perpetrator and victim, each act of killing will need to be taken in account and balanced, when the time of karmic review comes.

:::Money is a tool for energy harvesting:::
Our matrix system is maintained to a large degree through money. In fact, we are ruled through money. Money is a tool for energy harvesting. Through creating scarcity and interest-charge the business model of profiting at the expense of others has long ago been established globally as the norm. This parasitic money system created the separation of humans into the class of the Haves and the class of the Have-nots. The neediness for each others' money got us where we are today, on the brink of extinction.
The whistleblowers unraveled how we all got manipulated to participate in the conversion of life into money and how broken we have become as a society to the enslavement of money. They demand change of this predatory system.
We have been enlightened how the central reserve banks generate money “out of thin air”. They than put interest on that money generated from nothing, loan it to the banks and add their fees. The banks then loan it to the people and add interest. The money can never be paid back, as there is not enough money in circulation to pay back the debt.
Money is about energy harvesting and debt is a tool being used to keep us locked in the struggle for survival and attached to money for evermore.
The financial crisis is now seen as a global crime scene that has brought us to the brink of global financial disaster. The whistleblowers enlighten us that it is a deliberately planned scheme of economic destruction designed to allow the global banking elite to confiscate enormous resources from targeted nations. The bankers are now exposed as criminal “banksters.” There are already increasing calls for the banksters to be executed for committing these crimes and stealing trillions of dollars from the peoples of our world.
In the times ahead one of the main issues to be faced is the inequality of the Haves and Have-nots that has been social-engineered by our global rulers since the beginning of our civilization. The establishment of the pattern of rich and poor ensured to keep a society of winners and losers in place. The global elite declared money as the measure of success in our world, for the money is feeding the system. The addiction to money is the only addiction that is socially accepted.
Also, the global elite own the resources and utilities that run our highly technical societies. Who owns the resources, electricity, land, and water, is in control of the people. The global elite control our very lives, they enslave us in a modern world setting. They intentionally prohibit thousands of inventions for free energy and the betterment of mankind in all areas of life. They keep us down at the level of struggle for survival.

:::The Mass Media:::
The whistleblowers have been taking on the role of the child that tells the crowd that “the emperor wears no clothes”. With brutal honesty they lay open how our leaders and controllers have been using the media and especially television as a tool of social control to distort and manipulate the public’s perception of reality.
Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry are directed by archons. All media serves as substitute for our lack of telepathy so that we depend on physical telecommunication tools, and get addicted to them. The archonic Masters of Deception utilize especially the television industry to hypnotize the populace into the illusion of their silver screens, while holding them in consumer mode to absorb low-quality entertainment.
Since after World War II MKUltra techniques have been applied to propagate the entire entertainment industry. The cabal power players who own the major media decide the trends of our culture, the quality, the genres of art, who is being promoted and given music star or movie star status. It extends to the area of sports as well. For fame and celebrity status these individuals enter the proverbial “pact with the devil.”

We also learned that science fiction and star war movies contain much truth and are actually meant as teachings for humanity. These movies are called “soft disclosure”. For example, what we see in the Star Trek movies as utopic such as tele-transporters, replicators, and alien air crafts, actually exist. It is only that these alien technologies are being kept secret from humanity.
The cabal-owned mass media spread false flag events to keep the citizenry divided and in fear, to increase terrorism, racism, to make the frightened people call for the strong-man government for protection.
In recent years and months the mass media are being exposed as centers of satanism, where pedophilia, the raping, torturing and killing of children, are practiced in the shadows. It has been going on for decades.

