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Civil War Two Looms in America

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Friday, 1-September-2017 13:17:36

I can understand both sides of the arguments on this issue regarding what happened in Virginia and the call to remove Confederate statues and monuments. But we need to step back, take a deep breath and look at things as rationally as possible. The Civil War is over and the South lost. To erect statues to those generals, politicians and heroes may have been called remembering their "heritage", but in today's modern world it is being used to scrape open the wounds of the past.

I have been to the battle field of Gettysburg and read the stories and saw where the battle raged. A person is in awe of the suffering, anguish, passion and sacrifice that both sides went through in that battle. It did not make me want to side with the south, but instead it made a deep impression on me how important it is to resolve differences without violence. It was a tragic time in our history and should never have come to a shooting war. The time of human slavery was over, and by the way, during the war every Southern state voted to outlaw slavery, before the war was over. Did you read that in your history books?

The people of that time inherited that archaic system and there were nations all over the world that were doing the same thing. We have been born in a different era and see clearly the cruelty of slavery. The truth is the Civil War was not originally fought over slavery. It began over trade issues regarding the southern states trading directly with other nations, which bypassed the federal government from making any profit from that trade. The slave issue was used as a propaganda incentive to the citizens in the North to go to war. The people in the south were just as brainwashed as the people in the north. Many of them had no idea it was being fought over slavery, they thought it was over their "rights" to determine their own states sovereignty over the federal government power. The British government was still stinging from the loss of their American colonies and they sent in spies to encourage the south to go to war. The result they were after is to split up the US into smaller states so they could be defeated easier later. Here again this was not revealed in our history books. It was a conspiracy with money interests, foreign banks and Britain to divide the US. We lost over 600,000 dead in that conspiracy. We paid the price, and no longer have slavery in this nation. But now the ultra-liberals, socialists and communist agitators are stirring up hatred and racial strife where it simply doesn't exist.

Who benefits? Answer; the globalists through a divided America. With new laws we lose more of our freedoms and Constitutional rights. What we are witnessing is the start of a revolution and blatant anarchy, and anyone that doesn't submit to the politically correct responses with genuine contrition, you will be labeled a racist. Our nation was supposed to be ruled by a Constitution that protected freedom of speech and peaceful assembly for the left and the right, equally.

Where do we go from here? Things got out of hand in Virginia, the ultra-left attacked the so called "alt right" and a melee ensued which ended up with a person losing their life and numerous injuries. We cannot reprogram and re-educate an entire nation to a balance on these issues. The truth is we don't need all of those Confederate statues and monuments in public places to cause riots, dissension and mental suffering to those that feel offended by them. For example, what if the people in Germany would begin putting up statues of Hitler and his generals all over Germany and call it "our heritage"? It simply wouldn't be accepted by the people, it wouldn't work. In the same token we don't need these symbols of that time to stir up these passionate, divisive issues today. However, I would draw the line when it comes to removing statues of our Presidents Washington, Jefferson and Jackson. They are part of our US history and we can forgive and exercise tolerance for a system they inherited.
The ultra-liberals are using public display of those Confederate statues as a rally cry for overthrowing this nation and stirring up hatred. Those monuments and statues have become a catalyst for their revolutionary activities. We are not going to change their minds, and in fact if the officials push back it only makes the movement grow even more. They have martyrs now and they have organized groups that are willing to do violence. Some may even be paid to start these violent protests by the wealthy elite. The nation needs to avoid confrontations, remove the catalyst that incites these riots and steer the nation towards peaceful protest and dialog. These moves will not placate the ultra-left but it will slow the movement down and allow the nation to take a step back and look at these things rationally.

Our police and military put their life on the line to defend any political side to have free speech and to peacefully assemble. In my opinion it was extremely unwise to even have the rally in view of the current political climate. It only allowed secret change agents to incite the crowds and start a fight. It is highly possible there were paid agents to incite that riot embedded in the alt right groups, as well as in the communist side. Once the police were ordered out it exposed the alt right group to immediate physical attacks by the alt left and communists. It smells like a total set up to me. Regardless how it was set up, it is now history and we are left with the aftermath. The best thing to do now is remove the symbols that are a catalyst for protests and do an investigation to prove how the fighting started in Virginia. The news media also needs to be called out when they paint entire groups of people with a broad brush. There is way too much name calling and labeling people racists, Nazis and KKK. In this nation we are supposed to be governed by the supreme law of the land called the US Constitution. And in that document all citizens are allowed freedom of speech and freedom to assemble. Those laws don't protect speech that we agree with and like, it protects speech we don't like. And, our police and military put their lives on the line to protect those rights. Those anarchists that exercised violence in Virginia were taking part in criminal activity and should have been arrested. That out of control riot is not how America works. And, if they are allowed to continue with their violent revolutionary activities this nation will not long endure.

