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Yep.. You are right.. - - - PewDiePie' is a Smelly, dead, ever repeating half of the whole

Posted By: Susoni
Date: Friday, 19-December-2014 15:26:33

In Response To: 'PewDiePie' demonstrates how the Cabal disempowers people (morfeus)

Sorry, had a Christmas matinee concert to play.. Just getting to RMN work and moving posts over .. Speaking of busy, busy people.. They used to sit and listen to the music, sit and let it flow over them and into their souls.. Now, they run past you with barely a glance in the direction of the piano.. Don't want the applause, I want them to sit with their friends, untense their shoulders and let those wave form vibrations wash over them..

Proudly not knowing what 'PewDiePie' is... :-)) My 'thinking' mind is thinking pew = stinky, smelly.. Die is Dead or death.. and Pie is Dessert or PI.. So, 'PewDiePie' is a Smelly, dead, ever repeating half of the whole.. Sounds like 3D life to me..

You are right. I know people who can't spend 10 mins talking to one another without their phones or their TV.. Sad.. One thing you forgot to mention is the time spent on children. Today's parents are pressured into thinking they have to have soccer, ballet, hockey, football, activities.. All designed to keep you 'busy' running around. That time could be spent really educating your children about life, your spirit and love.

Good Post..


: Do you want to know how the Cabal reprograms and disempowers
: the minds of people via media while making money from it?
: The 'PewDiePie' case eloquently demonstrates how this is
: done.

: The agenda is to keep people stupid, their thinking shallow,

: and their interests trivial. Then they will not recognize
: that they live in virtual slavery, and will never question
: the authorities. This is most efficiently established while
: they are young and more receptive to suggestion and role
: models. So they mostly target the children and young
: adults.

: People have about 16 waking hours per day, of which about 8 is
: spent either in schools or work, where they have to focus
: their attention on tasks at hand. A lot of the remaining 8
: hours is spent on commuting (especially in large cities),
: shopping and moving around, so about 4-6 hours remains. If
: we spend 2-3 hours to prepare dinner, eat it, do some
: household chores, take a shower, then we are left with 1-4
: hours of free time. This is the time left when you could
: actually learn the truth about the world around you, think
: about it, form your opinions, discuss the issues with
: people around you, and most importantly to do something
: about those issues.

: If the cabal can manage to distract your attention during
: these free hours into trivial channels and waste you
: precious minutes on useless and unfruitful activity (or
: passivity) then they are successfully keeping you in
: darkness and asleep. For kids this is done via stupid and
: often morbid video games, and for all age groups via TV,
: movies, sports, and mass media.

: So instead of kids learning true history, the real nature of
: fiat money, about Federal Reserve, 911 etc. the Cabal wants
: them to play stupid games. They create funny entertaining
: role models like 'PewDiePie' and heavily promote them to
: the kids via PR tricks. They play the herd mentality, and
: fashion cards. People are more prone to follow the activity
: of the majority (to fit in) rather than do things they
: would consider to be rewarding. So the cabal creates a role
: model that excels in stupid activity, present him as funny,
: entertaining, and being worshipped.

: Then they artificially inflate the number of his followers
: which on youtube is done via the displayed number of
: subscribers, number of views, rating, and comments. All
: these statistics are there not for your benefit, but as
: tools to manipulate your opinion and mind. All these
: parameters are easily set to arbitrary desired values by
: the owners of youtube (which is the cabal), and even fake
: comments and opinions are used to increase and keep these
: PR puppets popular. Then they even make money with the
: operation by injecting advertisements and make the hooked
: victims part with some of their money in shopping (mostly
: unnecessary products).

: So the virtual zombifications goes somewhat like this:
: “Joshua: Hey dude, have you seen the last video of
: 'PewDiePie'?
: Bob: No, who is that 'PewDiePie'?
: Joshua: You don’t even know who he is? Come on, man where do
: you live, on Mars? He is the superstar everybody talks
: about! Hahahaha!”

: Then Bob feels ashamed that he does not know about something
: very important and essential to his social life, so he goes
: on to check it out and starts following the new fad. Then
: when the opportunity arises he imitates Joshua and puts
: another uninformed guy to shame because he is now an
: insider and follows the fake idol.

: By creating a fake superstar and displaying artificially
: inflated popularity statistics, they attract new victims
: and create real popularity. Then they start advertising to
: them and selling unneeded products to the suckers. At the
: same time they achieve the main object of the operation,
: namely to waste people’s little free time on unrewarding
: pursuits, while stupefying their minds in the process. The
: victims will have no time left for learning about important
: things, even less to act in their own best interests.

: This same method of artificial opinion manipulation is
: perpetrated on many other websites and media as well,
: especially in forums where the number of views (and often
: fake feedback) is displayed next to the postings.

: So what can we do to avoid being manipulated to follow
: nonsense, and waste our precious little time on fruitless
: and often harmful readings? Well, don’t follow herd
: mentality, and don’t let yourself get influenced by the
: displayed popularity statistics. Form your own opinion, and
: skip or ignore junk writings and videos that mislead you
: and/or just waste your time on unrewarding activities.

: Morpheus


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