::The Judicial System:::
The whistleblowers within the justice system gave us knowledge of the hidden laws that have become a mechanism for tyranny and enslavement on Earth.
Debt-slavery is a literal and legal reality, that is obscured or hidden. The debt-based slavery model used throughout the world require that we have to work in the system to survive. The words and terms used by the legal system have many meanings. In court they speak “legalise” so that the people have to hire a lawyer, a minion of the government, to speak on their behalf, in exchange for high cost.
In order to manage the debt-based society, a hidden credit-based system was created: The birth certificate account. The government creates at birth of each new human on Earth a trust account in their name, called Treasury Direct Account. The Treasury Direct Account is the corporatized version of you as a legal person—which is used in all legal matters throughout life, such as job and loan applications, credit cards, drivers license, and so on.
Our energy is used through these account funds to operate the slavery systems of society, largely designed to defraud the people and funnel wealth and resources into the hands of a few: the financial global elite. The insidious programs of geoengineering, weaponized agriculture and food production, mass-mind control technologies, etc. are also funded via these treasury accounts.
Even though these accounts are held in trust for the individual citizen, we don’t have authority to use them. Although the government keeps the accounts secret, whistleblowers found out that one can now access their birth certificate account online with one's social security card.
Within the hidden legal system, the State declares us incompetent, dead, or lost at sea, which means we cannot manage our affairs. Common law is the legal system that was created in the 16th and 17th centuries to manage the citizens that were declared insane and incompetent, also called wards. Later Admiralty law was created to manage the estates of these lost souls. And the Uniform Commercial Code U.C.C. is the latest and greatest version of the equity-(commerce-) based slave system.
By declaring us incompetent and dead, the legal system takes control over the accounts and uses them for their own purposes.
In other words, in the eyes of the government we have no power or authority over our own minds and bodies. This is how the world has been run for centuries, with a progressively evolving debt-slavery system that lead us to where we are today.
Now that people gain knowledge of the hidden laws, they will have the tools to restore justice and end the tyranny that has plagued humanity for ages. The people will finally live as divine sovereigns in accordance with Natural Law.

:::The Religious System:::
The Vatican as one of the three pillars of power and control on Earth is in the hands of reptilian aliens. Their influence is spreading throughout all religions, yet in particular the Catholic church. The Vatican has been exposed as the hidden center of Satanism. Church fathers are practicing Satanists who torture and rape children, drink their blood and kill them, or - they know of these crimes happening and covering them up. Since the middle ages the church fathers have been known as the ones “drinking wine and preaching water”.
Some whistleblowers claim that 10% of the American people are secretly practicing Satanism, including human sacrifice rituals. To do so, children are being stolen or abducted.
In this category, much would need to be exposed about the religious system.

:::The Military Industrial Complex:::
The USA military, representing one of the three pillars of power and control, has about one thousand bases established throughout the world.
The military is a parasitic entity. Its purpose is to wage war. It does not produce anything to enhance the human condition. Overshadowed by malevolent inter-dimensional entities, in particular reptilian ETs, it creates death and destruction, death and blood sacrifices en mass, suffering, fear, scarcity, and on and on. We learned that war is the banksters' greatest money making tool.
In the military, as in all other centers of power and control, there are positive and negative factions, White Hats, alliances, often covertly fighting each other. These many Cabal groups are not a united force. When they are in danger of being exposed these criminals without a conscience don't hesitate to throw one of their own “under the bus”, to escape prosecution.

:::The Secret Space Program - a covert military branch:::
The American people know nothing about the Secret Space Program. For decades in complete secrecy the SSP has been consuming trillions of dollars for military underground bases such as “area 51” and many others throughout the world. The Secret Space Program is a hidden world of darkness beyond our imagination. Mind-controlled and compromised scientists and aliens work on experimentation with humans for genetic manipulation and interbreeding with aliens, and also animals. These humans are kept in cages, abused, tortured, and used as slaves.
Other underground bases are for the building of alien air crafts and secret weapons. These bases exist as agreements between negative aliens and our governments, especially the U.S government. In exchange for advanced alien military technology our government allowed the aliens to mutilate animals and kidnap humans for experiments, hybridization, chip implantation, mind control programming, genetic engineering, cloning, harvesting for body parts, even using humans for food. As part of the treaties our government/global elite agreed to deny any alien existence, cover up Ufo crashes, lie about human abductions, thus protecting the aliens.
In recent years the whistleblowers exposed that people disappear from the National Forests in numbers of about 400,000 per year. The rangers are required to keep these incidents secret. These abductions are not only done by aliens, but also by the Secret Space Program in their Milab (MilitaryAbductions)-operations where they use abductees as slaves and for experiments.
The Secret Space Program is under control of malevolent inter-dimensional races, in particular reptilians. They select the cabal members and minions who work for them according to their bloodline. One of their main strategies has been the method of compartmentalization for secrecy reasons to keep the humans in the dark about the purpose of their work.

We learned that the Presidents are being left out from all this. They are not given security clearance, nor do they have any saying about the trillions of dollars that the SSP demands.
The categories of “Ufology”, “Disclosure” and “Transhumanism” belong here. There are hundreds of thousands of whistleblowers who have come forth to share their personal experiences as abductees and contactees and to inform the people about the dark alien agenda, which the government agencies have been covering up.

