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Re: Fire...Michael...is Spirit.

Posted By: Mike
Date: Wednesday, 17-October-2018 21:08:29

In Response To: Fire...Michael...is Spirit. (Gryphon)

: I underestimated you in my response to your initial post. My
: lack of response to your email was purposeful. Your
: questions are simplistic, yet your responses are not and
: are a welcome diversion from the typical. Thank You.

--And thank you. This seems to be a good place to crawl over the back fence of the playground and just wander about.

: Man was never designated authority. "Be fruitful and
: multiply" and "dominion" never authority.

--This is what I had in mind when I chose the word authority.

noun: dominion; plural noun: dominions


sovereignty; control.

"man's attempt to establish dominion over nature"

synonyms: supremacy, ascendancy, dominance, domination, superiority, predominance, preeminence, hegemony, authority, mastery, control, command, power, sway, rule, government, jurisdiction, sovereignty, suzerainty "at the time the Spartans had dominion over Athens"

: All of us are still trying to figure out Human.
: That's why we're here. We signed up for it.

--Yeah, I tried that figurin' thing for quite a number of years. Wasn't any fun, so now I just wander about playing in the mud (DNA). It has occurred to me that I may have signed up. Its also occurred to me that someone else may have signed me up when I wasn't looking which gives Karma gleefully odious properties.

: This planet is a treasure trove of resources. Exploited for
: thousands of years.

--Yep. Seems like major exploitation.

:Your species has no idea of the
: manipulation we have undergone.

--O.K. Up here I'm a separate species but at the bottom you and I are one. Come on, help me out here. :-)

: Extinction level events have characterized this planet since
: inception. The very earliest races who colonized this
: planet understood this. Every race thought that their
: particular experiment would be done and gone with the next
: event. Hence, no harm no foul.

--I have no doubt that hu-mman kind will be around in some measure into the far future. But, if the Starship Enterprise should incinerate the planet to ashes then all bets are off.

Velikovsky got the ball out of the trough and up on the wood. Then really bright people like the Electric Universe bunch got the ball rolling and pretty much centered in the lane. But prior to all of that Donald W. Patten had the strike all mapped out. Patten was a geologist and he worked with an engineer by the name of Windsor together researching the book The Mars-Earth Wars. The research is both superbly interesting as well as presented in layman's terms. And its a short read. It is here, http://www.creationism.org/patten/PattenMarsEarthWars/index.htm. It is absolutely NOT a religious conveyance. It is research. He will explain a relationship that the Earth shared with Mars up until two-thousand seven hundred years ago. An event occurred which lengthened the Earth year by five and one quarter days and initiated the the decline of the Earth's magnetic field which had been stable for at least several thousand years prior to the event. It' a real thing. Plans appear to have been made at that time to correct the situation.

Just for fun, if one views the solar system as a macro-atomic data system, then the disturbance of the Earth's orbit may have altered the "ordained timeline" (data conveyed by the electron position) of the planet hence the farther back one views history the more confused it seems to become as if two lines were operating simultaneously and slightly out of phase.

: That authority that effected the last event was so rocked by
: the devastation of life that they affected their own KARMA
: to the extent that theirs became ours.

--I'm gonna have to pass on that one. If I didn't sign on with full knowledge of terms and conditions, theeeenn, no. But thanks for the offer.

:This is the crux to
: the rhyme.
: The cross of the sound.

--That sounds nice.

: There are no gods or lords,

--I agree, but that goes off into synthetic entities such as Phillip, corporations, trusts, squares and compasses, etc. Little bit longer than I want to get into right now.

: only souls whose transistion into
: the greater love of the creator have been interrupted. One
: is One. Immaterial. Across creation. Best I can do for now
: Michael,
: May all blessings be upon you.

--Well, right now I've transitioned over the back fence of the playground and I really do like wandering, so, I'll have to catch up with you later.

: Ho'opono, opono,
: I'm sorry, for the pain I have caused you,
: Forgive me, If you wish.
: Thank you, for the lessons I have learned.
: I love you, because we are one.

--Let's see here. Same first two words to you, I think.

--I've raised kids. What pain could you possibly cause me? :-)

--Nothing to forgive, the keel never made it out of the water. It all righted nicely.


--Love is cool but the "one" thing may be problematic 'cause I'm covering territory out behind the playground, but you're welcome to come if you like.

: Love to you and yours,
: Gryphon

--And to you and yours,


--Oh yea, and fire. The Jann, man, (Jinn) are embodied in flame-less fire, something like plasma.

The Mars-Earth Wars


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