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Trump ​G​ets ​B​ashed ​B​ecause of Obama's ​P​olicies

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Saturday, 23-June-2018 15:13:21

Priority Report
​July/August 2018​

The recent scandal involving illegal alien's children reveals the hypocrisy of Trump's enemies. The policy of separating the children near the border from their parents was an Obama program. But once Trump's political adversaries heard about it they exploted it to the hilt, and the news media and liberals across the nation jumped on the band wagon to condemn Trump for this procedure. In reaction to this incident Trump then signs an Executive Order to change the process. Why did he wait to change it? Maybe he was too busy as the president to go over every detail of that program, as well as hundreds more in the many cabinet positions with innumerable programs. It's hard to make a judgement on this particular situation.

I do agree that the parents should never be separated form the children. This was a program that the communists used when going into a home. They would separate the husband and wife and the children, having all three of them going to separate locations, quite often never to be see each other again. But this situation on the border is different. The families that are illegally coming across the border are trying every trick they can imagine to get a foothold inside America so they can improve their economic situation. They may even send their children on their own to be set up in holding areas inside the US. Then when the parents arrive they tell the Border guards their children are already inside the USA and they must join them. In times past they would also get the wife across the border to have a child in the US and then get it certified. Then they can have an "anchor baby" to get ino the US using their baby as the legal justification to live in the US. I have personally seen pregnant Mexican ladies walking across the Rio Grande waist deep in water that appeared to be 8-9 months pregnant. The question is, why are the Mexicans going to all these extremes to get into America? In short, they are in extreme poverty and their nation will not provide them a good living to raise their children. No one can blame a person for wanting to better themselves. The fault does not lie with the economic migrants that are trying to better their lives. The fault lies with their own government that is a narco state, and ruled by a collection of corrupt politicians that care more about their own personal standard of living than their own people. You add that fact to the failure of US politicians dealing with the issue and you have total complicency between US politicians and the Mexican politicians to maintain this status quo of corruption and the abuse of human beings.

I heard a conversation that a reporter was having with some Mexican officials in one of those major safe house churches in Mexico where migrants make a stop before going through the last leg of their journey north. The reporter was asking this official why they weren't enforcing the laws on preventing the people from illegally crossing our borders. They said: "What are we supposed to do with these people? We don't want them!" This was a Mexican official talking about their own citizens. Can you imagine officials from America, Russia or Japan saying that about their own people? How come that statement and attitude of the Mexican officials and politicians isn't plastered on the headlines around the world? Reason: The US and Mexican politicians along with the liberal news media and the socialistic United Nations are working together to invade the US with millions of economic refugees and take America down to a third world status.

The reason America became great and an economic powerhouse was because of the form of government our founding fathers established for us as a perpetual inheritance. Our nation was created as a Republic that would answer to the people and the government authority would be constrained by a Constitution. It was also based on a foundation of good ethics, a separation of powers to avoid political dynasties and harnessed under a corporate body of individuals chosen by the people - and subject to recall at anytime. This nation also became great because of national cohesiveness which started with strong families and the liberty exercised through local governments. The enemy knows all of this better than the average American citizen. This is why they have made such efforts to destroy the family and erode the national bonds that this nation enjoyed. Once we no longer have a national identity and embrace globalism then the US will cease to exist. It may appear innocuous to help out 20 million Mexican migrants and Muslim refugees that want a better life, but it changes the demographics and the national unity we once enjoyed. In addition to that, the glut of laborers reduces the wages of the workers and then the standard of living Americans once enjoyed is then erased as the nation is reduced to a third world status. There comes a point that the flood of migrants will overwhelm a nation and sink it beyond saving. Are our minorities not deserving enough to protect their jobs and families? Is our once great nation not worthy of saving from the flood of unending waves of the masses that will forever change our nation?

The truth is we need to protect our people, our economy, our defenses and our way of life. We need to protect our higher standard of living, because if we don't protect it, we will lose it. Don't fall for that those liberal sob sisters and whiny socialists that harp about the poor migrnats that we "need' to help. It is pure deception - based on ulterior motives, that is focused on destroying this nation and our national unity. Let it be known that America laid the pattern for a successful nation. Our founding fathers created a document and a government system that works. And, all the other nations need to do is follow our pattern. They don't need endless $ billions in foreign aid. They don't need us to buy their drugs, educate their ruler's children or fight their bankers wars. All they need to do is imitate what we have done and they can be prosperous and provide for their own people. However, in that bargain they have to give up corruption and bribery in politics.