George Eaton

As I see it, this civil war that is going on is not so much a distraction as it may appear. It is a huge movement without any major resistance. Think about that for a minute. The real numbers of active neo Nazis, klansman and racists are so small that the great majority of them are agents of some sort or just plum stupid and gullible people. This is a revolution without a resistance. Seriously there is no resistance from the so called ‘plague of racists’ on the other side of the conflict. It is all contrived. The covert agencies in the government and anti-racists groups have been clamoring for years to even find any racists that will create a conflict so they can report on it and show the world the dangers of these labeled "anti-human vermin". They simply don't exist in high numbers. The brainwashing has been doing too good of a job all these years to the point they have to hire people to do criminal acts to blame it on fringe groups.
I followed these type groups for years back in the 1990s, and ran into some of them, and they were very few and small in number. They are even less today. This is not so much a civil war against racists as it is against common sense values, old fashioned cultural values and against anyone that disagrees with an ultra-liberal viewpoints. There is no push back, none. This is a slam dunk for liberals and socialists. The military will never ever crack down on the millions of people that are marching for this "civil war". It's over folks, the fix is in, we do not have any possibility of hanging onto a Constitutional government any longer. The tipping point has been reached.

What is really going on is obvious, and cannot be stopped. The people are so brain dead now the conspirators have to wake them up to tell them more lies. This is a pathetic joke, there is no resistance whatsoever. They can do anything they want now, there is no resistance to whatever they want to do. They don’t need any sleight of hand anymore. They have all the bases covered. The “foolish” people that stand up for rational thinking will be shut down so fast it will make their head spin. Free speech is dead now. Starting anti-socialist, pro-American activities and groups is dead. Speaking the truth is dead. We have been invaded, brainwashed, lied to, mentally hijacked, and so many of our rights stolen from us for so long we have no idea what our rights are anymore. And, it wouldn’t matter anyway, because the mob rules today.

We are all being duped while thousands of people show up to be part of “history”. The Boston rally proves this point. The left had no trouble gathering 15,000 or more to gather, even after the officials told people not to show up. And it was reported that less than 100 so called "fascists" showed up. This is a festival experience for liberals of all kinds now. They bring their children to stand against the conservatives, the broadly labeled fascists, Nazis, KKK and racists. And, if you are white you are automatically labeled a racists. If you are a Republican or conservative you are labeled a fascist. This is the new modern religion and the feel good political movement. There is no push back, no alternative voices being heard or any reasonable debate. It is foolhardy to even take the counter point now. The movement is too large and will drown out any other opinions – with violence - that is not only tolerated by the news media and the politicians but actually encouraged as a new moral authority to correct past injustices.

Whitehouse shakeup

The fact they are saying the globalists will be shaking in their boots now that Bannon is back at Breitbart is outrageous. The globalists and their minions will skin them alive. The only ones that read Breitbart are conservatives, and that is like the minister preaching to the choir. All the democrats, liberals, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, socialists and communists will not pay any attention to what they say even if it was true! These are childish games they are all playing, and they are stupid enough to play right into the long term conspiracy to vilify and destroy the right wing and those that stand for Constitutional rights.
Breitbart will make no impact on the nation any more than they have already. The Republicans have abandoned the conservative values and any form of American nationalism – or defense of the Constitution. Everyone will gang up on the right wing regardless what they try to do. In fact the more they spout off – the louder the protests will be against them. It is a no win situation.
The news media, the democrats, the liberals and the repubs are all against conservative old fashioned values. The news media and the politicians are on the side of the black block/Antifa and will do very little against them because they feel they have the moral high ground to be “fighting against the Nazis, the KKK and the racists”. All of the Jewish organizations are also on the side of Antifa.

There is zero traction with any group or movement that wants to defend the state and local rights to defend Confederate statues and monuments. It is all too easy to simply label everyone you don’t agree with as a racists and a Nazi. Any kind of appeasement, explanation, pandering or compromise with the left over these subjects is futile. The majority of Jews are now siding against Trump because of his statements of so called “balance” concerning the Confederate monuments. All of the churches are siding against Trump. All of the schools, teachers, colleges and students are siding against Trump. The stage is set to see politicians pander to what all of the powerful modern movements want today. Which is war against Iran, Russia, Syria, and to change the political landscape in the US and push for a Constitutional Convention. And, you can throw in a freebie war with North Korea.

