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Re: Why do I post as Gryphon?

Posted By: Mike
Date: Saturday, 8-December-2018 18:40:38

In Response To: Re: Why do I post as Gryphon? (Mike)

A short follow up to put the four challenges in the response below in perspective.

Let us presume, for a moment, that the four elements of superstition, creatures of earth, water and air and man (Jann)are actually four domains of intelligence that were here before man (us).

Let us further presume that man is a composite of all four of these domains and should reasonably be possessed of all or some of the authorities, abilities and powers of these four domains by reason of inheritance. Man might reasonably considered to be a fifth element or domain and a unifying factor instead of a factor destructive of the other four.

The Jann can manage material and time and circumstances. Add this to whatever the other three domains can do and it becomes quite reasonable to presume that man can overcome the four challenges listed below, especially if man can work with the four domains instead of against the four.

If the confusion of communication (Babel) can be undone then the lawful inhabitants of Earth just might get their planet back.

The potential to do so does exist.

: “But first let's finish the damn job we were all put here at
: this place and time to take care of.”

: I agree fully. So, let's look at the job and the challenges.

: The job: - Return the planet to earth jurisdiction. Get
: interstellar corporate/maritime jurisdiction off of the
: planet and back above the atmosphere (beyond the moon)
: where it belongs.

: - Return the planet to a functional electrical state so that
: organic and inorganic life, both sentient and other, can
: prosper again. The electrical state of the planet is
: dangerously low at this time. All life depends on the
: electrical state of the planet.

: The challenges: -Divided population.

: - Jurisdictional recourse.

: - Surveillance.

: - Recharging the planet

: If these four problems can be overcome then the planet can be
: saved back to it's lawful occupants.

: A divided population is the foremost challenge. In the
: Republic this talk about fifty or sixty thousand
: indictments is B.S. at best. Even if you could remove these
: creatures from government you still have government and not
: a well heeled representative service on leash. The fifty
: plus percent of the population that put the creatures in
: power still exist and they will thwart any efforts to
: return to a service structure protective of individual
: rights. This fifty plus percent is the actual swamp, not
: the creatures they install. Observation would conclude that
: the situation across the face of the planet is about the
: same as in the Republic. This includes the other “mythical”
: races as well as hu-man race.

: The simple solution would be to use the coming WW3. It's in
: the plans, so why not? Set the circumstances so that all of
: the swamp ends up on the battlefields pitted against itself
: from every angle and let it annihilate itself. This may
: seem a bit cruel and heartless and that's because it is.
: The alternative is the total subjugation of the hu-man and
: other races with no possibility of return to freedom. Which
: end is more heartless and cruel?

: There is exactly NO jurisdictional recourse. None whatsoever.
: The interstellar maritime corporations own the banana
: plantation lock, stock and barrel, by virtue of salvage of
: derelict vessel (planet) and conquest. Word games are
: pointless because they own the words (example: Tower of
: Babel), they have legal possession of the planet and they
: make the ordinances at will and even retroactively.
: Jurisdictional challenge is a no win game. They... own the
: game. They are in fact operating within the frame work of
: interstellar law.

: The work around for lack of jurisdictional challenge is fairly
: simple but requires accurate timing. At that point when the
: swamp has all but annihilated itself those subsidiaries of
: the interstellar maritime corporation which are competing
: for control of the planet will be in disarray.
: Simultaneously the planet must be moved (undocked) from
: it's present orbit. A very slight change in orbit is
: sufficient to render the planet status a derelict vessel on
: the interstellar sea with legal ownership going to the
: salvaging party. If the lawful occupants of Earth are
: prepared and if they act timely they can salvage the planet
: back to themselves with no jurisdictional challenge to the
: action, whatsoever, on any level. They can then
: legitimately remove remaining interstellar maritime
: corporate residual occupation, by any means necessary,
: without consequence of Earth or interstellar law. The
: lawful occupants would effectively end up with a new Earth
: and a new heaven (orientation to reference stars and
: constellations).

: Surveillance is tremendously more advanced than anyone would
: like to think. A cat-scan can be accurately interpreted to
: tell if one is lying or telling truth. Brainwaves can be
: interpreted to accurately depict words in head as well as
: pictures in head. This is common Toys R Us knowledge
: allowed to the masses. Reality is many fold more advanced.