What disturbs me about this issue is not that there is corruption in foreign countries, this is not a surprise. What bothers me is that our politicians aren't doing anything about it, and are instead feeding that corruption and became partners with those foreign politicians that are keeping their people in poverty! This is a symbiotic relationship, a complicity of corruption between our politicians and corrupt foreign leaders that we are
. Until that issue is dealt with our nation and the conditions in foreign nations will not improve. Can this situation be reversed? Can we turn the corner on this massive corruption and re-establish a Constitutional government? Can we make America great again and build a strong economy, not based on war, and encourage wholesome families to grow as the foundation of the nation? Heck no. Not even close. Afterall, our people aren't deserving of being saved or their jobs beng protected. The Muslims and the Mexicans are more deserving of our education and careers than our own people. Apparently some people are more equal than others and the traditional American family and our minorities are simply not deserving of the blessings and bounty our nation can provide. This means that global socialism takes over the mindset of the masses, the borders are torn down between the nations and the masses are allowed to invade once soveiregn nations. A nation without borders is no longer a nation. A nation without protected lifestyles and jobs is no longer a nation that can thrive and defend a special place on the earth where good ethics and liberty rule the land.

Make no mistake, our nation is in jeopardy and it is too late to save it from an evitible collapse. Our nation cannot be salvaged or put back on track again. The corruption runs too deep, we have lost both political parties - we are ruled by political correctness, ultra liberalism has infected the minds of the people like a disease and the people are clamoring for global socialism. Enjoy what liberty and freedoms we still have left, because future generations will no longer have the liberties we have taken for granted.

George Eaton


​The Catalina Conspiracy​
​I recently finished my sixth book and will include a few quotes from it here. I'm going to start getting the books published but since I'm on a limited fixed income it will take time to get them printed up. In the meantime I will share the books in an email free of charge to anyone interested in reading them. Quotes from: "The Catalina Conspiracy":​

Travis Garrett was around 60, married, had a greying beard and was a retired Special Forces officer. He was trained to be a man of war but strived to be a man of peace and non-confrontation. He saw the ugliness of war and concluded it was better to stay away from military activities - if at all possible. His entire group of friends that were part of the ranch activities embraced the same ideas. Mike had learned these concepts from Travis and the group and studied the books and materials they collected at the ranch that embodied these ideas of "strategic withdrawal from offensive warfare". They believed that a globalist cabal of wealthy elite were conspiring to reduce the world's nations into a socialist global plantation. Travis and his friends believed that even though the conspiracy to subjugate people into a new world order of lower class peasants was objectionable, the authority and control that the rulers wielded was too powerful to fight against head on. It was their conclusion that it was better to avoid confrontations and allow the corrupt system to destroy itself from its own evil devices. Later, when the people are awake and aware of their condition, a Constitutional government could be re-established.

"The conspirators are using migrants like that as cultural change agents to take us down to a third world status." Mike explained. "Employees get used to the lower wages the migrants are willing to work for and that ends up lowering all wages in the nation, and in turn lowers our standard of living. If they really wanted to help the migrants they would pay them a decent wage. But the truth is we have too much unemployment and millions of minorities in the nation already that we have trouble employing. We have an unpayable $21 trillion national debt and growing and can't employ the people we have, and yet the liberals promote bringing in more starving masses. How does that make sense? Why not employ them in their home countries? They are being used as an invading force to lower our standard of living and destroy our American culture. And, to make matters worse, in this situation, they will end up killing millions of them in a created disaster, and consider it a necessary sacrifice for their precious new world order. The globalists are a bunch of sadistic monsters!"

Modern nations may appear to be free democracies, but through the socialist changes they are creating a communist society one step at a time by increments. And the average citizen isn't even aware of it."

"What they are doing is creating a new form of slavery." Mike adds. "They tell people they are free to vote, but manipulate and control who runs for office. Then they tax and regulate them to death, erode their buying power with constant inflation and change society where political correctness stifles free speech. We are being attacked on several fronts from corrupt politicians, the liberal news media, liberal colleges and propaganda from the entertainment industry. And, what we heard in the recording was a perfect example of their mindset and agenda. They are telling us who their enemies are today, and we have to find out why they think like that. Being ignorant of why they hate us does not change their plans. We are not at war with liberals or the wealthy elite or pushing racial or class hatreds. They are the ones dividing America. All we want is to be left alone and live life to the fullest as honorable human beings. But an enemy has attacked us and wants to destroy our culture, our way of life, our families, steal our land and prevent us from the idea of 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. In short, they want to destroy us and overthrow this nation that was founded on the US Constitution."

"The most free and prosperous nations on earth are and have been the European nations because they embraced a national government of the people founded on Constitutional laws, good ethics and equity in all stratas of society." Travis explained. "Where corruption is prevalent and the dominant theme, the lower classes are enslaved. The globalists are harnessing the liberal and socialistic concepts to alter current governments, so they can be undermined in time, and controlled by a central authority - which eventually becomes communism and total government. They will lie, cheat, steal and kill to acheive their goals. Because, in their philosophies the end justifies the means."