I wrote an article stating that the statues of confederate heroes are a catalyst for those that are offended by them. It is better to have them removed, especially since they represent a lost cause and create dissension. We simply don’t need them in public places. But Trump in his lack of wisdom spouted off “how beautiful they were” and that incited the public even more. This is not a TV program where you keep firing people until you get it right. Is he going to eventually look in the mirror and say “You’re fired!”? Trump’s lack of wisdom is hastening his demise and is the best gift for the globalists that are trying to remove him. Trump has the Midas touch alright. Can you imagine getting a call from him to work in the Whitehouse? That has to be an upcoming political protagonist’s worse nightmare and would scare them to death.

That statement Bannon made about the war with North Korea that would create 10 million deaths in Seoul in 30 minutes, was one of the most ignorant statements I have ever heard. This guy is not knowledgeable on the high tech weapons the US has or else he wouldn’t have made that false statement based on 1950′s military weapons. I was embarrassed for him. That revealed just how far out of the loop he really was in the Whitehouse.

The idea he will be “going to war” for the president is ludicrous. The only thing he and his group will do is harm the conservative movement and the nation even more. We will see the demise of Bannon and that news organization in short order. They will be attacked by all sides, threatened, their reputations destroyed, and they will be made into a mockery and a laughing stock. You cannot reach new people to those conservative concepts. It is too late, the majority of the people are already programmed and brainwashed like a cult religion and they will fight to the death to defend their ideas.

We must accept the fact that we no longer have equal rights under the Constitution. Everything is judged according to political correctness, the current opinions of the public and the consensus of the masses. You could try to peaceably exercise your so called rights of free speech, but then will be punched in the face, have rocks and urine thrown at you and be vilified by the press and your reputation ruined. That is not true freedom or liberty. The revolution is over, and the old fashioned conservative values lost. Welcome to the New World order.

Regarding North Korea

It is possible Trump doesn't want to be blamed for a war where the US loses a city or two, not to mention losing Tokyo and Seoul. The experts must be advising him to wait until the communists make a direct offensive move. At which point they will feel fully justified to retaliate.

Rex Tillerson is starting to distance himself from Trump and has said that Trump's words are his own and don't reflect the opinions of others in the Whitehouse and in the military. This is unusual for a Secretary of State to say these things.

It is possible we will escape war with North Korea if we hold back and withdraw our forces after the military exercises are finished for this year. But this last missile launch by N.Korea was quite provocative and surprised me. Those people have a real death wish. Trump is being quite restrained. I wonder if that restraint will be looked at as weakness and fear. And that N.Korea will feel they have effectively scared the US away now. That would mean that they will feel they have arrived as a nuclear power to be feared and respected.

I am sure there are plenty of experts in the US government that are giving a variety of views on this subject. We may not know what those views are for years to come. They may have concluded that the safest route to take is holding back from any offensive moves until or unless North Korea goes over the line and actually attacks somewhere. If they don't attack, the US may feel their diplomacy and restraint was the best policy.

Regarding Afghanistan - Reasons why we are there

Reporters and researchers are exaggerating about the resources in that country. If they had that much don't you think the leaders there would have already started developing them? The main resource in that country is heroin, and the next use for that country is being a money pit for the military industrial complex to keep the war machine going, so stocks will go up in the US.
For Trump to send troops to Afghanistan is 180 degrees away from all of Trump's earlier comments. First our government financed and trained ISIS along with Israel and Saudi Arabia's help, and then we tell the world we are bombing them - then let them escape to Afghanistan. What is wrong with this picture?
Misc. comments

The globalist have determined to take down every rogue nation on earth and install a new world order. North Korea is the first domino, then Syria, Iran, China and Russia will come later.

The US no longer has an industrial empire - that is why the wealthy elite started up manufacturing in places like South Korea, to utilize cheap labor. The US is becoming a third world nation with a super power military that is controlled by the oligarchy, wealthy elite globalists.

The nation is run by globalists that are purposely allowing the degradation and destruction of the nation by social change, lack of values, foreign invasion, and corruption on several levels. That trend will not be reversed anytime soon.

Once chaos starts the control of the people will be held loosely in the hands of the controllers. It is during that time that their control is unpredictable and precarious. That period of time could last many years, and we have not entered it yet.
Whatever event precipitates the collapse will end up creating an economic emergency. Right now everything is normal and there is no looming civil war, or collapse of the nation.

If something major happens the people will look to the government to fix things, and the people will fall in line to do what the government says during a martial law situation. Only a protracted collapse allows the people to riot, protest and carry on with illegal acts in the cities.

We are still facing a racial unrest scenario regarding the race riots nationwide. Those protests and riots could erupt and see a city or two burning down. The feds and state government will not stop it, but allow it to fester so they can allow the turmoil to get worse and then later they bring in troops to surround cities. White people will die, the suburbs will randomly get attacked by gangs to rob, rape and burn. But the protestors have limited money and resources to do these things. So it is bound to be a short event, and they go back into society to do their drugs, etc. The protests we have seen so far are contrived weekend events.

