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An Old Take on Hypothetical History

Posted By: CHRIST
Date: Saturday, 9-June-2018 14:32:11

Thomas Carlyle

19th Century Historian Carlyle comes very close to disclosing that History as we know it is 'concocted'.
The conventional interpretation of his writings would be that
he employed a lot of hyperbole.

His writings on the 18th century which he says, ended in a MASS SUICIDE called the French Revolution, should probably take in the
young UNITED STATES, when it too was DESTROYED in 1812, when Washington burned down.

Did the UBER-ENTITY destroy itelf?

Was it the end of a WORLD TIMELINE?

"One of the grand difficulties in a History of Friedrich (The Great) is, all along, this same,

That he lived in a Century which has no History and can have

little or none. A Century so opulent in accumulated falsities,
sad opulence descending on it by inheritance, always at compound interest, and always largely increased by fresh
acquirement on such immensity of standing capital;--opulent in
that bad way as never Century before was! Which had no longer the
consciousness of being false, so false had it grown; and was so
steeped in falsity, and impregnated with it to the very bone,
that--in fact the measure of the thing was full, and a French
Revolution had to end it. To maintain much veracity in such an
element, especially for a king, was no doubt doubly remarkable.
But now, how extricate the man from his Century? How show the
man, who is a Reality worthy of being seen, and yet keep his
Century, as a Hypocrisy worthy of being hidden and forgotten,
in the due abeyance?

To resuscitate the Eighteenth Century, or call into men's view,
beyond what is necessary, the poor and sordid personages and
transactions of an epoch so related to us, can be no purpose of
mine on this occasion. The Eighteenth Century, it is well known,
does not figure to me as a lovely one; needing to be kept in mind,
or spoken of unnecessarily. To me the Eighteenth Century has
nothing grand in it, except that grand universal Suicide, named
French Revolution, by which it terminated its otherwise most
worthless existence with at least one worthy act;--setting fire
to its old home and self; and going up in flames and volcanic
explosions, in a truly memorable and important manner.

Next paragraph applies to 21st century

A very fit termination, as I thankfully feel, for such a Century.
Century spendthrift, fraudulent-bankrupt; gone at length utterly
insolvent, without real MONEY of performance in its pocket,
and the shops declining to take hypocrisies and speciosities any
farther:--what could the poor Century do, but at length admit,
"Well, it is so. I am a swindler-century, and have long been,--
having learned the trick of it from my father and grandfather;
knowing hardly any trade but that in false bills, which I
thought foolishly might last forever, and still bring at least
beef and pudding to the favored of mankind. And behold it ends;
and I am a detected swindler, and have nothing even to eat.
What remains but that I blow my brains out, and do at length one
true action?" Which the poor Century did; many thanks to it,
in the circumstances.

For there was need once more of a Divine Revelation to the torpid
frivolous children of men, if they were not to sink altogether
into the ape condition. And in that whirlwind of the Universe,--
lights obliterated, and the torn wrecks of Earth and Hell hurled
aloft into the Empyrean; black whirlwind, which made even apes
serious, and drove most of them mad,--there was, to men, a voice
audible; voice from the heart of things once more, as if to say:
"Lying is not permitted in this Universe. The wages of lying,
you behold, are death. Lying means damnation in this Universe;
and Beelzebub, never so elaborately decked in crowns and mitres,
is NOT God!"


I enjoy Carlyle's use of the term MUD-GODS. I contrast this with an exposition by a day-tripper that the origination of our eyes is owed to OCTOPUS.

"For he knew well, to a
quite uncommon degree, and with a merit all the higher as it was
an unconscious one, how entirely inexorable is the nature of
facts, whether recognized or not, ascertained or not; how vain all
cunning of diplomacy, management and sophistry, to save any mortal
who does not stand on the truth of things, from sinking, in the
long-run. Sinking to the very MUD-GODS, with all his diplomacies,
possessions, achievements; and becoming an unnamable object,
hidden deep in the Cesspools of the Universe"

and now on coming to light again, he (Fredrick) is found
defaced under strange MUD-INRCUSTRATIONS, and the eyes of mankind
look at him from a singularly changed, what we must call oblique
and perverse point of vision.

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