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Jueal Assembly Part 6

Posted By: AZLew
Date: Monday, 25-June-2018 21:23:46

Welcome back!

No more lecture. Just the nitty-gritty to get your state aboard!

The 'recipe' follows.

See you around the campus!!

(your town's) area Jural Assembly
An association of real people who live or work in or near (your town or area).

Offered by (Your name) , a (whatever works for you) year resident, for those of like mind to consider. 1600

The purpose of the declaration of association among ourselves in any one location by-passes a "Party" structure so carefully constructed, particularly since the mid-1800s, to ensure powerful people stay in power.

Meeting as a jural assembly includes registered voters whether Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, or any other party recognized by the State of (your state), as well as Independents! It may even include those who already avoid voting for their own valid reasons. For some, this may be a hard notion to absorb.

Nonetheless, this need to by-pass the Party structure is directly related to the same needs our founders recognized and led to the Declaration of Independence.

Those early colonists came together to gain their freedom from the British monarchy. The British were overcome militarily, surrendering as they did to then General George Washington, but then simply bided their time to begin to infiltrate our now independent country through other means.

Note of caution here The notion of a jural assembly even predates our Founding. It is recoverable. People in Michigan have formed their own Assembly - and practiced it - for several years, and now provide the rest of us a roadmap to do it for our own 'home state' where we live now. People in more than thirty other states are also actively in the process of bringing up their own Jural Assembly.

Here in (your state) we are one of them!

While a skeleton may already exist nationally, it needs to flesh out its bones. The bones come from each State and in turn the State's Assembly is dependant on its Counties. While the State Assembly can be recognized - sort of - as being 'in process,' recognition can only be accomplished when there is at least a majority of (your state's ##) Counties with an active County Assembly.

That's what we are about doing right now in (your state). (How many) counties, (your county) is one of the smaller (or bigger, if that's appropriat ones. If the desire for Freedom is in your bones step up to bat. It's no time to sit back and 'let Jack do it'. It won't get done when you're so occupied with 'getting by' day by day that you need some one else to do it for you!

The first step is getting yourself informed. Of course one might Google 'jural' and see what you get.
Then, get local. Start by checking with the (local newspaper's) listing of community meetings. The key word to look for is jural. Of course, being (local paper name) and all, it's not likely to be found. In that case, contact me directly. (your phone contact) or (your email contact) . Do leave a message. I will contact you directly.

We'll start by meeting in the open, at (you pick the place for your area) at (day and time that works for you), beginning (whenever it works for you and your area, and state the frequency - weekly, monthly, whatever)!

Meetings won't be long. Mostly an opportunity to come together for some eyeball contact with real people. Not the illusion of 'contact' that one gets by email, texting, or even telephone if you don't really KNOW the person who's in touch with you. Once we're on board together through personal contact, we might use those technologies for quick notices or alerts.

Now, back to a possible jural assembly for people who live in or near (your area).

Some of the fundamental principles stated in that early Declaration of Independence, and further legitimized a couple of decades later with the Constitution, have slowly but surely been reversed. Now the effect is that ...
We The People are no longer truly free.

Liberty has been espoused as if that is what the Declaration was all about. But the Declaration was not about Liberty. It was - and is - about Freedom.

Those very concepts are what have failed to come across with an ever encroaching federal government, once set up by our Founders to serve us - the People - now is ever more likely to demand us - the People - to serve it.

Those of us who are the PEOPLE who choose to associate with a jural assembly take the first step to return to that concept our Founders produced with their Declaration. Even now, Jural Assemblies are in place or forming in over thirty of the States of America. None to govern their state - yet, but the beginnings of associating with peoples within that state and then with other states.

These also emphasize that it is We The People who declared independence and instituted a Constitution that defined the government for the people. A later president was to further immortalize that idea when he expressed this nation's government as 'of the people, by the people, and for the people.'

That has been so eroded - from within - that it is well past the time for We The People to come together and not allow ourselves to be herded into the appearance of two sides purporting to represent the people where the winner takes all and reduces the other side to insignificance. All the while turning the notion of Independence upside down and royalty - no longer termed that in this country - rules.

A Jural Assembly in any - and every - part of this country is true and valid among itself. Jural Assemblies in neighboring communities can and will apply Jural principles with and among each other. Such associations within any one County must inevitably lead to the County itself beginning to function as the People want, not as a so-called higher level of government established to serve 'other' interests.

Some people do not want - or could not function within - a Jural setting.

So be it. For them, the corporate form serving others, primarily those with property, land, or control physical assets - like mining, farmland, cattle, trees, water, etc., will still exist and be in place. It is the corporate form that may be threatened by other corporate forms and require armies, navies, and other military assets to preserve and protect their corporate entity and their shareholders, servants, and hired hands for their own 'survival.'

It was - and is - the very issue that caused the Founders, in their wisdom, to provide the means for several colonies to work together on matters that transcended any one - or even several - of the colonies, later to be identified as 'states' of a nation.

Every day we see conflict between corporate entities. Whether large industrial corporations, service corporations, or mercantile corporations, stock markets exist for them. The success or failure of the corporate forms is played out daily. The turmoil created among themselves is blamed on the peoples of the states.

Even governments, the States themselves, the counties, and most municipalities hide behind a corporate veil.

Corporations simply don't adhere to fundamental teachings as do People. People, even We The People get caught up in their wars, while corporate wizards hide behind their cloaks and blame the People for their need for wars. Not all wars are of open combat in the field or between and among warships, whether on the sea or in the air or even - what may be in a no longer quite so dim and far away - in space.

In the meantime, back here on Earth, and in our homes and home communities we still live, raise children, care for those who no longer can care for themselves, and engage in commerce with one another. And engage in commerce with the corporate entities that have come into being.

Jural assemblies provide a means to engage corporations, whether locally as regarding providing the food and other services such as health, safety, security, travel, even education (as opposed to training), or establish fair markets of exchange. Jural assemblies might well establish some corporate suppliers of goods or services to establish the means of commerce for a defined area or a defined population.

As long as the current government system, now totally based around the corporate form, exists, We the People are disadvantaged. That noble Declaration, with its enabling Constitution, is now lip service for a charade behind which the corporate fat cats play their games.

Now, reassert - and Declare - your Independence. Associate with others to form a Jural Assembly here in the (your local area0 now, later to join with others in a (your) County Jural Assembly.

There is no 'commitment' expected at this time. In fact, until there are enough to agree to join together here in the (local) area, no papers will be signed, or commitments made, except to become more knowledgeable with the Jural concept. Those not comfortable with that limited commitment are excused with no malice but retain the freedom for further exploration and study against a possible future intent to join with us in a Jural Assembly.


Interested? - or might be, with more information? Let me know, make sure to tell me who you are.

Questions? Let me know, make sure to tell me who you are and how to get back to you.

Not interested at all? Let me know that too.

Thanks for sticking with this somewhat longer bit to read and absorb but does come without commercials!

(your name and contact info)

Now, the rest is up to you!

Good luck, with fair winds and following seas!!!

AZLew ...


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