What's the difference between The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room and The Rumor Mill News Reading Room?




The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room is not a subsitute for RMN, it's more like an informal think tank, where shared thoughts, feelings, ideas, observations and other things can percolate into fully formed ideas that might give all of us another piece of the puzzle.

  • Thoughts and ideas don't have to be complete... But... really great posts will transferred into the Reading Room... and invitations to join us at Rumor Mill News as a new Agent may be extended to those whose posts show up in the Reading Room the most!!

    What kind of things can be posted in The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room? That's kinda up to you!!

  • You may wake up one morning with a different feeling and want to know if anyone else had the same feeling.

  • You may have had a strange dream that you want to share.
  • You may have had a strange happening or saw one
  • You may want to share a recipe with us
  • You may want to tell us about your grandmother

  • Or your dog

  • Or what you are doing to make sure you are safe in a disaster

  • You might want to comment on a television program

  • Or a new report

    Whatever it is... it doesn't have to be perfect... it doesn't have to be correct grammar, it doesn't even have to be a finished idea...

    The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room is a place where we can all share what we are thinking and feeling. We can ask for advice.... or not...

    There will be one hard and fast rule...


    Anyone who attacks other posters will be banned.

    Anyone who posts banned RMNews Agents will be warned and banned on second offence. See list of BANNED AGENTS

    Rules for Posting in The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room

    "Rights, Rules & Requirements For The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room -- "Rights, Rules & Requirements For The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room -- "Rights, Rules & Requirements For The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room

    Things that are not allowed:

    • Porn, cartoon porn, sexually charged images
    • Obscenities or sexually charged language!
    • Links to Pornographic webpages
    • Internet "graffitti"
    • Name calling
    • Slander
    • Hate for hate's sake
    • Cartoon hate directed at any race or religion
    • Jokes directed at any race or religion for the purpose of demeanig and degrading another race or religion
    • Racist articles whose only purpose is to put down another race
    • Mean spirited attacks on the other posters in The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room

      If you disagree with something that is said, you can either e-mail the author or post information which gives another point of view. The purposeful trashing and smearing of a fellow poster will not be allowed.

      No Ad Hominem attacks... you can attack the work... NOT the person!!

      If you do attack the work, please do it in a professional way... not a bitter, mean spirited way!

      Those who ONLY post to attack other agents will quickly be banned!

  • No personal Vendettas against private citizens. Private citizens CAN and DO sue when they are libeled! The difference between a public figure and a private citizen should be fairly obvious!
  • No outright LIES about anyone, public OR private!
  • Posts with nothing but a link are not allowed.
  • Posts devoid of content are not allowed.
  • Complete articles from other sources are not allowed without permission from the writer. If you are posting an article from another source, please quote pertinent paragraphs from the article with a link back to the source, AND tell us why you think article is important. If you fail to do this, and the reason is not self-evident, then the article will be removed.
  • No Advertizements! Well written book reviews are NOT considered advertizements.
  • Posting something in The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room solely for the purpose of self promotion is NOT allowed. You are NOT allowed to ONLY use us to advertize yourself without giving something back to The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room.... Posts with NO content.... only an AD, will be removed.
  • NO Proselytizing.
  • NO Poster has the right to tell another post what they should or should NOT be posting this is up to the moderators -if you see something especially oboxious or violates The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room Rules, please use the link at the bottom of each post and let us know..
  • NO Hotlinking of graphics:
    Hotlinking of graphics is not allowed. Hot linking is posting a graphic file here that is still housed on someone else's (not yours) server. This is usually accomplished by looking at the image properties and copying the location into a html img tag. This is stealing bandwidth! Bandwidth costs money, and this is considered theft.
    Here is an article on Hotlinking, please review this if you do not understand the concept: SO YOU'VE DECIDED TO HOTLINK AND STEAL BANDWIDTH
  • There is an image uploader. You can upload images. If you know the original website for the image, use internet courtesy and post a link to the original website.

    If you cannot abide by these simple rules, please do not sign up.

    By clicking Submit Application below, I certify that:

  • I have reached the age of reason;
  • I am sound of mind and strong of stomach;
  • I have taken and passed THE PSYCHOPATH TEST
  • I did not join just to cause trouble;
  • I am not a prima donna;
  • I will not talk down or condescend to my colleagues, friends and family members here in the Readers Room;
  • I am acquainted with the information posted on Rumor Mill News and therefore won't assume the readers and other posters are ill-informed retards who are just waiting to be educated by me;
  • I will not accuse my fellow posters of attacking me or of sending me viruses in their email to me;
  • I will not run away with my tail between my legs the first time someone disagrees with me;
  • I will not go whining to Admin everytime I get a nasty email from a reader;
  • I will not attack other posters and accuse them of being communists, satanists or worse;
  • I will write coherent posts that people understand and I will not attack people when they don't understand something I have written;
  • I recognize wild-eyed zealotry, pathological obsession and New Age blather when I see them;
  • I am Internet-savvy, and capable of distinguishing a lunatic fringe website from a reputable scholarly website; and finally and most importantedly...
  • I will not hold RMN or Rayelan responsible for any crackbrained ideas that I might absorb as a result of my voluntarily wading into the links that lurk beyond this page.
  • Welcome to The Rumor Mill News CGI Media Room - May your sojourn on our shores be a pleasant and informative one.

    Kick off your shoes and Join in the Fun!!

  • Don't forget to put the check in the little box!!!
  • Being of sound mind and reasonable age, I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions listed above, even if I haven't read all of them. And I promise to go whining all over the Internet if I get banned because I did not live up to the Terms and Conditions!

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