"So you are saying that because the European people embraced a Constitutional system of good ethics and liberty and became prosperous, they must then be targeted." Bob states.

"Yes, that is exactly right." Travis responds. "The enemy knows better than we do about why we are their enemy and why we are hated. We may be slow to understand their motives but we do so at our own peril."

"This is a vast conspiracy against us that has been going on for generations." Mike added. "We don't want this war, but they are offensively and aggressively attacking us and our nation. All we wanted was to be left alone. And, now all we are trying to do is defend ourselves, prevent the deaths of innocent lives and the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic - which was given to us as a perpetual inheritance."

What was alarming and troubling to Mike was the possibility of governments and terrorists using nukes to start earthquakes and tidal waves in the future. Perhaps this was the new trend of warfare and terrorism the world would face in the future. If the globalists figured this out, how long would it be before others came to the same conclusions and acquired nuclear bombs for that purpose? Mike shuddered at the thought. Mike turned to Bob as they sat in the back porch drinking coffee. "These weapons of mass destruction(WMDs) need to be collected and controlled before it's too late."

"What do you mean Mike?" Bob asked.

"It's only a matter of time before these WMDs are used to attack cities all over the world." Mike explained. "If the nukes aren't controlled they are going to end up in the hands of terrorists and rogue nations, or even the conspirators again. And they will not hesitate to blow up every city in the world."

"Every city in the world?!?" Bob asked.

"Yes, every city in the world. I mean that literally." Mike answered. "Think about it. If extremist terrorists or power mad conspirators get ahold of nukes like the ones we were dealing with, they will not hesitate to use them against any city in the world for their agenda of destruction. They don't care about human lives. The truth is, they are no longer human themselves. Anyone that harms or destroys innocent lives is a criminal and an enemy of mankind - and has forfieted their right to exist."

Bob put down his coffee cup. He stands up and is pacing back and forth on the back porch. "I'm trying to wrap my head around this." Bob says. "You are saying 'every' city in the world could blow up?!?"

"Every city in the world could blow up." Mike repeated. "Who is going to stop them after they get the weapons? How are the nations in the world going to stop thousands of terrorists from getting ahold of all the nukes floating around on the underground market? There are scientists that are capable of building these nukes now and selling to the highest bidder. If this is not stopped and nukes are proliferated around the world - every city in the world is a potential target!"

"That would be the end of the world as we know it!!" Bob states emphatically.

"I know." Mike answered. "What makes it worse is the fact we have a compromised government that has been hijacked by the wealthy elite. And, we have the globalists that have their tentacles in every government controlling economies and wars on both sides. Then we have radical terrorists in the world that are ready to blow up any city anywhere and kill innocent people as if they are so much cattle. It woudn't surprise me if the conspirators even finance some of the terrorists to accomplish their agendas. Besides that, the globalist conspirators ARE terrorists - we have proven that fact over and over again. And in view of this, when this attack happened - who defends the United States from the conspirators?!? Not the US Army, not the FBI, not the CIA , or the National Guard. No, it wasn't them - it was a rag tag bunch of private citizens that put their life on the line, illegally I might add, as outlaws - to an ungrateful nation! Our people sacrificed their lives to save this nation! And for what?!? Who is going to save them next time? The nation is almost gone man. Congress is almost 100% bought off by the wealthy elite and the military industrial complex. Then you add foreign bankers to the mix and you have a recipe for total take over very soon. It is not a matter of if, it is only a matter of when."

"What can we do Mike?" Bob asked.

"I don't know Bob. I wish I knew. I don't think anyone knows. And we're running out of time and options." Mike answered.

"Every city?" Bob asked again.

"Every city. It is only a matter of time." Mike answered once more. "It is in man's animal, beastly nature to create weapons and then use them. As man has advanced scientifically they have built more and more weapons until the point they can destroy every city and the world itself. Unless the nations, and I don't mean the globalist conspirators, but the true nations and their citizens decide to get control of WMDs - this end is inevitible."

"But we didn't use those weapons Mike. We did not operate with an animal instinct and use those bombs." Bob comments.

"That's because we live by an honor code of good ethics and respect of human lives." Mike explained. "Not everybody is like us or our team of friends. We defended our Constitutional Republic from all enemies foreign and domestic. We were loyal to our nation and put our lives on the line. And we did this for all Americans of all races and colors."

"But, no one will know." Bob added. Bob stood still for a while and stared out across the valley below them. "What is going to become of us Mike?"

"We will blend back into society and learn to enjoy normal days again." Mike answered. "It won't be easy, but we'll find jobs, spend time with family and friends, find a hobby and live a different lifestyle."


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