: When you hold a cell phone to your head the energy waves from
: the device form three dimensional interference patterns
: with brain waves. These interference patterns are
: effectively a cat-scan which can be recorded and
: transmitted through back channels to the NSA and similar
: subsidiaries of the corporation. In part these scans can be
: used to create a profile of you as a biological character
: and in part they can be used to further train the AI that
: will soon be fully running this planet. It is not necessary
: to record words to know what is going on in someone's head
: anymore. This cat-scan can be extrapolated from
: neuro-vascular impulses in the body, so you don't even have
: to hold the phone to the head. Just touch it or be close to
: it. Surveillance is everywhere that energy waves are
: transmitted or received. There is no biological refuge from
: constant reading, especially when tens of thousands of
: five-g satellites get put in orbit in the near future. More
: is already known about most people than they know about
: themselves.

: There is a work around. It's old advise. Let not your right
: hand know what your left hand is doing. If you ask a
: million teachers of any faith or religion what this means
: you will lucky to find a hand full with a correct answer.
: Simply put this means to operate in a conscious state of
: cognitive dissonance where the bio-mind interface (brain)
: is not allowed access to the external, non-local mind. Both
: creative power and authority to actuate power are domiciled
: in the mind. Mind is not subject to energy wave
: manipulation or recording. Essentially you live two
: separate lives, one biological character life and one
: spiritual life with the bio-character in the dark about
: what is really going on. Plausible, truthful denial in the
: face of accusation or bio scanning.

: The creative power of mind and the authority to use that power
: are both unspeakably huge. This brings us to recharging the
: planet. If the electrical field of the planet continues to
: wane then at some point the lawful occupants and other life
: will fade to nothing. Everything about Earth life is
: contingent on the electrical field.

: The Earth is a spherical electrical conductor as are all
: planets. A self contained short circuit isolated and
: insulated in the near vacuum of space. The internal
: electrical charge both emits a magnetic field around the
: planet, which acts as a shield from excessive solar and
: cosmic radiation, and provides electrical stimulation for
: the material and non-material biology on the planet.

: The recharging of planets is based on electrical conductors
: interacting with magnetic fields. Two planets must pass
: close to one another but safely outside of the Roche limit.
: The distance for a planet like Venus interacting with the
: Earth would be well inside of the Earth lunar separation.
: Velocity must be sufficient so that when conductors cut
: magnetic field lines enough electromotive force and current
: are created to overwhelm and thus feed into the existing
: charge of each planet. Same as the alternator charging the
: battery in your car. Any significant electrical differences
: between the two planets is equalized by exchange of current
: through interplanetary electrical discharges. Same as the
: lightning that passes between Jupiter and Io. That is the
: process in a nutshell.

: This process was called the Day of the Lord in the Old
: Testament. It was a short event but terrifying in every
: sense of the word. The event occurred as two fifty-four
: year approaches to the Earth by Mars for a complete
: one-hundred eight year cycle. Apparently this process
: occurred faithfully for many thousands of years until
: interrupted about twenty-seven hundred years ago. The Earth
: electrical/magnetic has been failing since then. The
: interruption appears to have been deliberate with the
: intent of weakening the lawful occupants of the planet. It
: also appears that this is when the planet was undocked from
: an established orbit and declared derelict and subject to
: law of salvage.

: Venus is electrically active and would be the logical choice
: for recharging the Earth. Mars is electrically dead and
: would only serve to further drain the Earth. A large planet
: runs the risk of loosing the moon, which is a very useful
: item.

: Again, the creative power of mind and the authority to use
: that power are both unspeakably huge. The job could be
: accomplished. The first few versus of Genesis describe the
: last reset very well if read objectively. The cost would be
: very high at this stage of the game but it can still be
: done.

: It's a big mess; it requires a big solution. No amount of good
: wishing or love or hoping for some god or alien, or any
: other such thing, is going to get the earth free again. The
: pre-conquest strategy was to send in the attorneys, the
: philosophers, the teachers and similar disinfo agents to
: confuse and weaken the lawful occupants of Earth. It worked
: very well. Here we are on the edge of total subjugation and
: slavery. The corporation didn't need sky-net and terminator
: robots; they just used words. They imprisoned the lawful
: occupants in pens of paper.

: Paper can be torn.

: ------------------------------------------------------


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