It is perverse and criminal to run a system that is based on killing. Especially the killing of our own people by placing them in harm's way in contrived wars. Then to be so diabolical to tell the families of those dead soldiers they died for their country is the height of evil absurdity.

An author I know in Maine went to a rally in NYC and other locations awhile back where people were protesting the government. She told me that the group she was with worked with anarchist that were young men that were trained to place their bodies at risk in intersections to shut down traffic. They would carry no IDs on them and be willing to get arrested, fight and get injured for the cause. The Antifa group look like the same type of guys. They are often being paid by the hour - good wages for this. They are bused in from all over the nation, placed in motel rooms, given pre-paid credit cards for meals, and then bused to the protest sites, and they cover their faces and are ready to rumble. If they get injured, it is my opinion that the hospital bill is also paid for, and they may receive a bonus for being injured.

I noticed many of those protest signs had that same mindset and goal to simply cause chaos. Their idea of direct action is to do violent, illegal things to scare the “evil fascists” into surrender.

That author friend of mind was somewhat impressed and in awe of those anarchist that were willing to place their bodies in harm’s way like martyrs to make a political statement. This is an offshoot of the hippie and yippie rebellion times where they trained them to cause riots and protests. But now it is financed and organized. When I saw what they did at Berkeley recently that was a big wake call for me on how they are organized. It gave me chills to see them march in like ISIS terrorists in black, faces covered, and do their violence, and then march out to the approval and cheers of the other protestors. This is well organized, and the media, politicians and the liberals are empowering this activity.

There are several generations of liberal college educated people that have been brainwashed by liberal, socialist professors to tear this nation down for the assumed injustices of the past. They mean to destroy the memory of the founding fathers if they can. They have joined forces with the Black lives matter(BLM )people, and other ultra-liberals, anti-trump, anti-conservatives, to become a large force protesting for political change. This doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon, in fact it has captured the hearts of the people and is gaining momentum.

As that is going on, the liberal politicians are working on ways to get rid of Trump by impeachment (only 6 votes away now), and other ways. They seriously feel he can be ousted as president. Trump has that deer in the head lights look now, he doesn't know what has hit him. He is receiving the slings and arrows from several different areas and he and his team cannot put out all the brush fires fast enough. His assumptions attained through being elected has given him an intoxicated feeling of being president since receiving the accolades of the public, it has tainted his mind. He has naively assumed too much and expected to be invulnerable to these kind of attacks. He has been playing in a den of vipers and had no idea how dangerous it is. I have no idea what will happen next. The next few weeks will be critical on protests that might pop up.

Hurricane creates dependents to the government

The hurricane that hit Texas has focused the attention away from the other global hot spots. People in the urban cities like Houston are already in a "FEMA camp". They are dependents of the system, and have to be cared for like children whenever there is an emergency. They don't have a real life of their own. They can't take care of themselves if a disaster happens. They sit there and wait to be carried to a boat and then taken to a shelter and then fed. They are dependents of the new modern system. We are seeing the result of a big brother system that controls people from cradle to the grave. We saw the same thing happen in New Orleans during the Katrina hurricane aftermath. Instead of being responsible for their own future, safety and welfare they cry out to the government to take care of them. It is the opposite of what freedom and liberty is all about. To be truly free requires responsibility.

The hurricane has taken center stage for now, but, the activities in the Middle East and in Korean Peninsula have not gone away. Trump is sounding like he is staged to order a pre-emptive attack on North Korea. Time will tell if that will happen or not. It is also possible China will be involved in defending N.Korea, which would widen the war against the US. Our military has already studied that possibility and will handle any attack from either or both of those nations. The upcoming conflict with Iran and Russia is a different matter. The defeat of ISIS in Syria with the help of Russia was a big blow to the globalists, Israel and the US. They are no doubt looking for contingency plans on what to do next. Russia has started sending in ground troops into Northern Syria near the Turkish border to police that area and prevent any insurgence towards their naval and air force bases in Syria. I find it difficult to believe that the Israelis will accept the outcome of Syria winning the war against ISIS. They are saying they will not accept the idea of Hezbollah, as a proxy of Iran, replacing ISIS in Syria on the door step of Israel. They are in the planning stages now on how to proceed next against Syria, Hezbollah and Iran. Israel apparently has the full cooperation of the US government and Trump. Which means if Russia continues to defend Syria and Iran - there will likely be a confrontation between the US and Russia in the future. With the increase of US troops in Afghanistan, over 11,000 so far, it appears the US is gearing up for a war against Iran.

George Eaton


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