:::The Medical System:::
The current parasitic and predatory medical system has turned into the business of mining the human body for profit. By now their business branch of organ-harvesting makes billions. The Healthcare System is infested with the “greed virus”. It operates under the umbrella of the pharmaceutical industry, which also overrules the food industry.
The population has been conditioned to live within the parameters of the health care system.
The pharmaceutical industry goes hand in hand with the corrupt government department that is overseeing the food production industry. They promote inhumane factory farming and GMO foods, also known as “Frankenfood”. The large food store chains have swallowed the small mom-and-pop food stores. They mostly sell lifeless processed food, fortified with chemical byproducts from the petrol industry. Right inside these big food stores are the pharmacies, selling the pharmaceuticals that the TV commercials announce as treatments for the people's ever increasing health and mental problems.
In the last years, especially in the medical and pharmaceutical field, many holistic medical doctors and scientists have been assassinated by the cabal for blowing the whistle about the methods of weakening and reducing the population through vaccinations, medications, cancer treatments, surgery, etc.
From the overview perspective the cycle of food production/water provision - eating habits - health problems - visit to the doctor or hospital – than visit to the pharmacist, is easy to see as engineered by the cabal to weaken and reduce the population. In the U.S. the population is in dire condition: toxified, obese, plagued with ailments and diseases, emotionally numb, functioning at the low third-dimensional level of existence or struggle for survival. In this deplorable condition the American mainstream population is easy to herd and control.
The whistleblowers ensure us that all crimes of victimizing the population in the name of the healthcare system will come to light.

:::The Education System:::
Just like the before mentioned categories the Education System is overshadowed by the Rockefeller clan.
The education system can be summed up as the conditioning and programming of the next generation of wage slaves.
In large cities students enter their school through gates controlled by armed security guards. They force students into obedience with taser-electro-shocks as they do with life stock. Gathered by bus to spend most of their day in confinement, schools resemble prisons to create conformity within the low 3D frequency of existence.
When the youth generation enters college level they are required to take loans to fund their education. They are made to believe that their self-paid education will ensure them a well-paid job in the future.
Once they graduate and want to start a job career they are in debt of tens of thousands of dollars. Such is the condition of the next generation, conditioned as wage slaves, plagued with anxiety, stress, obesity, depression, hopelessness, and health problems.
(End of 7-page summary.)

About the Present Time
Dear President Trump; For years there has been this story bouncing over the Internet that immediately after his election victory, President Obama was taken by George Bush the father into the backroom of the White House and told that his job is to follow the instructions of his faction of the secret government. And should he not be willing to play his role they will torture and kill his family in front of him, and afterward him, too.
Of course the story could be made up by Cabal-paid Internet shills whose purpose is to lie, to deceive, to scare, to spread disinformation, to confuse. For a scared and confused nation is easy to lead. But it could be true as well, after all, the whole world watched President Obama changing into a puppet figure, a Yes-Man for the cabal.
To me it appears that the majority of the American people are still under Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the tyranny of the last administration. Who knows, some “men in black suits and briefcases” may have taken you, President Trump, into the White House backroom as well and gave you the same instructions of how the game works.
The American people witnessed that immediately after your election you broke your election promises, just like your predecessors. To me two issues were enough to realize that it's all “politics as usual.” The fact that you want to make history as the President who built a border wall to Mexico speaks volumes. As if a wall – a symbol of separation - could solve the existing problems. In return the evolving technologies of airplanes, drones, tunnels, etc. will ensure the continuation of the old ways. Secondly, one of your first actions was to ask for a military budget increase of $54 billion (According to google the military budget for 2017 is $824.7 billion.) Clearly, it is an announcement for the continuation of the Old World game of “Divide and Conquer”.

The voters once again fell for the gigantic propaganda machine that was rolled out for the big charade. Through mass-mind programming they were made to believe that you would be a better choice than your female rival. Some people whom I asked which candidate they voted for said that they voted for Hillary, since they see her as “the lesser of two evils”. And others told me that they voted for Trump, since they were informed about the documentaries of “Hillary as a career criminal” and the horrors of the famous “Clinton body-bag-count list of over 50 assassinations”.
The whistleblowers brought to light that the President of the U.S.A., propagated as the most powerful man in the world, in truth has not much real power. The media propaganda machine intentionally portrays the President as a king-like figure. However, the typical breaking of election promises indicates the President's role to play the spokesperson for the shadow government, now also known as “The Deep State.”
Elections are just races, as in sports. If voting would serve the people, it would not be allowed. The 2-party system is a farce to maintain the illusion of choice, for both sides are controlled by the Deep State. Presidents are selected, not elected. The governments need the numbers of masses, which tells how important the election charade is to the leaders and controllers in their game of deception. If only few voters would show up, the game would collapse due to the lack of energy feeding from the citizenry.

