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Why do I post as Gryphon?

Posted By: Gryphon
Date: Saturday, 24-November-2018 20:20:32

In Response To: If we could see it. (Mike)

Because that is my myth.
So to speak.
Came to me, keeps coming back.

I was created as a chimera.
An obedient, subservient bastardization of genetics.
The aliens who were fucking with the earth at the time thought it would be a really cool thing to do.

They thought they killed us all. No soul.
Wrong. Mama took care of the bastards. To throw us back in their face. To destroy them. To prove their abomination.

She gave me soul, thus the life of the creator.
Planets don't do that.

Until Now.
Why do you think everyone cares?
Why this beacon of light and star ships from everywhere?
Another birth in the beauty that is life...

So then, my point? Your post is that which I have lived,
the evil that was done shall be known...
another page shall turn, we shall forgive,
we shall persevere, we shall carry on,
not because we must, but because once again we want to see beyond the horizon of our lives, any trials and tribulations,
Look into the future of a greater and beautiful time.

But first let's finish the damn job we were all put here at this place and time to take care of.


: The Earth may have been a very busy place before hu-man
: (Adam)got here. Might still be if we could see it without
: color or prejudice or presumption.

: It may be that much of what we interpret as ancient hu-man
: civilization wasn't hu-man at all.

: -----------------------------------------------------
: Mythological water creatures.

: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Water_spirits

: -----------------------------------------------------
: Flying mythological creatures

: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_flying_mythological_creatures

: -----------------------------------------------------
: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinn#Jinn_in_form_of_storms_and_shadows

: Ancient Mesopotamian religion

: Beliefs in entities similar to the jinn are found throughout
: pre-Islamic Middle Eastern cultures.[19] The ancient
: Sumerians believed in Pazuzu, a wind demon,[19][94]:147–148
: who was shown with "a rather canine face with
: abnormally bulging eyes, a scaly body, a snake-headed
: penis, the talons of a bird and usually
: wings."[94]:147 The ancient Babylonians believed in
: utukku, a class of demons which were believed to haunt
: remote wildernesses, graveyards, mountains, and the sea,
: all locations where jinn were later thought to reside.[19]
: The Babylonians also believed in the Rabisu, a vampiric
: demon believed to leap out and attack travelers at
: unfrequented locations, similar to the post-Islamic
: ghūl,[19] a specific kind of jinn whose name is
: etymologically related to that of the Sumerian galla, a
: class of Underworld demon.[95][96]

: Lamashtu, also known as Labartu, was a divine demoness said to
: devour human infants.[19][94]:115 Lamassu, also known as
: Shedu, were guardian spirits, sometimes with evil
: propensities.[19][94]:115–116 The Assyrians believed in the
: Alû, sometimes described as a wind demon residing in
: desolate ruins who would sneak into people's houses at
: night and steal their sleep.[19] In the ancient Syrian city
: of Palmyra, entities similar to jinn were known as
: ginnayê,[19] an Aramaic name which may be etymologically
: derived from the name of the genii from Roman
: mythology.[19] Like jinn among modern-day Bedouin, ginnayê
: were thought to resemble humans.[19] They protected
: caravans, cattle, and villages in the desert[19] and
: tutelary shrines were kept in their honor.[19] They were
: frequently invoked in pairs.[19]
: Judaism

: Shedim, one of several supernatural creatures in early Jewish
: mythology, resemble the Islamic concept of Jinn. Both are
: said to be invisible to human eyes but are subject to
: bodily desires, like procreating and the need to eat, and
: both may be malevolent or benevolent. Like the Islamic
: notion of jinn as Pre-Adamites, Jewish lore also regard
: shedim as Pre-Adamites, replaced by human beings in some
: legends.[97][98] Narrations regarding Asmodeus, an
: antagonist in the Solomon legends, appears both in Islamic
: lore and in the Talmud as the king either of the jinn or
: the shedim.[70]:120
: Buddhism

: Similar to the Islamic idea of spiritual entities converting
: to one's own religion can be found on Buddhism lore.
: Accordingly, Buddha preached among humans and Devas,
: spiritual entities who are like humans subject to the cycle
: of life, that resembles the Islamic notion of Jinn, who are
: also ontologically placed among humans in regard of their
: eschatological destiny.[99][100]

: ------------------------------------------------------

: Artificial creatures

: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_legendary_creatures_by_type#Artificial_creatures

: This listing includes creatures that are man-made, mechanical
: or of alchemical origins.

: Automaton (worldwide) – self-operating machine; most famous
: example is Greek mythology's Talos

: Blodeuwedd (Welsh) – wife of Lleu Llaw Gyffes

: Frankenstein's monster

: Galatea (Greek) – ivory statue carved by Pygmalion

: Gingerbread man – from German folk tales

: Golem (Jewish) – animated humanoid construct

: Homunculus (Alchemy) – diminutive, animated construct

: Nephele (Greek) – nymph formed from a cloud by Zeus to
: resemble the goddess Hera

: Shabti (Egyptian) – clay model used as workers

: Tokeloshe (Zulu mythology) – diminutive, hairy humanoid with
: various magical powers

: Tsukumogami (Japanese) – objects that come to life, of their
: own accord, after 100 years

: Tulpa (Tibetan Buddhism) – creature brought to life through
: meditation

: Tupilaq (Inuit) – large statues brought to life to serve
: witches and shamans

: Ushabti (Egyptian) – clay guardians/assistants

: Various objects animated by gods, demons and spirits in
: mythology, legend and folklore


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