The Liberation of Humanity
As a civilization that has been kept in amnesia we do not know who we are, where we come from, and why we are here. In other words, we are wearing blindfolds while playing the game of hide and seek.
Since we as a slave race descended into “victim”-consciousness we have allowed our leaders and controllers to create an ever deepening and strengthening illusion of separation. We have been forced into a misdirection.
However, there's great news. For decades the galactic Forces of the Light have planned to liberate a humanity in amnesia from their bondage. We have now reached the point where the victim/ perpetrator/ rescuer dynamic characterizes our mass consciousness level. So if we the enslaved are not able to overthrow our masters, benevolent galactics may have to step in as the rescuers.
There are many non-physical teachers who assist us the human family in unseen ways in getting through these most difficult end times. They tell us that life on Earth was supposed to be a joyous experience for all. They say it was never intended for humanity to suffer struggling through life, feeling unworthy and lost, unable to remember Source and who we truly are. They say our ascension has been assured. More and more benevolent ETs are in contact with us as their earth allies and ground crew. They say Earth is the last planet in this solar system under the occupation of the dark forces and its liberation will effect the entire cosmos.
There exists on Earth an underground movement of positive people in government, military and many other sectors of society. They have been preparing humanity for this present time of the Shift of the Ages, from the Dark Age to the Golden Age. Over the decades we have been given many different explanations of what this Shift may entail. Some say the Shift will be a single moment of quantum awakening that will wash over planet Earth and its inhabitants and raise everything to a higher level. Some say what is ahead is the “out-breath of God” that happens every 26,000 years, altering all live in the Universe. Others see it as a galactic super wave that will be beamed by the Great Central Sun. Whenever and however the event may play out, it will be something extraordinary and wonderful, something like a graduation gift.
It is only now that we have reached the historic moment of critical mass toward our awakening. It requires complete letting go of the old ways of living life and embracing a higher paradigm of existence. In order to make that shift many people will need to be shaken to their core with a wake-up call, meaning a jolt from the sleep state into the waking state.

The mass arrests of the cabal and their minions
As soon as the foretold global financial collapse begins its domino effect in full force, the corrupt governments will be overthrown and a financial reset installed to eliminate the inequality on Earth. All the money that has been stolen from the people for thousands of years will be returned.
Our ET friends tell us that these arrests to remove the dark cabal must take place, for they are the obstacles to humanity’s ascension. Each of these individuals presents a roadblock to the manifestation of the New Earth. We must take our power back from our leaders and controllers by exposing them as criminals and forcing them to surrender.
After the mass arrests of the cabal and their minions, when it comes to their immediate trials, these criminals will have to confess openly all that they wish to be forgiven for by the people. The whole world will have to face who the villains are that are responsible for humanity’s suffering from atrocities, war, famine, diseases, enslavement to money, destruction of Nature, and so on.
To punish these criminals would only cause us to continue to tap into those rivers of thoughts of low vibrations. In truth punishment is evildoing in the name of goodness. We must now move onward and upward. We must accept these dark souls and show them the path back home. From the overview perspective they too are victims of this world of duality that has enslaved us all and disconnected us from Creator.

A Lightworker’s Personal Assistant
In June 2012 I wrote an open letter to President Obama in which I requested a Lightworker for America Fund for the reintegration of the arrested members of the Cabal.
Dear President Trump; Hereby I am repeating my request and ask you to create a “Lightworker for America Fund for the reintegration of the members of the Cabal.” I think the Lightworkers are the most qualified to guide the overthrown members of the dark cabal back into the Light. In my service as a Lightworker for America I am hereby offering assistance to members of the arrested global elite in their healing and reintegration process.
My long-term dream has been the building of a model of a small self-sufficient dome village, together with a few others of like mind. We will be living in a new way on Earth as the wayshowers and mapmakers for our brothers and sisters. Our small domes are easy, fast, and inexpensive to build. They are meant to snowball far and wide. Everybody who wishes should be given the opportunity to build for themselves a comfortable dwelling place.
I am offering to accept a member from among the arrested cabal as my personal assistant. He or she will be living as an equal with us co-apprentices and will get a chance to contribute his/her gifts and talents to this community project. Many of these criminals will recognize that we are now entering a new era, and they will be seeking their own redemption by helping build a world of higher consciousness.
This new service position as a “Lightworker’s Personal Assistant” would provide the dark cabal with a great opportunity of 'giving back to society'. In other words, a criminal of the old 3D world would be given the opportunity to choose between prison time or serving in a Lightworker community. In return I would expect to be provided with funds to enable my village community project, either from the interim government through giving me access to my Treasury Direct Account (my birth certificate account), or the Saint Germain World Trust Fund, Prosperity Fund, Bridge Fund, NESARA, or others.
As an Internet networker I know of many fellow Lightworkers who are ready to manifest the New Earth with projects of self-empowerment and empowering others. Many would be willing to take in a member of the dark cabal in exchange for funding their projects.

It all was our plan!
We humans are vast multidimensional beings. In our eternal quest to know ourselves we choose to exist simultaneously in many realities that we created and played within. Only a portion of each of us is being projected down here in this 3D density to play the human game of hide and seek. From the perspective of our Higher Self we all agreed to participate in the experiment of separation and limitation in a world of duality. We played the good and the bad guys. In truth we are all ONE. From our Higher-Self perspective our earthly reality is simply a mental construct; we are focal points of awareness.
And yet, what we experience here in our DNA skin suits is real. We are in a period of great transformation in ourselves and our outer world. We each wanted to be here at this crucial time in our human evolution, to experience the Shift of the Ages for the opportunities for growth and expansion of consciousness within a very difficult, challenging and confusing game.
Yet only those souls that can awaken within the dream and attain higher levels of consciousness will graduate to the next level — a new and transformed version of Earth, the New Earth of 5D, where Unconditional Love permeates everything. This higher level of existence requires living from the Heart and being connected to Source.
The new planet Earth is being created by those who are able to raise their vibration to the fifth dimensional level. After the long age of darkness on Earth we will be living as heart-centered humans, practicing Unity Consciousness in alignment with our Earth Mother Gaia. The emerging new societies and cultures will be exactly the opposite of what we are living now.
Dear President Trump; From your overview perspective look at humanity at large. The game on Earth is fast approaching a turning point. We are awakening en mass to the truth of who we are: extensions of Source or God. We are divine beings. We are photon light. Our essence is Love. We each are blessed human beings. Our nature is kindness toward our fellow brothers and sisters and all life. We are peaceful and loving by nature.
And yet, what have we become?! We manifested a reality characterized by greed, domination, conflict, competition, hate, violence, etc. We have turned into a parasitic system where milking each other for money is the meaning of life. Satanism is getting an ever greater foothold on Earth. We lost any moral and ethical sense or living by the Golden Means, as has been passed on by our ancestors. Choosing 'Service to Self' in contrary to 'Service to Others' is the new way of life. The masses are behaving like zombies, only out for themselves and their loved ones. They are trying to get on the winner side by turning into parasites and adapting predator behavior; with no concern for the rest of humanity and Nature.

Well, one explanation of what happened is that we as a civilization got infected with a mental disease or implanted meme, known by indigenous people as “Wetiko”. Wetiko could be perceived as a civilization with cancer, destroying itself. Wetiko is the work of archons, the unseen manipulators of our collective reality who want to suppress humanity's awakening at all cost. And yet, not all is lost, by looking at it with true sincerity, Wetiko, the collective psychopathic disorder, can be healed.
There is only one solution to counter the darkness on Earth – to raise our vibratory rate out of the 3rd level density and up into the fifth dimension, individually and collectively.

This letter turned out to be longer than I intended. Yet, it is packed with new information that holds Light. The more Light we hold and integrate - the closer we are to Source.

Dear President Trump; We each and all are standing at a crossroads in our evolution, individually and collectively. What will you choose - to serve the Cabal – or to serve “We the People”?
Sending Love and Blessings to you and your loved ones!
In service,
Karin Lacy, Lightworker for America

Dear reader; If you want to re-post my “Open Letter to President Trump”, please do so in its entirety, for it is word-smithed as a 'homogenous whole'. K.L.


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